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Chase – Week 3 and Getting Active

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Chase just makes every day that much sweeter. She is changing every day. Between growing and seeing her development changes, it’s just always a surprise to see what is new for her each day.

Week 3 Photos:


Socks and Headband – Von Maur, Dress – BabiesRUs

Getting festive for the 4th of July. 🙂


Dress – Von Maur, Picture frame from Etsy Store ShugabeeLane.

Week 3 – Milestones:

We took Chase in for a weight check on Friday, July 5th and she is 9 pounds .5 ounces. She is gaining well more than the minimum so breastfeeding is going great!

Also, her active time has really been fun. She has started reaching for things and holding her head up for a time during tummy time. Here’s a video of Chase at 3 weeks. 🙂


I found out that I’m in the banner ad for the Alexian Brothers Half Marathon July 20, 2013. We won’t be going this year, but kinda neat to see my picture there. 🙂 Here is my post about that race.


I was just cleared to start back running so my workouts have now become even more enjoyable. I’m so happy to have the ability to start back into running just 3 weeks postpartum. I started out run/walking and have just recently done my first complete run. It feels amazing to get all sweaty again! My muscles are weak, but it’s nice to feel them working and knowing that they are getting stronger. 🙂

It’s also been fun to get out with Chase, Rob, and Coco. It’s been real good family time. I also got a chance to run with Drew, Rob and Chase after they raced 4th of July Park to Park 5 Mile.

Here are my workouts:

Monday (6/24):

2.09 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 38:52, 18:36 Pace)

2 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 32:05, 16:03 Pace)

Tuesday (6/25):

0.56 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 19:30, 10:55 Pace)

1.18 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 21:09, 17:56 Pace)

Wednesday (6/26):

1.69 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 29:09, 17:15 Pace)

Thursday (6/27):


Friday (6/28):

2.72 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 50:00, 18:23 Pace)

Weights Upper Body – 5 Mins

Saturday (6/29):

Bike 3.6 Miles (Trainer, 15:05, 14.32 mph)

1 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 15:06)

Sunday (6/30):

3.79 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 1:07:01, 17:41 Pace)

0.88 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 16:59, 19:18 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Walk: 15.91 Miles

Bike: 3.6 Miles

Strength: 1 Time

Monday (7/1):

0.54 Mile Walk (‘Hood, 11:00, 20:23 Pace)

1.45 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 26:00, 17:56 Pace)

Tuesday (7/2):

2.3 Miles Walk (‘Hood, 35:49, 15:35 Pace)

Wednesday (7/3):

4.06 Miles Run/Walk (‘Hood, 49:11, 12:07 Pace)

Thursday (7/4):

2.43 Miles Run/Walk (‘Hood, 29:02, 11:57 Pace)

Friday (7/5):

2 Mile Run (Treadmill, 0.5% Incline, 20:10, 10:05 Pace)

Jump Rope – 5 Minutes

Saturday (7/6):

5 Mile Run (Const Trail, 50:50, 10:10 Pace)

I’m excited to be getting to workout 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated. I’m excited to be able to get more active in the coming weeks!

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