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Week 39 – Labor Fake Outs


Our week 39 doctor appointment went without a hitch. No issues, but really no progress either. So at this point it’s just business as usual and playing the waiting game. It hasn’t been easy to go through the ups and downs of “is it time?” with the fake labor fake outs this week. I will get cramping and feel like that it could be the start of something and then eventually it all goes away and I feel completely fine. One time I even felt pretty significant cramping on and off for four hours. So then I was thinking, “okay this has to be the start of the real deal”. And then out of nowhere the pain completely stopped and I’m totally fine. So hard to tell when it will really happen.

I have been sleeping well. I must be getting prepared for Baby J’s arrival though because I can nap for 1.5 hours and then feel completely refreshed for a 3-4 hours and then I’m ready for a quick nap again.

When Baby J makes her arrival I will be posting to twitter so follow me if you want to get updates @MrsCJ2003. 🙂

Week 39 bump picture


White Tank – Motherhood Maternity, Lime Long Sleeved Top – Ann Taylor Loft

Navy and White Striped Maxi Dress – Motherhood Maternity, Gold Sandals – Coach


For nursery progress we picked up a couple more things for Baby J’s room. First, we picked up the following lamp from We will likely be adding a dimmer to the outlet so this can work as a night light for night time feedings.



Second, we got an end table for next to the glider from Pier 1. We needed a table for sitting bottles, burp cloths, or anything that we need handy while in the glider.




Rob has been hard at work on our next airplane, a Wag Aero Clipped Wing Sport Trainer (aka Clipped Wing Cub). This is one rib, of 26 that will ultimately form the wing. Each little piece of wood was cut and shaped by Rob and then glued (structural epoxy, not Elmer’s). The process requires a lot of attention to detail, which Rob is really good at and I think he is enjoying the process. 🙂


You can see the build progress at


Week 16, 17, and Monumental Decisions

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


I’m behind in posting because we were enjoying a little time off and a chance to kick off some projects around the house. Here’s some of what has been going on:

Just at the end of 15 weeks.

Week 15.2

Since maternity clothes can be hit or miss, I thought I would start posting where I got the clothes I’m wearing. It’s a mix of maternity and non-maternity right now so I’ll also call out when it is something from maternity.

Black cardigan – Ann Taylor Loft Maternity, Sequin top – The Limited,

Black Jeans – Adriano Goldschmied Maternity, Black boots – Jessica Simpson

I ordered some prenatal exercise DVDs is hopes to add them to my shorter running regimen.

Week 16 and 17 and Monumental Decisions

I was able to give each a try. Here are some initial thoughts.

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga – This video very good workout. I did the 75 minute routine and the first 40 minutes were more lunges and warrior poses. I thought, “I guess this is all pregnant women can do”, but then they got into some serious squats and other moves. I would say that this DVD would have been a good workout, pregnant or not. The video shows modifications for all three trimesters, so you may want a block and a yoga strap, depending on the month of your pregnancy or your flexibility. The DVD is not “professional” though. You can hear street noise of cars in the background and tell it’s a low-budget film. It’s a little distracting, but the workout is good enough to keep you focused on the next pose.

Summer Sander’s Prenatal Workout – I apparently can’t read and I thought I ordered a yoga DVD, which this is not. It’s a in room aerobics workout and I turned it off after 15 minutes since it wasn’t what I was looking for right now. I think I will pop it back in when I get to the end of my pregnancy. Summer Sanders was super cute and funny. I really liked her what I saw of the video and think she should definitely do more workout DVDs, if she hasn’t already. Oh, and I didn’t catch on the back of the DVD, you really need a resistance band to do the workouts they are completing, so make sure to get one of those.

Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga – This video is professionally made and covers all three stages of pregnancy. They utilize blocks, straps, blankets and a chair depending on the pose or stage of pregnancy. It was definitely designed with the preparing for labor in mind. It wasn’t a challenging workout, but it would be a good stretching video to compliment another one of my workouts in a day.

4 months!

Week 16

Sheer top – The Limited, Grey long-sleeved tee – Gap,

Dark wash jeans – Jessica Simpson Maternity, Brown boots – Jessica Simpson

17 Weeks!!

Week 17.1

Black and purple sheer top – Ann Taylor Loft, Black tank top – Ann Taylor Loft,

Black jeans – Heidi Klum Maternity, Black Caroline Wedges – Tory Burch

Week 17.2

Orange sheer top – Von Maur, White tank top – Ann Taylor Loft,

Cream blazer – Gap, Dark wash jeans – Jessica Simpson Maternity, Brown boots – Jessica Simpson


Black two-tone slouchy sweater – Topshop Maternity, Grey tank top – Ann Taylor Loft,

Black faux leather paneled leggings – Topshop Maternity, Black boots – Jessica Simpson


I do feel my energy coming back in this second trimester. I’m still sleeping pretty well and we have a humidifier running at night to help with my stuffy nose. I haven’t felt any flutters or kicks yet, but I can’t wait!

We will know if we are having a boy or girl at the end of January!!! We don’t plan to keep it a secret either so there will definitely be a post about that! 😀

Plus we have two amazing hospitals in our town, but we have selected the one that’s right for us and have signed up for every baby and parenting class they have. It will be great information to hear. So much so that I think we will also being taking classes at my OB’s office too. Never hurts to hear the information twice!


The nursery progress is going to be its own post because we are going some changes to the room. As I said in a previous post we are clearing out our workout room and moving it to the basement. The biggest ordeal was getting the massive treadmill down two flights of stairs. We originally were going hire a mover, but a friend suggested trying an appliance dolly to move it. After three hours of removing the console and trim pieces and the bedroom door, Rob was able to get the treadmill out without any damage to himself, the walls or the stairs. It was quite an undertaking, but in the end it was probably better we didn’t get a mover involved since even getting it prepped to move took so long.

Rob also took on the task of adding a ceiling light outlet and switch to the room. When we had the house built originally we were pretty young and scared of all of the building costs that were adding up. We cut back on little things (mistake) like a ceiling light fixture in that room. Luckily within a day Rob was able to get up into the attic and get it added. Now we will have a beautiful chandelier (if it’s a girl) or a cool ceiling fan (if it’s a boy) in that room. I couldn’t be happier!

Up next Rob is going to be putting up crown molding in the room just to give it a more finished look. Also, we ordered a whole new closet organization system from The Container Store. First we need to get trim up and the room painted before we install the system.

Then the real fun will begin – decorating!! By then we should know if we are having a boy or girl and we will be able to start picking out window treatments, furniture, and all of the accessories. Eeeeee! 😀

I may start a house project page that shows the nursery work and some of our other rooms that we are updating.


As for the airplane build we’ve kicked around a couple of models over the past year. Now with the baby coming we want to balance the complexity of the build with knowing that the amount of flying we will do recreationally will probably not be large cross-country flights for a while. Rob loves both vintage style and modern fast airplanes. So this go around we are building something in the vintage category, a clipped wing Cub!

It looks similar to the Cub we sold, but there are differences. A Cub is a certified aircraft and because we are building this it will be an experimental (like our previous plane). The wing span is shorter, hence the ‘clipped wing’ description and there will be other modifications to the fuselage area around the windows and doors.


This will be a fun project for Rob because it will be a completely different build type than our RV-7 was. This one will require woodwork, welding, and fabric skins. Plus this will be a great forever plane for us to keep, even if we build or buy a second. It will be something he can teach our child to fly and will just be a great family heirloom for us to pass down.

You can see the build and our previous RV-7 build on 🙂


As for running, I’ve cut my mileage as prescribed by my doctor for my second trimester. It’s not been easy to back off. Here are my workouts since my last posting:

Sunday (12/16):

20 Miles Long (Const Trail, 2:53:08, 8:40 Pace) – My last long run before my doctor cut my running mileage and pace

Weekly Totals:

Run: 42 Miles

Walk: 1.5 Miles

Monday (12/17):

Yoga 45 Min

Tuesday (12/18):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 41:53, 8:23 Pace)

Wednesday (12/19):

5.25 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 44:41, 8:31 Pace)

Thursday (12/20):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 43:04, 8:37 Pace)

Friday (12/21):


Saturday (12/22):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 35:49, 8:58 Pace)

Sunday (12/23):


Weekly Totals:

Run: 19.3 Miles

Strengthening: 1 Time, 45 Mins

Monday (12/24):


Tuesday (12/25):

4.5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 40:17, 8:58 Pace)

Wednesday (12/26):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 40:49, 8:58 Pace)

Upper body weights 5 Mins

Thursday (12/27):

4.5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 40:18, 8:58 Pace)

Friday (12/28):


Saturday (12/29):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 35:49, 8:58 Pace)

5 Miles Bike Easy (25:29, 11.77 mph)

Sunday (12/30):

4.5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 9:15 Pace)

Prenatal Yoga – 1:15

Weekly Totals:

Run: 21.5 Miles

Bike: 5 Miles

Strengthening: 2 Times, 1:20:00

Monday (12/31):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, .5% incline, 37:10, 9:18 Pace)

2012 Totals:


And for the monumental part of the post……

I finally decided on a fall marathon! I will be running the Monumental Marathon in Indiana on November 2nd!! There were a few factors in the decision to run this race. Rob and I will be alternating our races so we can each watch our little one. Rob will be running Chicago Marathon in 2013! I needed a fall race, but I didn’t want it too early coming back from having the baby. Monumental is a flat course and in a state that we haven’t done a marathon before. We’ve heard great things from our friends, so I’m excited to check it out! My training will start in August and I will complete some short races and half marathons to help me get into marathon shape.

It feels so good to have a marathon and training plan on my calendar! I can’t wait!!


I will be adding a super easy, made up recipe to the nutrition page. I hope to be adding some more to the page soon!

This was heat up a Tb of extra virgin olive oil, sauté chopped shallot and garlic. Add diced chicken breast and brown. Then add chopped asparagus, grape tomatoes, italian seasonings, and a 1/2 of white wine and let simmer. Then add cooked pasta. I found this beautiful farfalle (bow-tie pasta) from Italy that just is pretty addition.

Nutrition - 01

So that’s about it around here lately! I’ll be having more pregnancy, nursery, workouts, and nutrition posts soon!

Happy New Year!!!!