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Confetti Moment



Monday (5/2):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 34:26, 8:37 Pace)

P90X – Core Synergistics – 57 Mins

Tuesday (5/3):

3.67 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 30:00, 8:11 Pace)

P90X – Plyometrics – 58 Mins

Wednesday (5/4):

4 Miles Easy (RTW, Const Trail, 37:38, 9:25 Pace)

P90X – Shoulders & Arms – 57 Mins

Thursday (5/5):


Friday (5/6):

6 Miles Easy (‘Wood ‘Hood, 55:51, 9:18 Pace)

P90X – Ab Ripper – 15 Mins

P90X – Yoga X – 90 Mins

Wednesday was our last Ride the Wave run before the Lake Run race this Saturday. I ran with Lee and we chatted about her races. It was a casual run and we finished up the last .1 as if it we were coming into the finish line. I’m very excited to see the RTWers out there racing.

If you can tell from my workouts I’m supplementing my lower mileage with more strength training. It’s been challenging and the stretching portions have been so nice for my recovery.

Today I had to go into work for a couple of hours and then I got to hang with my girls. First Abby, Amanda and I chilled at Starbucks and later I met up with Jo for lunch. Jo’s company is doing a wellness contest over the summer with a grand prize of $1,000 for the most % weight loss for the top male and female. Isn’t that great?! Plus, they had a very special guest speaker, Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser! Jo invited me to her speech! Ali had a lot of great information t o share about her weight loss journey and about winning the Biggest Loser. One of the things that stood out from her talk was how she envisioned from the day of decided she should be on the show, was that she would win the whole thing. She called it her “confetti moment”, when they shower the winner in confetti. Even when she was voted off the show, she still stuck to her guns that she would win for herself. She was able to get a chance to win a spot back oto ultimately make her dream come true. “Believe It, Be It” is her mantra it is apparent that for all the hard work she put in, she also mentally prepared herself for her new life. She is such a great role model and her energy is quite infectious. Thank you Jo for inviting me along to meet Ali!

Me and Ali after the speech talking about our experiences at the Boston Marathon and her interest to complete a full Ironman someday.

3 thoughts on “Confetti Moment

  1. You are so pretty. When is your next race? I mean-I wouldn’t race months after the Boston but I’d be lazy ha. 😉

    A full ironman is awesome! I wish her the best of luck!

    • Hehehe you are too cute! Heading to a 12K race right now. Just hoping to use it as a way to wake my legs up. I’m going to run another full next weekend. I want some more marathons under my belt for the experience.

  2. So cool you got to meet Ali!!! 🙂 how exciting!!

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