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2010 USAF Half Marathon – 1:35:26


Our race morning started around 4am. I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter, orange and coffee. This race requires everyone to get to the Wright Patterson Museum and by 5:30 am we were waiting in line for almost an hour to get parked. The marathon and 10K take off first. We warmed up for 1.3 Miles and then chatted with Jo and Larry. Then finally at 8:30am it was our turn. The temps were very mild and perfect for racing.

I felt the good the whole race. I feel like I didn’t push my limits like I should. The time passed by quickly. I enjoyed the race and didn’t get into a race-mode. Still a PR!

Rob was hurting from his leg and I came up on him in the finish chute. He finished 1:35:21 

My Splits:

1 – 7:08
2 – 7:13
3 – 7:13
4 – 7:07
5 – 7:12
6 – 7:14
7 – 7:23 – Ate Sportsbeans
8 – 7:11
9 – 7:31 – Hills
10 – 7:21 – Hills
11 – 7:13
12 – 7:02
13 – 7:03
.1 – 6:58 pace



7:18 Pace

Overall: 126/4302 (2.9%)

F: 21/2248 (0.9%)

F 30-34: 7/328 (2.1%)

Finisher’s Medal

There was no hanging out post race. We immediately got back to the hotel and got on the road for a concert in Chicago….more on that in the next post. 🙂

6 thoughts on “2010 USAF Half Marathon – 1:35:26

  1. Yeah for a PR!!! I ran the 10k and was wondering if you would run it again this year. The parking was crazy!

  2. Holy racing batman, you are speedytastic!!!!!! great job!!! cant wait to see you in chi town!!!!!

    ps my blog url updated…. did you notice? 🙂

  3. Awesome, awesome job! Your splits looked spectacular, too! You are primed and ready for a speedy race in Chicago! 2 1/2 weeks? I may be out of the loop, but are you doing Boston?

  4. You are crazy fast!!! Great job to both of you!!!

  5. Good and a fast running time!.

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