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2010 USAF Half Marathon – 1:35:26

Our race morning started around 4am. I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter, orange and coffee. This race requires everyone to get to the Wright Patterson Museum and by 5:30 am we were waiting in line for almost an hour to get parked. The marathon and 10K take off first. We warmed up for 1.3 Miles and then chatted with Jo and Larry. Then finally at 8:30am it was our turn. The temps were very mild and perfect for racing.

I felt the good the whole race. I feel like I didn’t push my limits like I should. The time passed by quickly. I enjoyed the race and didn’t get into a race-mode. Still a PR!

Rob was hurting from his leg and I came up on him in the finish chute. He finished 1:35:21 

My Splits:

1 – 7:08
2 – 7:13
3 – 7:13
4 – 7:07
5 – 7:12
6 – 7:14
7 – 7:23 – Ate Sportsbeans
8 – 7:11
9 – 7:31 – Hills
10 – 7:21 – Hills
11 – 7:13
12 – 7:02
13 – 7:03
.1 – 6:58 pace



7:18 Pace

Overall: 126/4302 (2.9%)

F: 21/2248 (0.9%)

F 30-34: 7/328 (2.1%)

Finisher’s Medal

There was no hanging out post race. We immediately got back to the hotel and got on the road for a concert in Chicago….more on that in the next post. 🙂

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2010 USAF Half Marathon Expo

This week has been a lot of easy running to get ready for the USAF Half Marathon. Monday I ran 40 Mins Easy and Tuesday 1Hr 45 Mins Easy in the neighborhood. Wednesday was our company wellness event and I ran around our pond for 1Hr 5 Mins Easy. Thursday we were just too busy with work and errands that I took a rest day.

Which leads to today. On the drive to Dayton, OH we stopped in Indianapolis for my favorite shopping spot, TJoes! Our friends Jo and Larry are also doing the Half Marathon! We met up with them and their kids to hit the Expo.

The image resizing is all messed up, I will fix these when we get home.

Me and Jo

Rob and Me

Rob, Me, Jo and Larry

Larry and Jo

The race shirts are sweet! Love the black!

Tonight was 2 Miles Easy on the treadmill and then I went outside for some pickups (6 x 50s). Rob and I then took a dip in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub and then sat outside by the hotel fire pit. I feel very rested and ready to go! 😀


Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 6 Day 5

Today we got registerd for the USAF Half Marathon in September! We did this race last year and had so much fun that we knew we would do this one again in 2010.

This evening I got in 12 Miles on the treadmill. I tried out Jelly Belly Sports Beans in Watermellon flavor and they are so yummy! I’ve tasted them before at expos, but thought they would be too hard to manage while running. However, the packaging was easy to open and I just ate two at a time. They kept me busy for awhile cause I was enjoying them so one of my miles just flew by. They don’t stick to my teeth which is a bonus and they didn’t upset my tummy. I will be using these again on my next run.


USAF Half Marathon – 1:51:51

It was an early morning for this race. We were up at 3:30am to get ready and head out the door at 5:00am. Plus we are a timezone ahead for us so it definitely felt early. We were easily able to get into the area and parked. The event had instructions to plan to be early for security checkpoints for bag check. Since the events kicked off at 7am, we made sure we would be there early. It was only us on the shuttle bus that we had to take over from the parking area to the event location. Everything was set up next to the USAF Museum. They had all kinds of aircraft parked outside and were lined up to be what we would run between in the finish chute.

We waited around and froze our buts off in the dark, per usual. We had throw away shirts on, but we should brought throw away sweatshirts (ugly race sweatshirts we sometimes get). We were at least distracted by the aircraft and the American Chopper display was there.

Us freezing. The sun is finally coming up.

Throw away shirts off.

The Marathon and 10K ceremony began at 7am with two F-16s flying overhead. They were off at 7:30am. Next it was our turn. There were just under 10,000 runners for all events, about 3900 for the Half Marathon. They did the same opening ceremony for us including the fly by. They pulled up hard directly above the race start. Very sweet touch!


One of the F-16s.

And we were off! The half marathon start.

The first mile had a nice gradual hill. Then we were out on some flat roads, onto a bike path which meant some squishing in. Followed by some miles next to beautiful homes and a golf course. I felt amazing! Then around mile 8.5 we hit a much steeper hill. I don’t think elevation charts can do a course justice. The remaining miles until the last mile were rolling hills. I felt good and only wished we had a flatter course to finish up on. Made me appreciate the flat courses in Chicago and Champaign, IL that much more.

I have to say that the volunteers were wonderful! And there was more than enough aid stations and facilities. In fact I found myself being selective about when to take water cause it seemed that we had one every 1.5 miles. It was nice to have options throughout the course.

Rob was ahead of me throughout the race. I could see him ahead until about 6 miles and then he was off beyond my view. I was so happy that he was feeling good too and having a good race.

Enjoying the race:

The last mile wrapped around the USAF Museum area and then the awesome finish through all the various aircraft.

Me coming into the finish.

I got a PR! 1:51:51
Rob also PRed! 1:49:28

Us with our medals.

Our medals are awesome! We also received a runner’s towel and space blanket.
Me and my medal:

Professional picture of the medals:

Front of the medal:

Back of the medal:

Runner’s Towel:

We headed back and got cleaned up and went back to tour the USAF Museum.
The very cool finish line:

Us at the museum:

At the museum I found a good copilot hat for our plane:

Afterward got dinner at Red Lobster. We had originally planned to have a dinner at a local restaurant, but it turned out the place we had planned was a wine bar and didn’t have a dinner menu.

8:33 pace
F 30-34: 26/310
F: 168/1912
Overall: 764/3843


USAF Half Marathon Expo

We made it to Dayton, OH for the USAF Half Marathon!!

Coco on the ride over:


Our hotel is brand new and we got a room upgrade.
Room Pics:

The drive to the expo was nuts since construction had us turned around. Once at the Nutter Center, the expo had a lot of booths. The way they had it set up made it difficult to get around since they didn’t use the floor of the stadium, but instead the walkway that goes around the arena (inside the building). The packet pick up was in the back so it was a clever way to ensure all runners saw every booth as they made their way to packet pickup.

Outside they had the American Choppers B-2 Stealth Bomber:


The shirts are awesome!


A sweet patch:

We went and had dinner at Smokey Bones and then chilled in the hotel’s hot tub and pool for a bit. Now it’s time to wind down. We are all ready for tomorrow!