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Chase 6 Months Old – Big Girl Moments

Chase is having big girl moments nearly every day. It’s so amazing to watch her sweet personality develop. All the little things like she crosses her legs when she lays back to relax and that she loves blowing raspberries. She even woke herself up in the morning blowing them, too cute!

Baby Info / Milestones

Chase weighs 16 pounds and 9 ounces.

Chase is now eating solids twice a day (lunch and dinner). She’s eating  a lot breast milk/formula so much so now that we’ve gone from 75% being breast milk to now 75% is formula. My supply isn’t keeping up, but I’m still able to supplement her.

Chase is passing toys from one had to the other, her pincher grasp is improving, and she is able to lean forward and grab toys while in a seated position.

6 Month Photos





We also had a 6 month professional photo shoot. It was early afternoon, right after Chase’s nap and she wasn’t willing to give out her big smiles just yet since she woke up in a strange place. 🙂 We still got some sweet pictures.










Baby Sleep / Mama Sleep

After Thanksgiving Chase got the flu and then she was constipated. Needless to say eating well and sleeping well both took a hit. It was a very hard few weeks. As soon as she was feeling better her eating was back on track and then it was time to get her sleep figured out. We bit the bullet and went cold turkey to the crib. She was fussy, but at it was amazing how after a short amount of time she was putting herself to sleep. The longest she fussed was 35 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it was the WORST 35 minutes of my life. Rob had to help me from rushing to her. After her fussing she was sleeping in her crib 5 hours or more at a time! Other nights she was fussing only 2-9 minutes. Now she can sleep 10-12 hours straight! When she wakes up she will fuss and put herself back to sleep. When she has trouble soothing herself, we try a few minutes using the CoCaLo Perfect Calming Center Baby Mat and it usually does the trick. It is truly amazing to have Chase successfully sleeping in her crib. And the added bonus is I’m getting quality sleep too! 😀

My Workouts

My workouts were non-existent during the three weeks Chase wasn’t feeling well. But after things came together with her sleep I was able to start running a couple of miles here and there again. Plus finally sleeping better was making me feel better all around.

I will begin a new training plan after Christmas for the IL Half Marathon. In comparison to my pre-baby training plans, this will be very conservative. Still it will feel so rewarding to embark on a training plan while also working and being a mom to an infant. I’ll have more to share on that in a future post. 🙂

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Chase 5 Months – All Smiles :)

Chase is 5 months old! Holey smokes!!

This post is late, Chase was 5 months old November 11th. I’m again late to posting because we’ve been busy with celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, Rob’s Birthday, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and then Chase got sick right after that. 😦 She’s finally feeling better, thank goodness! Between all of the celebrating, sickness, and working, there hasn’t been a moment of downtime. Here are some pictures of what has been going on with us lately.

Chase’s 5 Month Photos



Playing in her jumparoo, not holding still enough for a clear picture. 🙂


This girl is all smiles, we love it!! 😀

Baby Nutrition

We’ve started trying out feedings twice a day, once at daycare and once at home. It’s more about her getting used to the food and feeding process than nutrition, so it’s okay whatever ends up in he tummy. Bananas are her favorite. 🙂 Apples, squash, and peas aren’t bad either. We’ve just started on pears as well, but it she makes a face like they are too tart. We quickly learned that variety is key. Too many bananas and apples close together caused some constipation. A little consult with the doctor got things back on track though. Now we will make sure to vary up the meals even more.

Baby Sleep

Sleep has been similar to 4 months. There will be a few days of very good sleep, she will get up just up once or twice. Mid-night to 5 am this month has been her most restful period. But after a few days, she’s back to very fussy and she’s up every hour or never really sleeps unless she’s held. Again this seems to align to developmental changes or when she is not feeling well. After being sick Thanksgiving she definitely needed extra comfort to rest.

Baby Festivities

Daycare had Thanksgiving luncheon for the parents. It was so nice to visit with the other parents and the teachers and reflect on the development of all of the kids over the past few months. It’s just so wonderful being parents to Chase, we are truly thankful.

Daddy and Chase


Mommy and Chase


Our Family


We have also got the house ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.




Chase loved carefully checking out the Christmas tree.



We are looking forward to creating traditions for Chase. For Christmas it will include seeing Santa, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve Service, Christmas PJs, reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas”, watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, making cookies for Santa, donating clothes and toys, etc. I can’t wait to create special memories for her.


Rob has taken a pause from airplane building to focus on building us a new bed for our 10 year wedding anniversary present. He’s also going to build us two nightstands.



He’s making the a king size version of the bed he made for our guest room.


Plus, Rob is going to do some more work on finishing the basement. Pics to come on the progress.

My Workouts

My running is coming back and it feels really good to get in a few miles when I can. When Chase sleeps well I have been getting up at 4am to run. On the weekends I’ve gotten in some running while Rob has daddy time with Chase. The days Chase isn’t well or isn’t sleeping well, running sometimes doesn’t happen. My training schedule will begin again at the end of December for spring races. I’ll share my plans when I get them figured out. I’m looking forward to it!

So it’s obvious now that I’ve changed the blog from FlyRunner to ChaseEverySecond. It felt like it was time to retire the FlyRunner moniker. Both running and flying will always be a part of our lives, but they are no longer the highest priority. ChaseEverySecond just feels like a better fit. Chase is every wonderful second of our lives and it also describes how we like to approach life in general. My posts were naturally becoming more than just running and flying, so it felt like it was time to change the blog name to fit where our lives are now. Moving forward with the blog I see writing more posts about our lives, travel, home projects, decorating, recipes, and who knows what else. Instead of planning it all out, I’m just going to write about whatever is of interest and just see where it goes. Hopefully I can get post up more often as well. 🙂