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Tuesday was a track workout of 12 X 400s. All went well!

2.03 Miles Warm Up (ISU Campus, 20:00, 9:52 Pace)

4.72 Miles Track Workout 12 X 400s @ 84-86 W/3 Min Recoveries Walking (ISU Track, 55:03, 11:40 Pace)

2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 22:02, 11:01 Pace)

Wednesday was 5 Miles Easy on the treadmill while watching the Cubs game.

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 44:48, 8:58 Pace)

Today we met up with Ryan and had 2 Miles not so easy to get a little fatigue and then did 12 Hill Repeats W/Walk Recoveries on the sidewalk on an overpass in town. We would charge up one side-walk down the other, turn around and repeat. We would get done with a sprint and I would feel completely winded and ready to puke. It was a slap happy time on the walk recoveries. We were cracking ourselves up the whole time.

2 Miles Fast (Ryan’s Hood, 13:41, 6:51 Pace)

3.33 Miles 12 Hill Repeats W/ Walk Recoveries (Shelborne Hill, 58:51, 17:41 Pace)

Another great set of workouts!

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Run in the Woods – 5K Trail – 29:18

My first trail race. An extra bonus, this race benefits Easter Seals, which is the second major charity my sorority supports. My young sorority sisters were there to volunteer and it brought back memories that I cherish volunteering with my sisters. Back to the race, the path was very uneven and had a lot of tree roots. The course was a lot of up and down type trenches. It took a lot of mental energy to make sure to not twist an ankle. It was so much fun and the time went by quickly. 5th place for my age group.