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2012 – Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon – 1:50:11


Race Takeaway: Running with Rob makes time fly by quickly!

Last weekend we made our way to St. Louis to run the Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon.

We met up with Drew and Chrissy for the expo and hung out on Washington Street. They were interested in sushi for dinner and checked out Wasabi Sushi on Washington. I was more in a burger mood so we checked out Bailey’s Range. It was amazing! All of the meats are grass fed, free range, local and the sauces (ketchups, mustards, etc.) are all homemade in house.

We split the onion rings, these are a must do!

And I enjoyed a small salted carmel shake. OMG it was delicious!!!

I also got the Ozark Burger with white cheddar on a pretzel bun. The pretzel bun wasn’t what I imagined. It was hard as a rock and I wouldn’t get it again. So I only had a couple bites. I was so full of shake and onion rings anyways. 🙂

That’s a good pre-race meal, no? Knowing my past stomach issues this would have been the kiss of death, but being on a probiotic pill (as advised by my doctor) really helps. Plus Rob and I were planning to run this race for fun together. So it wasn’t like I needed to be ‘race ready’ or anything.

Sunday morning we were up at 4am and all headed down to the start just after 6am. It was a quick walk from our hotel. The weather started out cold with a brisk breeze and I wished I had brought a throw away shirt. I don’t know why I don’t just pack one for every race just in case because I’m usually cold at race starts year round.

The race started 10 minutes late, which can get a bit annoying standing there, freezing, waiting to just get things going. And then we were off. While I liked having a hat, I regretted the gloves by mile 2.

Time flew running with Rob. We chatted about buildings we saw, cute doggies with spectators, etc. While the miles clicked by quickly, my right piriformis hated the inclines and hills that are through out this course. My leg was not ready for the race, so I had to really back off the pace and it was just a family run more than a workout. We had a good time smiling for the cameras too.

One particular race highlight – I got rapped at! A girl around mile 7 actually starting rapping a beat “you’re running!” and then dropped some beat box sounds. It was crazy! I was like “Did I seriously get rapped at?! She took my mind off the pain in my leg!” Loved it!!

All done!!

2012 Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon Medal



8:25 Pace

2011 – Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon – 1:43:09

8 thoughts on “2012 – Rock and Roll St. Louis Half Marathon – 1:50:11

  1. Hi Christine,
    Congrats to you and Rob on another great race! I can’t believe that I haven’t spotted you as we are on the same race schedule. GO! Champaign, Chicago , St, Louis… we’re racing the Midwest! 🙂
    Quick question for you…what size is your Marathon Maniac singlet and how tall are you? I’m trying to figure out what size singlet to get.
    Thanks and hope to meet you on the road!

    • I hope we actually run into each other one of these days!

      I’m 5’6″ and the Marathon Maniac gear is cut small! I originally got a small and had to exchange it. They only had large so I got that. The arm holes are a bit large and a medium probably would have been better, but it works. 🙂

      • Great input, thanks, Christine! I’ll order the singlet in a size medium.

        Wow, we’ve had great racing weather weather this fall. Chicago was amazing and St. Louis felt cooler than the temperatures indicated.

        Hope to meet you soon!

  2. Congrats! Great posts always! Pictures looked awesome too. I would also have gone for that pretzel bun burger!

  3. Love the race photo!! and I am totally drooling over that shake!

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