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Making Room

Rob and I have been working on various home projects, one of which was finally finishing one of our guest bedrooms. It’s one of those rooms in our house that really just got ignored soon as we moved in. I threw some paint on the walls 8 years ago and we put a bed, computer table and it had no style. Poor Drew stays in this room when he comes over and finally we will have a decent place for him and others to stay.

This is not a running or flying post at all, but since house projects take a lot of our time lately I wanted to post what we’ve been working on.

Here is a picture where you can see the original wall color, which almost looked white and was nothing exciting. The original was Olympic in Palomino and the new is Behr in Grey Area. In this picture I had touched up baseboards and started the wall color. Grey Area is the same color that we re-painted in our master bathroom.

Lamp I bought for the room.

More color progress on the walls and inside the closet. I’m a fan of the inside of the closet being painted to match the room.

New drape hardware and curtains from Pottery Barn. I love Pottery Barn tie top drapes, they make it easy to get the length just right and it’s more of a casual look.

Up next, Rob built a bed from scratch. I had been looking for an option for this room and couldn’t find anything I liked. Rob offered to build plans using ones he found online on He made minor modifications to make it something we could disassemble easily and also so the frame wouldn’t require a box spring. We used mid-grade wood from Mendards since we planned to paint it white in the same color as the trim. I wanted the wood to have distress and knots like a true farmhouse style.

Our neighbor is a professional painter and offered to help spray the paint and even let Rob and I each take a turn spraying it.

With materials and paint this bed cost less than $225 to make! It turned out absolutely perfect!

Assembly time!

I added new bedding I purchased from Target. All done!

I still need accent pillows, wall art, an armoire, and vanity in this room. Those will come with time and who knows, maybe there are some more things Rob can make too! I’ll post updates as we add to this room.

Here is the info of the items we used:

Wall Color: Behr in Grey Area

Lamp Base: Target Stacked Ball Lamp Base (Large)

Lamp Shade: Target White Large

Duvet Cover and Shams: Target Pinched Pleat Duvet Cover – White Full/Queen

Sheets: Target Home 325 Thread Count Wrinkle Free Sheet Set – Queen Grey Print

Bed: Farmhouse Queen

Drape Hardware: Pottery Barn Vintage Drape Rod in Oil-Rubbed Bronze w/Glass Ball Finial

Drapes: Pottery Barn Textured Cotton Tie-Top Drape in White


My Three Cents


Sunday (8/26):

18 Miles Long (Const Trail, 2:38:27, 8:49 Pace)

Monday (8/27):

6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 54:59, 9:10 Pace)

Tuesday (8/28):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 23:44, 7:55 Pace)

Wednesday (8/29):


Thursday (8/30):

12 Miles LT w/7 Miles @ HMRP (Treadmill, 1:32:54, 7:45 Pace)

Friday (8/31):


Saturday (9/1):

11 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1:29:55, 8:11 Pace)

Weekly Mileage:

Run: 50 Miles

This week I was able to get back to more of a regular running schedule. We had a couple of quick vet visits for Coco this week. The visits were good and tests are showing she is improving. The best part is she is acting like her old self again. I’m still getting used to my new workload at work. I’m finding that I’m more tired at the end of the day and I’m having to make more of an effort to get my workouts in. Hopefully I will feel like I’m back in a routine soon.

On one of my runs around the neighborhood I found money twice, the first time was two cents and then a penny later on. Ca-ching! Working out pays in so many ways, but on this run it literally paid in cash.

I don’t think I’ve ever found more than 30 cents on a training run.

How much have you ever found on a run or other workout? Find anything interesting other than money that was worth stopping for?