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2012 Canal Connection 10K – 48:57

Race Takeaway: Running pregnant feels empowering.

Sunday Rob and I drove north to run the Canal Connection 10K in Utica, IL. This race is between two towns along a canal path that was used for moving barges along the water with mules pulling while walking along the path. This point to point race is scenic and time goes by really quickly as there are few turns and you are able to really just focus in on running from one end of the canal to the other.

It was chilly, high 40s – low 50s, with a light breeze. Rob and I purposely over dressed knowing that we would be running a slower pace. Rob would run with me and I would be running by feel. If I was feeling good I would pick up the pace, if I felt off, I would just back off. There was no pressure for time, just get out and have a good workout.

Me near the finish area. This is baby’s second 10K race (Morton Pumpkin Festival was the other 10K).

We got on the bus to take us to the other town and waited for the start. We did a light 1 mile warm up and then lined up way back, about 20 people deep from the start. And we were off. The first few miles felt good but I knew I was running too fast so we backed off a bit. We chatted about the algae along the canal, ducks that were around, and how running is probably so good for baby. I couldn’t stop thinking about how running pregnant feels pretty amazing. Before we knew it we were at the finish in 48:57.

I’m so glad we came out to race!



7:57 Pace

2011 Canal Connection 10K – 44:24

2010 Canal Connection 10K – 43:21

2009 Canal Connection 10K – 48:15

Our local running store Often Running has sale items at the event so I was able to pick up some larger running clothes to get me through the pregnancy and post-recovery.

I love Nike long-sleeved shirts, they are so soft!

I’ve never had Brooks running bras but for the price I will give them a try. I love adidas the most.

And some Mizuno winter pants.


2012 Morton Pumpkin Festival 10K – 46:45

Race Takeaway: You don’t use it, you lose it.

I’m behind in posting so this is a catch up. Rob and I ran the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10K on Saturday, September 15th. It was perfect weather, low 60s and no breeze. The race is flat and the mile splits are well-marked.

While I was not in old race shape, it felt good to be racing. I was happy with my ability to keep the pace I did considering I’m still trying to get back into training.

Rob finished in 41:44 and I finished with 46:45, fourth in the 30-39 age group. I haven’t raced this race in four years. They have added a finish medal, which is a nice touch.



7:32 Pace

F 30-39: 4/?

2008 Morton Pumpkin Festival – 1:00:42

2007 Morton Pumpkin Festival – 1:00:55


2011 Canal Connection – 10K – 44:24

Sunday Rob and I went to Utica, IL to run the Canal Connection 10K. On the way we picked up our friend and my fellow ORRT teammate, Mike. Mike and I are both recovering from soreness, although he can still win races even when not at his best. Mike says he’s willing to hang with me and my tight hamstring. I warn him I may not be a pleasant runner to be near because even my easy runs hurt. I’ve had no speedwork because of trying to recover from my injury so I have no clue if my leg will immediately revolt when trying to 10K. I’m not excited for Mike to potentially witness me at my worst, as I’m sure my attitude will demish with my leg. He says it’s fine and agrees to just stay near and keep any comments/advice to a minimum so I don’t turn into a grouchy pants. To at least try and have fun Mike and I both sported 80s Rayban style adidas sunglasses (it wasn’t sunny out) and white adidas sweatbands on our biceps. Perfect for flexing the guns or shooting hoops afterward, you know.

Rob’s ankle has stiffness, but the soreness is almost all gone. He had taken almost the whole week off and was unsure how his race would go since he has also not had any speedwork.

It was 25 mph winds from the south and around 50 degrees. The wind was ridiculous, but most of this race is along a canal that has some sloped land on each side so essentially you are out of the wind.

After a clunky 2 mile warm up, stiff hamstring and all, we were off. I was surprised that I’m able to keep the pace I want and hit mile 1 at 6:44. Mile 2 and 3 also go off okay and I’m in the 6:50s, which would set me up for a PR. After mile 3 my leg was getting so stiff and ready to be done. Mile 4 and 5 were so annoying that I stop looking at my watch, there is no point as I’m very aware that my pace is suffering.

I only mutter a couple cuss words around this point. It’s so frustrating when my left side is ready to race and my right side just can’t make it happen. Mike gives me the advice to just focus only on the person immediately in front of us. This tip helped me stop thinking about the finish and just on getting to the next person. My leg is screaming tight and I muster through the last mile. Mike makes a gentle comment to the effect of “do you want this” and I’m thinking like “freaking yes I want this, I wish my leg would function”! I come in across the line 1 minute off of my PR with a 44:24 and I am very happy about this. I’m injured, no speedwork and I’m close to my PR. I now feel hopeful that if I can get recovered and focused on my training that I can get back to where I was.

Rob also had a good race, only 30 seconds from his PR with similar issues.

Our race times got me 2nd in my Age Group and Rob 4th in his.

Awards up close.



F 35-39: 2/?


2010 Canal Connection – 10K – 43:21

4….3….2…1….not a count down, but my finish time.

Rob, Drew and I traveled an hour away to do a 10K this morning. It has been forever since I’ve ran a 10K race; so long ago, that my 10K PR was a mat in a hilly 15K race.

It was sunny, 40 degrees with a light breeze. For this 10K they bus us to a nearby town and we run along a canal back. The trail is mostly light rock.

I have felt completely stale running-wise and not yet race ready, but if I want to get better, I need to get out there. As we lined up Rob and I started further back than normal, about 7 people deep. The beginning of the race course is downhill and there was no way I would want to get caught up in the surge.

I have no idea what pace I could sustain so I tried to just run with an effort of 8 on a scale of 1-10 and see what that got me. After the downhill beginning it was time to get settled in on the trail. I was able to pass handfuls of people that went out too fast in the first three miles and then it seemed like I was settled in to what felt like the effort I could hold to the end. As we turned for the finish a guy announced to me that I was 7th female, results are now posted and I was 8th female. I was able to pass one more guy right before we crossed the line.

I got a new PR and 2nd in my Age Group!!

Rob also got a PR and 3rd in his Age Group with a 40:57!!


6:59 Pace

Overall: 65/660

F: 8/?

F 30-34: 2/47

Me with my award.

Rob and me with our awards.

Rob and Drew.

Up close of my award.

Afterward we came home and watched the NYC Marathon. Shalane did amazing!! 😀 It was too bad about Haile, I hope he reconsiders announcing his intention to retire based on his knee and his dropping out of this race.


Canal Connection – 10K – 48:15

This race was an hour drive away so we got up early to get on the road. The fall back an hour was a definitely nice. The race registration is in one town and then you take a bus to another town for the start line with the finish being at the registration location. We knew we would need to get there early so we wouldn’t feel rushed for the bus. Turns out they had to change the course due to the flooding and we ended up not going to the other town. Instead the course would be in same town as the registration. That left us with two hours to wait around so we just surfed the Internet from our phones until the race time got closer.

We did a .8 mile warm up so I could get my miles in for the week.

The route was a .5 mile through the town and then onto the trail of crushed limestone, called the tow path. Apparently back in the day they used to use the canal to tow bardges with mules on this path. the updated course was an out and back.

Rob passed me around mile 2.

Rob coming around to the finish.

He had a new PR and finished with 47:45!

Me coming around to the finish. My form got quite sloppy, hopefully some more strength training will help.

I also got a new PR with 48:15!

7:46 pace
F 30-34: 5/34
Overall: 147/568