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Go Redbirds!


Thursday (6/16):

1.1 Warm Up (ISU, 10:53, 9:54 Pace)

3.5 Track (ISU, 4 x 200s @ R w/200 jogs, 2 x 1000s @ I w/2 min jogs, 2 x 400s @ R w/400 jogs,  32:13, 9:13 Pace)

0.63 Cool Down (ISU, 7:09, 11:21)

Last night Rob and I did a track workout at our alma mater. I haven’t done a track workout in forever. I struggled with the 1000s @ I pace and did 2 instead of 4. Next time I will do 800s before stepping into 1000s. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was nice to have that slimy sweat from a track workout. On our cool down I was able to get a picture on the football field. Go Redbirds!!

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This Friday it was all about the GTL, but instead of the Jersey Shore – Gym, Tan, Laundry, ours was – Gym, Tikka Masala, Laundry. 🙂

Friday was a lot of errands but at the same time quite relaxing. After all the errand running Rob and I went for our 5 Mile Recovery run in a local park and then hit the gym. I did Upper Body and Ab Strengthening.

Then we went home and I made Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Tikka Masala, yum! And also got some laundry done. GTL!! 😉

This morning Rob and I volunteered at a 5K race that is part of our college’s Homecoming weekend celebration. I was Mile 1 Split timer and Rob was Mile 2.

Us before the race start.

Our friends Jo and Larry.

I got to ride on the back of the pace motorcycle and they dropped me at the Mile 1 split. So I got the best view of the lead runners. Our friend Ryan won the race!

This afternoon was just more errands and then 45 Minutes on the Exercise Bike.


Back At It

This week of recovery has turned out to include a lot of sleep. I yawn most of the day and then anytime I sit still I pass out. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. My hips were the only real soreness after the race and after a couple days it’s a mild, dull ache.

Monday we returned from Chicago and saw Dean Karnazes speak at ISU.

It was nice to have Dean speak in our town, especially to our student athletes. The content was based on the experiences he has described in his books, so it wasn’t really any new story or information to us, but just an enjoyable evening out. Dean did announce his plans to run a marathon in every country (250) in a year. I assume that will also turn into a book and documentary, which will be really cool to see. 🙂

Tuesday I rode the Exercise Bike Easy for 30 Minutes. Wednesday passed out on the couch and tonight I ran 4 Miles Easy on the Treadmill. It felt so good to be back at it! At the same time, it’s funny how long 4 Miles on tired legs can feel. It felt like a long distance run! 🙂 The rest of the week will be more light miles.

I’ve already started looking at my next training plan options. I know it won’t be McMillan this next time. It’s a nice program, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. Until the next big training cycle I also plan to get some short races in. 🙂


Girl Power

Thursday night I had my first 1600s. We went to the other university track and Rob timed my 400s. 3 x 1600s @ 5KGP w/800 recoveries 4.45 Miles (IWU Track, 33:00, 7:25 Pace w/intervals: 6:10, 6:11, 6:05).

Friday was an easy run in the neighborhood, 6.12 Easy (‘Hood, 52:30, Pace), followed by weights at the gym for legs and abs. Then I met up with some fellow bloggers for a get together run. Paige, LindsayLaura and I ran easy and chatted about what everyone is up to lately. 3.82 Easy (Trail, 39:23, 10:19 Pace).

Thanks Paige for the picture!

It was so nice to meet these girls in person. Lindsay even surprised us with some very yummy chocolate chip cookies. 😀 Since Paige and Laura are both personal trainers we may get together and take one of their classes sometime. Laura teaches Strong and Zumba at our gym. I’ve never Zumba-ed, but I’m willing to give it a shot. 🙂

Meanwhile Rob continued work on the paint job on our plane….more progress!

Today was another day of more girl power. First I ran my 7 Miles General Aerobic into the INSANE winds 7 Miles GA (‘Hood, 52:15, 7:28 Pace). Running into the strong winds was very difficult and I just tried to keep my level of effort up. Out of the wind I could hit my paces fine, but I couldn’t make up the time lost when fighting the headwind. 

Afterward I volunteered for an event hosted by my company that is for 5th-8th grade girls to stay interested in technology. The girls do different labs throughout the day and I was lab assistant for the solar power toy car build. It was a high energy afternoon. The girls were wonderful to work with. 🙂

Then I made some delicious shrimp fajitas and fresh salsa from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook (I went for shrimp instead of chicken because it’s what I had on hand). It has been my favorite cookbook lately, every recipe I’ve done from it has turned out great.

After a quick change it was off to an ISU Women’s Volleyball game to watch them kick butt! Go Redbirds!!!

It seems like this weekend has been a lot about women of all ages working together and improving themselves, it makes me very proud! 😀


First Yassos

Tonight was a new track workout for me, my first Yasso 800s. I met Bart Yasso at the IL Marathon Expo in 2009.

Rob got a picture of me running my intervals when it was getting dark.

I had 8 x 800s. Based on Yasso’s theory this is a trial of predicting marathon times. The avg time you run Yassos is the predicted marathon finish time. For example: run a 3 minute 30 second average 800 set and finish the marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Yasso 800s is just one method of testing marathon goal pace (MGP) so it’s not to be gospel, just a tool as a part of a whole training plan.

Ultimately 10 sets of 800s is needed to do Yasso 800s properly, but this being my first go around I went with the Coach’s option of starting at 8.

I have been training with best case working towards a 3:15 (knowing that race day and fueling will likely lower that time). My latest PR in the 5K now has me training with a MGP of 3:13.

Here were my results of the Yassos. At first I was trying to find the right pace. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out for my first time and it was a windy day. So I will call this workout a “W”.

1 – 3:07
2 – 3:11
3 – 3:15
4 – 3:15
5 – 3:09
6 – 3:11
7 – 3:13
8 – 3:13