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2013 IL Marathon Weekend – 8.5 Months Pregnant

This weekend was the IL Marathon events in Champaign, IL. This event has evolved and improved over the years.

For my past reports on this race you can view those here:

2012 – IL Marathon – 3:46:03

2012 – IL Marathon – 5K – 23:32

2010 – IL Marathon – 3:25:05

2010 – IL Marathon Expo

2009 – IL Half Marathon – 1:57:19

2009 – IL Marathon Expo

Over the years the IL Marathon has added a 5K option on Friday night. If you complete the 5K and then one of the other races Saturday (10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon) you get either a Mini-I Challenge, Half I-Challenge, or Full I-Challenge medal as well.

This year being 8.5 months pregnant I would be tentatively participating by walking the 5K and 10K if I was feeling up to it. Last year we ran the 5K at an easy pace before our marathons. This time Rob would be walking with me. The 5K has 6,000 participants and is very crowded. It’s a relaxed environment and it appears that running strollers may be allowed to (always check first though). It’s a great way to get into running if you haven’t raced a 5K before because it’s a casual environment. If you are a seasoned racer, just expect for this to be more about a casual pre-event to Saturday.

The 5K started at 7:30pm and I wish I would have brought my jelly ring that has lights in it. This would be a good race to bust out any glow necklaces, etc.


Rob and I walked with a little running mixed in. It was awesome to have so many people cheering “Go pregnant lady!” and “Go Mama!”.

I have to say being pregnant and staying active has really changed my outlook on running. I used to focus more on my running times and the race aspect of it all. Being forced to slow down has allowed me to enjoy the environment and appreciate the running community in a way I hadn’t before. Seeing so many different people: ages, weight, health conditions toughing it out. I always enjoyed seeing people out working hard, but now I was witnessing it mid-race and it is awesome! I said to Rob, “this confirms for me there will NEVER be an excuse or reason to not be out running a race”. Okay the only reason would be a doctor saying ‘no’, but that would be the only reason. The people around us were doing it and it reaffirmed for me that this is something I want to do forever.

We finished in 44:22 (14:17 pace).



2013 IL Marathon 5K Medal


Saturday morning was perfect race weather: low 50s, no wind (later it got up to 8mph), a little overcast. We were up at 3:30am and got on the road about 4:30am. We were parked and settled before 5:30am and got to catch up with some of our friends that were also running.


Rob in corral A. The marathon and half marathon started at 7:00am with the 10K starting at 7:40am.


I got to walk with my friend Jaime. Rob and I both had our phones in case anything came up with me and the baby. Jaime and I walked very casually and time flew as we just girl talked the whole way. Again, I got lots of encouragement from people along the way for being out active while being pregnant. We decided to count how many people said something along the way and I think we came up with 22 compliments. 🙂

I was expecting to need to stop a few times for the bathroom, but actually I felt fine and made it the whole way without any pit stops. The funniest thing that happened on our walk was that about .5 mile to the finish. This older lady in the run/walk lit up a cigarette and was smoking while walking! We couldn’t believe it! Then she started to pick up her pace and I was like “oh hell no, we have to pass this lady”. So we picked up our pace and ran into the finish to get away from this lady and also because it’s fun to run into the finish of Memorial Stadium on the 50 yard line.

All done 1:44:05 (16:45 pace). Me with my 10K medal and Mini-I Challenge medal.


Rob texted me while running the marathon, which I immediately knew if he is texting, it’s not going well for him. He had leg cramping earlier into the race and was just toughing it out to finish. He finished in 4:07:38 (9:27 pace) and got his 11th marathon completed.

Rob with his Full Marathon medal and Full I-Challenge medal.


A successful IL Marathon weekend for us. We got out there and are keeping active!


2013 IL Marathon Mini-I Challenge, 10K, and 5K medals.


Me with my medals.


We all hope that those of you that were out at the IL Marathon weekend had a great time!


Week 18 and I-Challenge

We are past week 18 and it’s not too much longer know until we know what we are having!

Here are some outfits from the week:


Purple Sweater – Liz Lange Maternity (Target, on sale for $10!), Black denim skinny jeans – A&G

Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe in Black/Houndstooth – Sperry


Black Studded Pintucked Pleated Top – Forever 21, Black Skinny Jeans – Heidi Klum Maternity

Black Caroline Wedges – Tory Burch


Red Flowy Gorgette Top – Forever 21, Black tank underneath – Ann Taylor Loft

Black faux leather paneled leggings – Topshop Maternity, Black Caroline Wedges – Tory Burch

And I got Bellybuds! These are little speakers that use a tacky substance to stick to your belly and safely play music to your baby. Plus you can listen along using the splitter or use a microphone if you have one, to talk to your baby. Rob and I are making sure baby gets exposed to the classics early: Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer 🙂 Make sure to read the instructions, they recommend no more than an hour a day and the new Belly Buds have a pre/post pregnant setting. Their website says they are looking to make after baby attachments so Bellybuds can be re-used. I will probably just sell them afterward. I would recommend these to a friend or they would make a great gift to someone you know who is pregnant.



In running news, Rob will be running the IL Marathon again this year at the end of Aprile. He will be doing the I-Challenge, which means running the 5K the night before. I hope to be able to “run” or run/walk and complete the Mini I-Challenge which is the 5K (with Rob) and the 10K the next day. I figured even though I’ll be around 7.5 months pregnant it will feel good to be moving around than just standing and waiting for Rob’s race. I will just have to see how I feel that day and also what the weather is like, but for now the plan is to be out and moving around that weekend. 🙂

Some runs have been better than others. I’ve had easy and light as air feeling running 5 miles and then the next time I struggle through a .5 mile and need to walk. When my running isn’t going well it feels like tightness in the lower abdomen so I ordered a belly band to try with running. When it gets here I’ll post on if it seems to help with that feeling.

I’ve also tried out a prenatal yoga class in town. It’s an hour and half class, but the first half hour is more for the mothers to be to share their experiences and learn from each other. The hour of yoga work is very light and so far has focused on breathing, balance, hip openers, lower back, and then anything that the class wants to add that day. It’s nice to mix up from a yoga DVD and get out to a class. A class is able offer many more modification options being pregnant, plus you get the comradere of others going through the same thing.

Tuesday (1/1):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 46:23, 9:17 Pace)

Prenatal Yoga DVD – 20 Minutes

Wednesday (1/2):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 28:25, 9:29 Pace)

Thursday (1/3) – Friday (1/4):


Saturday (1/5):

2 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 18:45, 9:23 Pace)

1 Mile Walk (Treadmill, .5% incline, 14:39 Pace)

Sunday (1/6):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 46:15, 9:15 Pace)

Weights – 10 Minutes

Weekly Totals:

Run/Walk: 20 Miles

Strengthening: 2 Times – 30 Mins

Monday (1/7):

4.5 Miles Easy (Treamill, 42:49, 9:31 Pace)

Prenatal Yoga Class – 1 Hour

Tuesday (1/8):

3.25 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 30:03, 9:15 Pace)

Wednesday (1/9):


Thursday (1/10):

1.5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 14:19, 9:33 Pace)

1.75 Miles Walk (Treadmill, .5 – 2% incline, 26:59, 15:26 Pace)

Friday (1/11):

3.25 Miles Run/Walk (Treadmill, 38:28, 11:51 Pace)

Saturday (1/12):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 58:10, 9:42 Pace)

Sunday (1/13):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 58:37, 9:47 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Run/Walk: 26.25 Miles

Strengthening: 1 Time – 1 Hour

Monday (1/14):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 39:05, 9:47 Pace)

Prenatal Yoga Class – 1 Hour

Tuesday (1/15):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 39:09, 9:48 Pace)


I’m not sure why I’ve never attempted to make a Mexican Pizza before at home. I made it vegetarian and healthy as possible by whipping it up with these ingredients and steps. It was super yummy and I love how it’s something I can modify really with whatever ingredients I have on hand.

  • First I make a packaged pizza crust according to the directions. This time I used Gluten Free Namaste brand because we have loved it in the past, but something was different this time. The past couple of pizza crusts have come out thinner than the past times we’ve used it and it just didn’t taste as good. I’m not sure if the ingredients or instructions changed, but I think we will trying a new pizza crust brand next time.
  • I layered this pizza with:
    • Vegetarian refried beans
    • A little taco sauce
    • A little salsa
    • Reduced fat shredded mexican cheese
    • Red bell pepper
    • Black olives
  • Then pop back into the oven to bake, according to pizza crust instructions until it’s melted and bubbly
  • Then take it out and I added jalepenos, diced green onion, and then I piped fat free sour cream in a baggie and squeezed it on top.