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Deer Run – 8K Euro Cross Country – 52:07

This race was a challenge for me because I have a cold and probably shouldn’t have been out running, but missing a chance to race was enough to get me out there. Weather conditions were 33 degrees with 29 mph winds gusting to 35 mph. I had never done this race before and would rank it in my top most challenging so far. Perhaps because I’m not much of a trail runner and also because I’ve never had to manuever up and over barricades (steeple chasers) before. The ground was uneven and muddy, but luckily not icy. I had my secret weapon thanks to this month’s Runner’s World article and my husband. We turned my last pair of running shoes into trail shoes by screwing in cleats (sheet metal screws) into them, very cool! I plan to use these bad boys on the snowy road as I train this winter. I’m so happy to have completed this race injury free and just hope my head cold doesn’t punish me more later.

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Covey’s Race – 3 Mile Cross Country – 27:33

This race is all grass with gradual incline three times in the race (can kind of tell by the picture). It was a beautiful day for a race. I took 2 minutes off my time from last year and I was happy with how it went since I have reduced my mileage as a part of recovering from my injuries. 4th place for my age group.

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Run in the Woods – 5K Trail – 29:18

My first trail race. An extra bonus, this race benefits Easter Seals, which is the second major charity my sorority supports. My young sorority sisters were there to volunteer and it brought back memories that I cherish volunteering with my sisters. Back to the race, the path was very uneven and had a lot of tree roots. The course was a lot of up and down type trenches. It took a lot of mental energy to make sure to not twist an ankle. It was so much fun and the time went by quickly. 5th place for my age group.