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A New Year Of Running….A New Blog Look

With much contemplation I finally decided to move my blog to WordPress (the posts older than this date have been ported over from my old blog). I finally decided to make the move to WordPress because it appears to have more features than my previous blog location. The most important being that the app on the iPhone. I love that i will be able to manage comments and make posts more easily from the WordPress app.

I’ll be playing with the new look and format as I get used to all of the new tools. I’m going to try out organizing some items through pages such as PRs, about us, running highlights, perhaps do some race reviews.

So here is to a new blog and more adventures in running and travel!!

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Happy New Year!!

As some of you may already know I really enjoy setting goals and working to achieve them. Each year I make some goals so I have my sights set on something to work towards. They aren’t really resolutions, but just some things I hope to focus on. Since this is a running blog I will note my running related goals here.

A bit of my short running history:
After catching the running bug in March of 2007 I ran 24 races varying in distances of 2 Miles – 10K. So for 2008 I set my sights on increading my distances and also completing a half marathon, which I was able to do in April. I also wanted to complete more races than I did in 2007 and I met that goal by completing 28 races. In 2008 I was also able to try out a couple trail races. Although trail racing isn’t my thing, I’m glad to have gotten out there and I wouldn’t rule out an opportunity to race in one in the future.

So for 2009….I would like to.
— Improve my 10K time.
— Improve my time in a specific 15K race. It is a very challenging course.
— Do more than one half marathon in 2009.
— Improve on my half marathon time.

I’m not setting a number of races goal this year. Rob and I have a lot of travel plans so I just want to get in races when I can and concentrate on my improving my times.

Ah the joy of having things on a list to cross off. 🙂 Even if I don’t accomplish them all I really enjoy trying!