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I’ve been out of the blog and social world because we’ve been doing a lot of celebrating. First it was Rob’s happy hour for his promotion, then our wedding anniversary, and then Rob’s birthday. Now I’m getting ready for hosting Thanksgiving.

So I need to give you a status on my Graston’s Therapy and share some blurry pictures from our week….here it goes.

Tuesday I had my Graston’s session and it went well. It was my second time there and they upped the tool intensity. I was also given permission to try running slowly to check my progress, score! That night we went out for our wedding anniversary to the restaurant where we had our wedding reception, Station 220. The restaurant has changed ownership since our wedding reception, but the food is still amazing. What makes it even better is the produce now mostly comes from a local farm.

The cheese plate from the local farm.

Salmon with bok choy, yum!

The next morning I got in 2 miles easy before soreness set in so I ended there before I did any damage.

Thursday was 3 miles easy and the first 2 miles were completely pain free!

Friday 3.25 miles in the AM, soreness set in at mile 3. I had my third Graston’s session afterward and the scar tissue seems to be less, but she still found the sore spot in my piriformis. It was the most significant treatment yet, I was so swollen and sore afterward that I had to stand at work for a couple hours and then went home to lie down on my stomach.

Saturday I woke up to no bruising and the swelling was gone. I was able to do 4 miles easy with pain only being a 3 on a scale of 1-10. That’s a lot of progress from where I started at an 8-9!

After my run we went up to Chicago to celebrate Rob’s birthday. Our first stop was Glenn’s Diner. It was our first time there and it was AMAZING!! They have sixteen types of fresh fish, flown in every day. I didn’t have a gluten free option. Shrimp Po’ Boy with the potato pancake. It was outstanding, but my tummy did get upset and reminded me that gluten is not my friend.

Then we went to the Field Museum, I had never been and Rob hadn’t been since he was a kid. I enjoyed the day with Rob, but I have to say the Field Museum is a bit disappointing. There is way too much reading and not enough interaction. I would expect some augmented reality application to use with a smart phone to hold up and have information come up about the display or something. I expected more dinasours too.

The gem display was worthwhile! I had to refrain from steaming up the glass cases swooning at all of the sparkly displays.

Sunday I ran over 5 miles…in a hilly race no less! Not really on the doctor’s orders, but more on that in my next post.



After the 10K it was no denying that my hamstring just isn’t improving with my efforts at home and I would need to get some help with rehabilitation. So this week I headed to Sport’s Enhancement Center for an assessment. After going through many movements to pinpoint the source of my pain, I was told my piriformis and hamstring would need addressing with Graston’s Technique Therapy and some specific stretches.

The worst part was hearing that I couldn’t run. They want me to stop running to let the area rest fully and then gradually introduce running back once I’ve received some of the treatments. Other than wishing I had done this weeks ago, my other thoughts were trying to bargain with the doctor to see what other type of exercises I could do in the meantime.




“Would rather you didn’t, you could over stretch the area we are treating.”

“Okay, how about jump rope, small hops, nothing crazy.”

“No, too much on your glutes, none of that.”

Friday I had my first meeting with the physical therapist Annie, who was super nice. She did an examination to determine my range of motion and then we began an initial Graston’s session to see how my body responds. Graston’s is shown in the following youtube video.

After warming up the area with the long bent rod type tool she then tried a couple of the instruments to determine which hit the injured area the best. The sessions was 8 minutes and is not a comfortable procedure. However, it was kind of that good type of pain, where you know the area is getting worked out properly. She sent me to work with a bag of ice for the area and some stretches that I will need to do at home twice a day.

My next session is Tuesday and I can’t wait!

Emily @ sweatonceaday has the best injury goals post ever! She is so inspiring and her post makes me look at my recovery with a new perspective.

I’m trying to use my rest time effectively by doing the following:

Throw Rob a happy hour party for his promotion at work to IT Architect. We had everyone out at a local bar. I wanted to make sure that it was casual, but special. So we had two kinds of amazing cupcakes from a local baker (peanut butter and pumpkin spice), grilled club sandwiches, potato cheese jalapeno bites, fried mushrooms, buckets of bottled domestic beer and two signature drinks. One called “California Rob” that was a hurricane style and the “Architect” that was a margaritas.

Me and Rob.

JuLee and me.

Me and Lisa.

Lots of house chores. I have a slew of chores waiting for me, so I’ve kept busy doing all the odds and ends I haven’t had time for….cleaning light fixtures, staining deck chairs, and organizing rooms. At least I can work on getting the house ready for the holidays.

Strengthening workouts like P90X Ab Ripper, upper body weights, push up challenge. And some walking, just a couple of miles at a time on the treadmill.

Here’s hoping that I will be back running in a couple of weeks.


Movie Night


Monday (10/17):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 42:21, 8:29 Pace)

9.2 Bike Easy (Trainer, 40:00, 13.8 mph)

Tuesday (10/18):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 35:14, 8:49 Pace)

Tonight after work Rob and I helped out with Often Running’s movie night. Every year they host a running movie at the historic uptown Normal Theater. This year’s movie was Lady Warriors. ORRT accepts food donations for the mission as admittance. The area school track and cross-country teams attend with their coaches, some of them who are on ORRT. The make up most of the crowd, but the community and the local running club also attend. adidas sponsors the event which means lots of cool freebies for attendees (socks, shirts, headbands, etc.) and drawings for free shoes.

After the movie part of our team walked over to Medici for a drink before heading home.

It was such a nice night, I just wish it was the weekend!


Athletic Supporter


Lots of rest, with 4.1 Miles, 5 Miles, 6 Miles Easy, and Yoga. 

This weekend we had no races. Just time to relax, catch up with friends and get some house chores accomplished. We had the chance to sleep in Saturday, but what’s the fun in that when we have the option to cheer on our friends at their race and be an athletic supporter (hehehehe). ISU Homecoming 5K Town and Gown was Saturday morning. We went to cheer on Lisa. She was set to have a new PR and I wanted to be there to see it.Plus ORRT Ryan and Deb were racing.

The new course had a loop inside the quad so we had an opportunity to cheer on everyone as they went by. Ryan and Deb were both overall winners, plus Ryan also set a new PR! Lisa also had an amazing new PR, taking two minutes off of her time and getting 1st in her age group!

Lisa and me.

Sunday ORRT came out to support a local 5K race by providing the finish line duties. Rob is and awesome husband and came out to lend a hand too.

Me helping set up the finish chute, which means just threading the rope through the cones.

Rob starting the finish line computers.

Hanging out at the finish clock awaiting the runners return.

Carol from ORRT came out to win overall female!

I would recommend as a part of anyone’s training plan to make time to volunteer for a race. Race volunteer opportunities can include packet pick up, water stop, split timer, finish line and more. I’ve done all of these roles at one time or another and they are all great. If you can’t schedule the volunteer time, just come out to cheer on the racers. It’s a way to give back, plus it’s exciting to see others out there racing.



Before I get into how the Chicago Marathon didn’t go as I hoped. Let me start with Saturday. The day before the race was a great day. I ran my 4 Easy around the neighborhood. My hamstring was still tight and I know that there will be some miles that I will have to fight for, the question would be how many. I feel ready to face it and actually still hopeful for a PR. Sometimes magic can happen and the pain or soreness can go away after some warm up miles or the hype from the race makes the pain feel more tolerable. I am still positive that things will go well.

We head up to Chicago and make time for a little shopping! Rob and I go into Tiffany’s and we see their line call Sparklers. Rob had wanted to get me one for a while and now we had a chance to see it in person. It truly earns its name. We couldn’t resist and Rob got me the 8.5 carat lavender amethyst in 18K rose gold. It has just such a light color and still a warmth with the rose gold band. I love the color!

I try to convince Rob that I will run a faster Chicago Marathon if I get to wear it during the race, he didn’t go for it. So I feel really hopeful that I will have fast legs race day to get me back to my Sparkler. 🙂

After shopping Rob and I met up with Drew and Carrie for a relaxing dinner. Up next the race…..

Updated September 23,2012 with more photos that have been requested.

The “Tiffany & Co.” engraving is on the two sides of the basket. It is very subtle and shows up in this picture because we took pictures in macro mode.

The stone measures just under a half of an inch.