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Confetti Moment


Monday (5/2):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 34:26, 8:37 Pace)

P90X – Core Synergistics – 57 Mins

Tuesday (5/3):

3.67 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 30:00, 8:11 Pace)

P90X – Plyometrics – 58 Mins

Wednesday (5/4):

4 Miles Easy (RTW, Const Trail, 37:38, 9:25 Pace)

P90X – Shoulders & Arms – 57 Mins

Thursday (5/5):


Friday (5/6):

6 Miles Easy (‘Wood ‘Hood, 55:51, 9:18 Pace)

P90X – Ab Ripper – 15 Mins

P90X – Yoga X – 90 Mins

Wednesday was our last Ride the Wave run before the Lake Run race this Saturday. I ran with Lee and we chatted about her races. It was a casual run and we finished up the last .1 as if it we were coming into the finish line. I’m very excited to see the RTWers out there racing.

If you can tell from my workouts I’m supplementing my lower mileage with more strength training. It’s been challenging and the stretching portions have been so nice for my recovery.

Today I had to go into work for a couple of hours and then I got to hang with my girls. First Abby, Amanda and I chilled at Starbucks and later I met up with Jo for lunch. Jo’s company is doing a wellness contest over the summer with a grand prize of $1,000 for the most % weight loss for the top male and female. Isn’t that great?! Plus, they had a very special guest speaker, Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser! Jo invited me to her speech! Ali had a lot of great information t o share about her weight loss journey and about winning the Biggest Loser. One of the things that stood out from her talk was how she envisioned from the day of decided she should be on the show, was that she would win the whole thing. She called it her “confetti moment”, when they shower the winner in confetti. Even when she was voted off the show, she still stuck to her guns that she would win for herself. She was able to get a chance to win a spot back oto ultimately make her dream come true. “Believe It, Be It” is her mantra it is apparent that for all the hard work she put in, she also mentally prepared herself for her new life. She is such a great role model and her energy is quite infectious. Thank you Jo for inviting me along to meet Ali!

Me and Ali after the speech talking about our experiences at the Boston Marathon and her interest to complete a full Ironman someday.




Sunday (4/24):

10 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:21:58, 8:12 Pace)

P90X – Ab Ripper

12.7 Bike Easy (45:00, P2, L4, 16.93 mph)

Monday (4/25):


Tuesday (4/26):


Wednesday (4/27):

7.71 Miles General Aerobic (Lake Bloomington, 59:12, 7:41 Pace)

Thursday (4/28):


Friday (4/29):

45 Mins Yoga

Saturday (4/30):

4.71 Miles Easy (Treadmill, -3% – +3% Incline, 43:38, 9:16 Pace)

Sunday (5/1):

11 Miles Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:32:19, 8:24 Pace)

P90X – X Stretch

This week was nothing but hectic. Good thing it’s recovery time . Coming back from a week off from work meant I had a ton of email and assignments to follow up on. Not to mention an expo and a big presentation to come into work on Friday. I was constantly running around frantic. I did not get in enough workouts this week. Normally this would drive me nuts, but this week I just had to go with the time I did have.

Monday I helped out a Tri Expo for the Often Running store. Me and Mitch at the Expo.

The hardest day was Wednesday. It was the Ride the Wave group run night and I was 10 minutes late to the workout. I hate being late and trying to get to RTW right after work has been a bit of a challenge. We were supposed to run the outer loop of the lake so I headed out in the opposite direction, knowing I would catch up to them somewhere half way into their workout. I couldn’t wait to see them and hear about their races and tell them about Boston. But that never happened. I saw other running groups and got to wave to them, but I never ran into my crew. It was windy and cold and I ended up running the loop alone. It was frustrating since I was so excited to see them and I was having such a stressful week that I was left to think about all the other things I still needed to finish up. Turns out my group did the inner loop and since it is shorter they were long gone by the time I was back. I hope they had a good run and I’m bummed I couldn’t be there to hang out with them.

Thursday was an all day expo at work. It was a very productive and tiring at the same time. Me and Abby before the day got started.

That night we went out with our friends and Drew came in town for the weekend. This would be a big weekend for Rob and Drew, they would both be running IL Marathon on Saturday!

Friday I had to go into work for a big presentation and then it was off to the IL Marathon Expo and the 5K. Drew would be running the 5K the night before the marathon to earn the I-Challenge medal. Drew picking up his first marathon bib.

Rob and Drew with their marathon bibs.

Us chilling out before the 5K.

Drew getting into the running zone. 🙂

Drew all done with the 5K. He used it as some easy miles prior to the marathon.

After some coffee and Subway we headed home to get some sleep for the marathon the next morning!

We were up around 3:30am and the boys got ready, we hit the road just before 5am. We easily found parking like years past and got the guys to the bathroom a couple times and ready to race.

I was able to see them both off. A change they made to the race this year was letting the marathoners go 30 minutes before the half marathoners.

After they took off I walked about a mile to a Starbucks to wait for them where it would be about mile 13 on the course for them. I enjoyed a non-fat Misto and read Kara Goucher’s book while I waited for the lead guys to come by. Then I packed up my items to stand out and cheer. Being a Starbucks was perfect spectating location. I had yummy coffee, warm place to sit, free wifi, and a clean bathroom. When Rob came up I screamed “that’s my husband” and everyone cheered for him. He was on perfect pace and looked totally relaxed.

Later I got to see Drew and he too was doing great! This is his first marathon and he was purposely taking it easy, his goal was to get it completed and feel strong. He will be running his second marathon, Chicago Marathon, in October! Just to think that this time last year he was seriously training to run 5Ks, then by the fall was running 10Ks and by end of year he did his first half marathon and since has now completed two! We are so proud of him!

After seeing them both, I moved to the corner that was before mile 26 to see Rob in. The weather started out great, 45-50 degrees, overcast and a light breeze. However, three hours later the winds picked up significantly and the sun had come out. The runners that were coming in were muttering about the high winds they encountered. Our friend Abby had seen Rob had mile 19 and while he looked strong, his time had slowed. The winds were taking a toll.

I was excited that even with the winds, Rob’s pace would definitely get him a new PR! It was so great to see him and see that he was definitely more together and in his head than last year’s IL Marathon. He PRed with a 3:31:07!! I’m so proud and happy for him! This time last year he had terrible stomach issues and was a wreck afterwards. This year he was moving around well and completely fine stomach-wise! It was such a great race for him!

We got Rob food and changed and then waited for Drew’s finish.

Drew is now officially a marathoner! He finished in 5:09:03!

What a great weekend! That night we celebrated with dinner out and some dirty martinis. Sunday the guys went for a long walk and I did a run around the ‘hood.


Snuggie and My Puggie


Wednesday (4/13):

1.49 Miles Warm Up (RTW Group Run, 16:41, 11:18 Pace)

4.04 Miles Track Workout w/Cool Down (RTW Group Run, 2 x 800s, 2 x 400s, 2 x 200s, 43:15, 10:43 Pace)

Thursday (4/14):

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 44;25, 8:53 Pace)

We took the RTWers out on Wednesday for their first speed work on a track. They are all progressing well and their strength is improving. We did 2 x800s, 2 x 400s, 2 x 200s to have them get a feel for the track. Afterward I headed home to pack. A part of the Boston Marathon experience is waiting a couple hours for the start of the race in Hopkinton. Weather conditions will likely be cold so it’s important to stay warm and dress in throw away gear. Hence my need for a Snuggie, sporty version of course. Well, that’s all they had.

I felt like the grim reaper in this thing.

Apparently Coco doesn’t like the grim reaper look cause she immediately went into fight mode.

This snuggie is actually very itchy so I hope that washing it will help me from breaking out into hives from wearing it. Plus I plan to have on more throw away clothes and use this overtop everything.

Thursday I got to leave work early which meant I could get in an easy run around the neighborhood and finish packing so we could get this show on the road! Before we left I received a package from my Mom. She sent me 4lb hand weights (2lbs for each hand), thanks Mom! Wearing them makes me feel like a prize fighter.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!




Sunday (3/20):

13.1 Miles Race (Delavan Frostbite Classic Half Marathon, 30+ mph winds, 1:40:23, 7:41 Pace, 2nd Female Overall)

Monday (3/21):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 36:53, 9:14 Pace)

Tuesday (3/22):

8 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 1:01:03, 7:38 Pace)

Wednesday (3/23):

6 Miles Easy (Const Trail, RTW Group Run, 1:03:39, 10:37 Pace)

Thursday (3/24):


Friday (3/25):

3.5 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 29:37, 8:28 Pace)

1 Mile Easy (Gym Treadmill, Warm Up for weights, 8:15 Pace)

35 Mins Weight Lifting

8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:07:30, 8:27 Pace)

Saturday (3/26):

15 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 2:04:50, 8:20 Pace)

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 44:50, 8:58 Pace)

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 26:44, 8:55 Pace)

Another special Boston goodie arrived!

LOVE IT!!!! 😀

Oh and another picture, cause I’m a cheeseball and love this charm!

Okay, so running this week was pretty much the usual, just lots of enjoyment and running of miles. One of the highlights of the week was group leading with the RTWers on Wednesday and for some of them it was their longest distance so far, 6 miles! I was so happy for them and they are doing so great! Also, I got up early Friday to run a few miles before yoga, I head over to class to find out it was cancelled for spring break – boo! So I ran a mile at the gym and then hit the weights. I missed the yoga-sesh, but weights was a good substitute.

Rob hooked up the Wii in the workout room which means I got to overdose on Kardashians via Netflix while running, joy! I would never sit still to watch it so running miles and filling up on some girly tv garbage was perfect. 🙂




Monday (3/14):

3.14 Easy (Treamill, Central Park Course, -3% – +5% Incline, 30:00, 9:34 Pace)

Tuesday (3/15):

4 Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +3% Incline, 34:46, 8:42 Pace)

Wednesday (3/16):

4.5 Hills (Jersey Ave ‘Hood, RTW, 46:08, 10:16 Pace)

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +2% Incline, 22:31, 7:31 Pace)

Thursday (3/17):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3 – +5% Incline, 48:39, 8:07 Pace)

Friday (3/18):

50 Mins Yoga and Abs

14 Miles Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:57:38, 8:25 Pace)

Saturday (3/18):

9 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:20:20, 8:56 Pace)

2 Miles Tempo (Gym Treadmill, 14:52, 7:26 Pace)

20 Mins Strength Training

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 38:22, 9:36 Pace)

OMG this shirt is the coolest!! The picture isn’t the best.

I couldn’t resist ordering some more Boston gear. 🙂 I wanted to make sure that I get the items I want before they run out. So these were all my “must haves”. 😉

I got a beanie and a running hat. The beanie is super soft. I have another adidas one that is very nice, but holy moley this one is soft-soft. If you are doing boston and live somewhere that cold weather is an unfortunate part of your location, get this hat! 🙂

And this ventilated running hat.

And this will likely become my new favorite sweatshirt. The kitchen drapes make the pictures look reddish, but it’s grey with green threading. Love it!!

I went with the Ride the Wave-ers out for a hill workout on Wednesday and they held together really well! It’s so great seeing them getting stronger each week.

Now we are off to hang out with Jo and Larry. Tomorrow is a half marathon and it may be a windy day, but regardless it will be good training. Followed by some more time with friends. Can’t wait!