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First Yassos

Tonight was a new track workout for me, my first Yasso 800s. I met Bart Yasso at the IL Marathon Expo in 2009.

Rob got a picture of me running my intervals when it was getting dark.

I had 8 x 800s. Based on Yasso’s theory this is a trial of predicting marathon times. The avg time you run Yassos is the predicted marathon finish time. For example: run a 3 minute 30 second average 800 set and finish the marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Yasso 800s is just one method of testing marathon goal pace (MGP) so it’s not to be gospel, just a tool as a part of a whole training plan.

Ultimately 10 sets of 800s is needed to do Yasso 800s properly, but this being my first go around I went with the Coach’s option of starting at 8.

I have been training with best case working towards a 3:15 (knowing that race day and fueling will likely lower that time). My latest PR in the 5K now has me training with a MGP of 3:13.

Here were my results of the Yassos. At first I was trying to find the right pace. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out for my first time and it was a windy day. So I will call this workout a “W”.

1 – 3:07
2 – 3:11
3 – 3:15
4 – 3:15
5 – 3:09
6 – 3:11
7 – 3:13
8 – 3:13

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Carry the 1

After a 2.76 Miles Warm Up I started my track workout. I had on my calendar 9 x 200s at I (Interval) Pace. Odd I thought, but I did the math and got to doing the 200s, but they felt incredibly easy and the recovery of 2:15 seemed excessive for just an easy sprint. After the 4th one I realized, I bet I missed a 1 in front of 200, that would make the pacing more accurate. Ah ha! So I scraped the .81 Miles I did as 200s and got to the business of 9 x 1200s. I couldn’t make my goal paces, but just kept forging ahead to get in a workout. I still feel stale. I’m ready for things to get back to feeling fresh again. Afterward I got a 1.64 Mile Cool Down.

Then when getting my data into my running log do I see that I was actually scheduled for 9 x 800s. So instead of a 1 in front of the 200, it should have been an 8. Ugh!

At this point just not being on a hotel treadmill doing easy miles is a win, so I’m taking this workout still as a success to where I need to get to.



This week has been the typical amount of busy. Monday night Rob and I headed out to a park. He did intervals on the bike and I did 6 Miles Easy. My legs were dead tired and having only 4 hours of sleep was not helping, this was not a great run.

6 Miles Easy (Tipton, 49:17, 8:13 Pace)

Tuesday was a great workout, Ryan had me doing ladders at the track. I did 3 sets of (200, 400, 600, 400, 200) and they felt really good! I loved how the distance varied, it make the workout interesting.

2 Miles Warm Up (ISU Campus, 19:11, 9:36 Pace)

6.21 Miles 3 X (200,400,600,400,200) @ 46 (ISU Track, 55:37.82, 8:58 Pace)

2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 10:34 21:08, Pace)

This morning I went to the track to do drills, turns out the fields were being treated so I ended up going home and doing part of the drills at home.

2 Miles Warm Up (IWU Track, 18:21, 9:11 Pace)

3 X 50s

3 Sets of High Knees, Butt Kicks, Quick Feet

Then tonight I did 6 Miles Easy in the neighborhood. And then attempted P90X Ab Ripper. Yowza! It was very challenging! ! I did get through a bit of each exercise. This DVD was definitely worth it!

6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 54:21, 9:04 Pace)

Ab Ripper


Track It

Yesterday was super hot. I had to run 6 Miles with 3 @ 7:20 Pace before our track workout. I got to do my miles around our college campus. It was so nice to see all the old familiar buildings, plus all of the new ones since we went to school. I was melting in the sun and not able to hit my paces at the end.

5.77 Miles Track Warm Up (ISU Campus, 47:59, 8:19 Pace)

Then it was on to track workout. Ryan met us and had Rob doing 400s. My workout was 12 X 200s (4 @ 46, 8 @ 44), it ended up being 4 @ 46, 6 @ 66, and then 1 400. I had some major user error issues and couldn’t seem to work my Garmin to save my life so unfortunately for this workout I don’t have all my splits. Collectively with recovery jogs:

2.52 10 x 200s, 1 x 400 (ISU Track, 2.52 Miles, 22:53, 9:05 Pace)

Followed by a cool down with Rob. 🙂

1.2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 12:39, 10:08 Pace)

This morning I took some time off work to meet Ryan at another college campus track for drills. First we did a warm up.

1.04 Miles (IWU Track, 8:21, 8:04 Pace)

Then it was a few 50s and onto drills. We did High Knees, Butt Kicks, Extended High Knees, Quick Feet and Laterals all on the grass barefoot. My muscles have been happily tweaked all day. I love the feeling of that good sore, worked out feeling. I can’t wait to incorporate these each week!

 Tonight I did my 6 Miles Easy on the treadmill.

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 58:36, 9:46 Pace)


Where to begin…

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted. Things have been super crazy busy so I will try to recap the last week.


7 Miles – 2 W/U @ 8:20, 4 @ 6:53, 2 C/D @ 8:20 (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:00:57, 7:37 Pace)


It was time for more track work with Ryan. We ended up doing half of our workout in the pouring rain.

1.5 Mile Warm Up

Then time for 16 X 200s:

LAP 1 – 45
LAP 2 – 45
LAP 3 – 49
LAP 4 – 48

LAP 5 – 45
LAP 6 – 44
LAP 7 – 44
LAP 8 – 43

LAP 9 – 43
LAP 10 – 42
LAP 11 – 39
LAP 12 – 43
LAP 13 – 39
LAP 14 – 40
LAP 15 – 40
LAP 16 – 38

Ryan didn’t run each lap with me this time and instead circled the track as Rob and I got to work. Ryan had Rob running 400s and he gave us tips and critiques along the way. This wasa new challenge for me because I had to hit the pacing for each set on my own, it was hard to get the feel. My brain started to melt at Lap 13, a familiar feeling from last weekend.

1.5 Mile Cool Down


My first official two-a-day! Woo hoo! About time!!

AM – 6 Miles Recovery @ 8:15 (‘Hood, 47:31, 7:55 Pace)

I was supposed to stay at 8:15, but went a little fast.

MILE 1 – 8:24
MILE 2 – 7:56
MILE 3 – 7:42
MILE 4 – 7:48
MILE 5 – 7:43
MILE 6 – 7:56

PM – 4 Miles Recovery @ 8:15 (St. Louis Gateway Arch, 33:59, 8:30 Pace)

We traveled to St. Louis to Dave Matthews Band!! Once Rob and I got to St. Louis we took our run to the Gateway Arch, which was a lot of fun for some new scenery.

This time my legs were tired and I was slower than the pace I was supposed to hit.

MILE 1 – 8:44
MILE 2 – 8:16
MILE 3 – 8:17
MILE 4 – 8:38

And for fun, here is a picture of Dave.


Rest day!! I took full advantage and did nothing!


Time to wake up my legs for the Steamboat Classic 15K on Saturday, the toughest 15K in the mid-west!
7 Miles – 2 W/U, 5 @ 15KGP; 6 X 50S (‘Hood, 52:59, 7:30 Pace)

MILE 1 – 8:41
MILE 2 – 8:04
MILE 3 – 7:09
MILE 4 – 7:12
MILE 5 – 7:02
MILE 6 – 7:11
MILE 7 – 7:07

Up next, my Steamboat Classic 15K race report!!