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Saturday I had an excellent spin class, got in a light couple miles running, got a quick shower and then headed to the salon. Afterward Rob took me for my first flight in our J-3 Cub. This would be my first Cub flight. Rob had training in a Cub so this was business as usual for him. This was also my first time flying tandem, meaning sitting front to back instead of side by side.

While Rob prepared the plane I screwed around taking pictures.

This was just a quick flight to our friend’s farm to land on his airstrip and head back. We had issues with our radio, which means we need to address it. It wasn’t a comfortable flight with loud static in our headsets. Here is a picture of one of our companies buildings as we headed out.

What’s crazy is you can fly the Cub with the door and window open so the whole side of the plane is open. Rob says it’s like flying a Jeep. 🙂 I will get a pic of this next time.

2 thoughts on “Tandem

  1. My dad’s best friend used to fly a Piper Cub! I’ve been up that in that guy plenty of times. Have fun and enjoy!

  2. A flying jeep. HA. Wow that is seriously so cool. I’m super jealous. 🙂

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