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Flying Dragon

The adventurous weekend continued into Sunday. First, Rob met up with Ryan for a 10 Mile run. I went to a park and ran my 12 Miler. Michelle was a sweetheart and met me for 5 Miles in the middle. It was such a nice time to get to chat and get our workouts in.

12 Miles (Tipton Park, 1:38:47, 8:14 Pace)

Running Miles: 49.2

Then Rob and I both rushed home to get ready to head to Chicago to go sailing on Lake Michigan! Our friend Jeff is a Skipper and invited us along with our other friend Chris to go sailing! It was unbelievable! So much fun!! Plus I LOVE Chicago!!

The boat that Jeff rented was called “Flying Dragon”, I love the name!

Me overlooking the Chicago skyline.

Ah! I love you Chicago!!!


Me at the helm, making a turn watching the arrow at the top of the mast to make sure I keep us in the wind. Chris being first mate and watching the boat traffic.

Rob at the helm, he took to sailing quite well!

Beautiful sunset.

An absolutely amazing day!! Definitely a great way to spend an evening and enjoy the city.