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2013 Eureka Heart House – 10K – 58:20

Race Takeaway: Hills zap me, but at least I’m out moving.

This morning was the Heart House 2 Mile Walk / 4 Mile Race/ and 10K Race in Eureka, IL. It was low 50s, sunny, but breezy.

Racing with a baby has changed my approach to race morning. Before Chase I would make sure we were up and hustling to get ready so that we would get to the race with more than enough time. I would stress if we aren’t at a race at least an hour ahead. I want to know that we have enough time to park, register or pick up our packet, get extra warm up clothes off, bibs on, and a warm up with time to spare. Now that’s all changed.

Rob and I still move with focus and hustle in the morning, but the X factor is how is Chase feeling. And Rob and I are both okay with whatever happens. In the case of this morning Chase was extra hungry and took her time eating. Plus she pooped three times (it happens), which meant lots of changes before getting her all bundled up for the race. We weren’t stressed at all. We were like “hey if she doesn’t seem happy we won’t go”, and she was a totally happy baby. And when we got out the door very late, we figured “hey maybe we will just have a nice drive and go out for a run somewhere”.

Turns out we made it there with about 15 minutes, which was just enough time to get ourselves registered and Chase ready.

Chase was super snuggy warm with her pumpkin hat, long sleeved onesie, cardigan, pants, two pair of socks, and two blankets. She probably doesn’t need all of that, but we would rather go over board bundling her up because it’s always easy to remove a layer. 🙂

We decided this race Rob would still push Chase and we would each run our own pace. Rob would take it easy on any turns or bumpy road conditions.

This race is HILLY. I’ve never been good with hills, even in my best shape so this was a butt kick for me today. I only passed Rob and Chase briefly at mile 2 where it was gravel, Rob was walking to make sure it wasn’t too bumpy for Chase. He then got past me before mile 3. I managed to keep my pace under 9 minute miles for the first three miles, but I was zapped by the hills and just survived the rest of the way. I just told myself it was good to be out and moving no matter what to be a good example to Chase. After mile 4 it was awesome to be able to see in the distance Rob ahead on the course pushing the stroller and picking up speed. There is no way I could have survived with pushing the stroller on this course, I’m so glad Rob was happy to do it. Chase slept the whole way too. 🙂

Rob and Chase finished in 52:30 and I was done at 58:20.

I nursed Chase afterward in the back of the car and Rob went to check the results. This was a very small field so Rob and I both got 2nd in our Age Groups.

Us with our finisher medals and Chase. Chase was ready to go and we headed out.

2013 Eureka Heart House 10K



9:25 Pace



Tuesday was a track workout of 12 X 400s. All went well!

2.03 Miles Warm Up (ISU Campus, 20:00, 9:52 Pace)

4.72 Miles Track Workout 12 X 400s @ 84-86 W/3 Min Recoveries Walking (ISU Track, 55:03, 11:40 Pace)

2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 22:02, 11:01 Pace)

Wednesday was 5 Miles Easy on the treadmill while watching the Cubs game.

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 44:48, 8:58 Pace)

Today we met up with Ryan and had 2 Miles not so easy to get a little fatigue and then did 12 Hill Repeats W/Walk Recoveries on the sidewalk on an overpass in town. We would charge up one side-walk down the other, turn around and repeat. We would get done with a sprint and I would feel completely winded and ready to puke. It was a slap happy time on the walk recoveries. We were cracking ourselves up the whole time.

2 Miles Fast (Ryan’s Hood, 13:41, 6:51 Pace)

3.33 Miles 12 Hill Repeats W/ Walk Recoveries (Shelborne Hill, 58:51, 17:41 Pace)

Another great set of workouts!



The last couple of days have been super busy, let me try to recap.

Friday was spent at the salon getting my hair darker. It’s very dark, but with all the running it keeps lightening up so fast. I doubt I will continue to get it this dark, but it’s fun to play around with the color and see what I like. I’m betting in the seven weeks until my next visit it will lighten up too with all the running in the sun.

Rob and I had a nice lazy lunch outdoors at one of our favorite spots. Then we got in our 5 Miles Easy and I did 6 X 50s afterward.

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 41:42, 8:21 Pace)


Then it was on to a Peoria Chiefs baseball game (they are the minor league team to the Cubs). It was a lot of fun! A yummy MGD 64 and peanuts hit the spot. This game wasn’t crowed at all. We were surprised more people in the community don’t attend the games, it’s a nice way to be outdoors, chat away and cheer on the team.

I have peanut shell in my hair, nice.

Saturday was just as busy. First on the agenda was our second hill workout of the week. We don’t have many hills in our town, this one being grass makes it great for this sprinting type work. Thursday we ran up the middle and found the distance to be shorter, this time we went up the left hand side and it added another 100 feet.

We did a warm up, 8 Hills Sprints with walks down and then cool down around the area.

2.44 Warm Up (Jersey Ave, 22:01, 9:01 Pace)

1.23 Hill Sprints 8 W/Walks Down (Jersey Hill, 20:54, 17:00 Pace)

1.7 Cool Down (Jersey Ave, 16:11, 9:32 Pace)

This workout left me feeling sore in my right Achilles. We grabbed some bags of ice from the gas station and made ice baths.

Then it was time to put some flying back into this FlyRunner blog. Those who don’t read my ramblings regularly you may not have picked up on the fact that my husband and I built our own airplane. I haven’t been blogging about our flights because there hasn’t been any trips lately as Rob has been painting it. He is half way done! When finished it will be a partial paint and polish job, meaning that we want to leave the major parts of the aluminum exposed to show our rivet work. It was so much time and energy to put together that we weren’t wanting to cover it all up with paint. The plane isn’t even properly polished yet, so when we get done with painting that will be the next step and then it will really shine. 🙂

Us leaving for our flight. We headed over to Eagle Creek, IN to have lunch at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe and then to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping.

I love how all the farmers’ fields are green. Much nicer to look at than the drab brown of fall/winter.

Our view while we ate lunch outside. 

This trip wasn’t without adventure. We had lunch and took the pilot crew car to Trader Joes. We had a nice shopping trip and then stopped in at Starbucks. I got my first big city Starbucks mug (Indianapolis), yay! We got back to the airport to find out that there had been an incident. A plane had come in for landing and ended up on its nose. The pilot and passenger were unharmed, thank goodness. The FAA shut down the airport to do their investigation, which left us with a 3 hour delay. We spent our time and money at Best Buy and then had a light dinner at Rick’s. Once we were finally permitted to leave, it was so nice to get home. I was wiped from the long day and passed out asleep as soon as I curled up on the couch.


The Hills Have Runners

This I will call my first official hill workout because it was truly dedicated to hill training and wasn’t just a regular run that happened to go uphill now and then. In 2008 I did try a hill workout on the same hill we ran today with my running club and failed miserably. Back then I was running in the 9:00 pace for a 7K and couldn’t hang with my group as they did sprints up the hill eight times. I made it up four times while lagging way behind and left the workout early and cried on the drive home, feeling like a failure. I promised myself I would go back out there and re-challenge that hill.

I didn’t intend for that rematch to take 2 years, I just got busy with the other aspects of running that I just never got around to it, not that I was all that excited to go back anyways.

Now that my training is to get my foot speed and form better, hills are a great part of that plan. Hill running is supposed to help force me to pick up my knees as I should in running and get my foot strike not too out in front. Plus it builds muscle strength and endurance.

Rob and I headed out and did 2 Miles Warm Up, 8 times up the hill @ 5K RP w/recovery walks down the hill, 2 Miles Cool Down.

2.14 Miles Warm Up (Jersey Hill, 21:46, 10:09 Pace)

1.11 Miles 8 Hill Sprints W/Walk Downs (Jersey Hill, 17:17, 15:33 Pace)

2.05 Miles Cool Down (Jersey Hill, 21:16, 10:23 Pace)

I conquered the hill by completing my sprints and actually left feeling energized! It was only after the cool down when Rob and I stopped that I felt how hard my legs worked as everything felt nice and sore, that good worked out type feeling.