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Week 27 and New Baby Pictures!!

It’s week 27 and Baby J is moving around like crazy!!

27 bump pictures


Black and white swing dress – ASOS Maternity, Black tights – Destination Maternity, Black open toed heels – Jessica Simpson


Black and White Striped Top – ASOS Maternity, White Tank – Destination Maternity

Black Leggings – Gap Maternity, Black Uggs


Black and White Multi-angled Dress – ASOS Maternity, Black Blazer – Topshop Maternity

Black Pantyhose – Destination Maternity, Black Heels – Nine West


On March 14th we had our 4D ultrasound appointment. Here is Baby J!!!! 😀

Arm flexing 🙂




Baby J showing her high kick. She had her toes up to her eye.


We love her so much!!! We can’t wait to finally meet our daughter! 😀

In nursery and baby prep news we got a few more items ready for Baby J’s arrival!

We got the Pottery Barn Kendall Changing Table.


Peg Perego SIP 30/30 in leather (color licorice).


Graco Pack and Play with Napper



Monday (3/11):

9.1 Miles Bike (Trainer, 40:00, 13.65 mph)

Tuesday (3/12):

10.4 Miles Bike (Trainer, 50:03, 12.47 mph)

Wednesday (3/13):


Thursday (3/14):

1 Mile Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 9:55, 9:55 Pace)

8.3 Miles Bike (Trainer, 40:07, 12.41 mph)

Friday (3/15):


Saturday (3/16):

6.8 Miles Bike (Trainer, 30:00, 13.6 mph)

Sunday (3/17):

15.5 Miles Bike (Trainer, 1:05:44, 14.15 mph)

1.32 Miles Warm Up for Race (Bloomington, 13:20, 10:07 Pace)

3.1 Miles Race (St. Pat’s 5K, Bloomington, 28:07, 9:04 Pace)

Weekly Totals:

Run: 5.4 Miles

Bike: 50.1 Miles

Other Stuff:

Something fun Rob and I tried recently was a moving restaurant we have in town called 2 Blokes and a Bus. They have a limited, but ever changing menu of delicious items. Plus if you get there early enough you can sit on the top of the bus, which we got to do. If you are in this area, definitely check it out!

IMG_3249Steak Kabobs with Sticky Rice and Creme Brule




2013 St. Pat’s 5K – 28:07 – 7 Months Pregnant

Race Takeaway: Getting out and moving feels amazing!

Today Rob and I had our regular workouts before running a local 5K race. Rob did 23 Miles hard on the treadmill as a part of his training for the IL Marathon. I got time in on my bike and did 15.5 miles.

Afterward, we headed to the race. The race shirt design and tech material was nice (Brooks).


It was 30ish degrees, mostly cloudy, and there was a strong breeze. Rob and I got in a 1.32 mile warm up beforehand.


After getting to hang out with everyone at the start line we were off in no time. I was able to run the whole way without stopping. My hips were sore the entire time, but I otherwise I felt amazing. It was so fun to be able to run with Rob and Baby J, enjoying the race.

I was even able to put in a little hustle at the end. Rob had quite the cool down for his long run. 🙂 He ended up with 27 miles for the day. We finished in 28:07! Not too bad for two days from being 7 months pregnant! 🙂



9:04 Pace

Overall: 317/692

F: 109/378

F 35-39: 28/77

2008 St. Pat’s 5K – 26:39

2009 St. Pat’s 5K – 26:33

2010 St. Pat’s 5K – 21:31

2011 St. Pat’s 5K – 20:29


Weeks 25 & 26 – 2/3’s Done?!

I think how time flies in pregnancy hit me when I looked at one of my pregnancy apps on my phone and it stated “you are 2/3’s done”, what?! In an instant lists of to do’s and things to buy flooded my brain. I feel the clock ticking. 13 weeks or less now, crazy!

Week 25 bump picture


Sequined Grey Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top – Limited, Black Cardigan – Ann Taylor Loft Maternity

Black Skinny Jeans – Heidi Klum Maternity, Black Boots – Jessica Simpson

Week 26 bump pictures

Red top – Forever 21, Black and Leather Tights – Topshop Maternity, Black Caroline Wedges – Tory Burch


Purple knit dress – Old Navy Maternity, Denim Jacket – Old Navy, Brown Boots – Ann Taylor Loft


Monday (2/25):

6 Miles Bike (Trainer, 30:03, 11.98 mph)

Tuesday (2/26):

2 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 4% Incline, 30:00, 15:00 Pace)

4.4 Miles Bike (Trainer, 20:00, 13.2 mph)

Wednesday (2/27) – Thursday (2/28):


Friday (3/1):

10.1 Miles Bike (Trainer, 45:00, 13.47 mph)

1 Mile Run Easy (Treadmill, 9:56, 9:56 Pace)

1025 yard Swim (Gym Pool, 25:30, 2:30/100 yd)

Saturday (3/2):

1 Mile Run Easy (Treadmill, 9:49, 9:49 Pace)

9.7 Miles Bike (Trainer, 45:00, 12.93 mph)

750 yard Swim (Gym Pool, 25:03, 3:21/100 yd)

Sunday (3/3):

11.5 Miles Bike (Trainer, 50:25, 13.69 mph)

Weekly Total:

Run/Walk: 4 Miles

Bike: 41.7 Miles

Swim: 1 Mile

Monday (3/4):

8.1 Miles Bike (Trainer, 40:00, 12.15 mph)

Tuesday (3/5):

3.1 Easy Run (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 30:45, 9:56 Pace)

Wednesday (3/6):

9.1 Miles Bike (Trainer, 45:00, 12.13 mph)

Thursday (3/7):


Friday (3/8):

10 Miles Bike (Trainer, 45:34, 13.17 mph)

Saturday (3/9):

4 Miles Run Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 39:44, 9:56 Pace)

6.6 Miles Bike (Trainer, 30:00, 13.2 mph)

Sunday (3/10):

2.3 Miles Run Easy (‘Hood, 23:03, 10:02 Pace) – Running outside with Rob! 😀


9 Miles Bike (Trainer, 40:35, 13.31 mph)

Weekly Totals:

Run/Walk: 9.4 Miles

Bike: 42.8 Miles


We got our first stroller, the Quinny Buzz! It has a quick auto unfold option. The stroller seat can be forward or facing backward, and we can use adapters to use our car seat. Plus it has super smooth movement.


We are also getting a running stroller and are currently looking at the Mountain Buggy Terrain.


One of my most favorite websites is SkinnyTaste.

I made the Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice and it was amazing! The only adjustment I made was adding scrambled egg. Next time I will make this with brown rice.



Getting Fit A Little Bit

Staying fit while pregnant for me means figuring out what works for me that day, especially in the last trimester.

First a look back….

First Trimester

The first trimester I was tired on a new level that I had never felt before. However, I was still able to run and completed a couple of half marathons, Chicago Marathon and some shorter races.



Second Trimester

Moving into the second trimester I was still feeling good and logging miles, just at a slower pace. By the 5th month, I started having “off days”. Sometimes I would try to run and my side muscles or hips would feel tight and very uncomfortable. Other days I would run and feel light as air. I only ran outside when Rob would join me. Otherwise my running has been on our treadmill.


I learned that I would need to just take what the day would bring. On these off days I would either rest, walk or walk/run if I felt like I could manage it. I also got a running belt for support. I used this even on days I didn’t feel like I needed the support, just to help make sure I would feel good the next day.


I also introduced prenatal workout DVDs now and then.

Week 16 and 17 and Monumental Decisions

Third Trimester

Now at the third trimester I had a couple of workout set backs that I mentioned in my previous post. First, my left hip was very sore. I could even feel it just walking around and not working out. I rested for multiple days, but it wouldn’t go away. Walking on the treadmill was even a challenge. I then decided I need to see if I could get in some workout on my bike. Unfortunately not long after the decision to cross train more, I fell in a restaurant. The baby is totally fine, but my ribs took the blow on the corner of a sharp chair. That injury made it difficult to move and breathe deeply, let alone workout. After ice, aspirin and rest I was finally able to try out some light workouts. I’ve not done my prenatal DVDs during this time, because the stretching would feel awful.

Getting into cycling more was tricky with my new size. For those who cycle, you can probably attest to the need to get in “seat time” on your bike. The racing seat on my bike is not a comfy feeling while pregnant (or really ever for that matter), even with padded bike shorts and a gel seat cover. Since I’m not training for a race and just need time on my bike, I got this more comfy seat and it made all the difference.



Rob’s tri-bike, showing our old seat style.


My tri-bike, with my uber comfy seat.


Rob and I also started swimming some, which has been a fun way to get in some more exercise. I found a maternity swim suit from Old Navy. I love the suit because it feels appropriate for lap swimming and would still work for lounging by a pool.

By thinking about my overall mileage, whether it came from walking/running/cycling/swimming, has helped me stay encouraged that as long as I’m moving, I’m staying healthy and so is my baby. 🙂

Outside of actual workouts I also got this fun gadget that encourages me to walk and take the stairs. Both of which I like to do anyways, but it’s motivating to find ways to squeeze in more steps and flights of stairs. It’s call fitbit.



You can upload activities that you do without wearing your fitbit too like swimming, running on a treadmill, cycling, etc. You can also log food, but the library isn’t built out as MyFittnessPal, so it would just take some extra time to get some items logged the first time. It can also track your sleep if you want. My favorite part is looking at the dashboard on to see the metrics about how sedentary, lightly active, and highly active I am each day, week, month.

As I enter into the last stages of my pregnancy and when I reach post-pregnancy, I like that I will have my fitbit to help encourage me to walk and keep moving.

Another addition in staying healthy I purchased the Nutribullet. It’s easy to use and clean. Plus it will blend apples (sliced and cored), veggies, and fruit. I enjoy making a smoothie in the morning to take into work. It makes it very easy to get in extra fruits and veggies.


If you have a Nutribullet, let me know your favorite recipes to make with it.

If you have any other staying healthy tips or activities that you did during your pregnancy or even to manage through an injury, please share!


Weeks 23 & 24

It’s been awhile since my last post because so many things have been going on, it’s been hard to make time to read blogs or write a post.

First, some bump pictures.

Week 23

Pea in the Pod, Modern Boot Pant Black – Gap Maternity, Black Open Toe Heels – Jessica Simpson


Black and White Striped Top – White House Black Market, Black Slim Denim – Heidi Klum Maternity, Black Open Toed Heels – Jessica Simpson

Week 24 – 6 Months Baby!!


Black Pointe Blazer – Topshop Maternity, Black and White Lace Polka Dot Tank Top – White House Black Market,

Black Modern Boot – Gap Maternity, Closed Toe Heels – Nine West


My workouts have not been great. First my left hipflexor has been hurting. So much so that just walking around I notice the pain. So I took time off workouts to let it rest, which worked out well because my time at work increased during this time. Then when I started feeling better I started back cycling on my trainer. That didn’t aggravate the hipflexor so I started getting “seat time” built up by doing small stints on the bike.

After a few days of this I had another setback. I was walking in a restaurant and slipped and fell. I didn’t make it all the way to the ground because I grabbed the empty table near me. In doing so I basically stabbed myself in the ribs with the sharp back corner of a wood chair. I bruised my ribs really bad, but the baby was totally okay, thank goodness! For my ribs to recover I could only rest, apply ice, and take aspirin. I’m feeling better now and I hope to get back into cycling and swimming first. Then I will add more walking and running if my hip cooperates.

Here are the workouts I did get in:

Monday (2/11):


Tuesday (2/12):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 38:36, 9:39 Pace)

Wednesday (2/13) – Sunday (2/17):

Rest – Hipflexor Pain

Monday (2/18):

3 Miles Walk (Treadmill, 3% Incline, 2lb ea hand weights, 44:52, 14:58 Pace)

Tuesday (2/19):

2 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 19:39, 9:50 Pace)

Wednesday (2/20):

3 Miles Walk (Treadmill, 6-7% Incline, 2lb ea hand weights, 44:51, 14:57 Pace)

Thursday (2/21):

2 Miles Walk (Treadmill, 1-2% Incline, 29:35, 14:48 Pace)

2.3 Miles Bike Easy (Trainer, 10:00, 13.8 mph)

Friday (2/22):

4.5 Miles Bike Easy (Trainer, 20:00, 13.5 mph)

Saturday (2/23):


Sunday (2/24):

5.3 Miles Bike Easy (Trainer, 25:00, 12.72 mph)

Weekly Total:

Run/Walk: 10 Miles

Bike: 12.1 Miles


We have some more nursery progress! We got the rug for the room. It’s the Addison Rug from Pottery Barn. It’s high quality and I’m happy with the pattern. It is wool so it is rougher than I would like, so I will likely get something soft to lay down in part of the room for the baby. Also, it may soften up over time and with vacuuming.



I have some new workout goodies, nutrition gadgets, and baby items to share in my upcoming posts. More to come! 😀