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2012 July Recap

This month is the start of finally feeling back to normal! It was also the highest running mileage I’ve had in four months!

Run: 183.6 Miles in 25:18:19

Bike: 27.1 Miles in 1:58:42

Strengthening: 2 Times in 1:05:00

I’m so happy for the increase in mileage from the 81 in June, but that it’s been healthy miles! I have been feeling better every day! Here are some highlights in July.

Trying to take a self-portrait of my mis-matched running attire with my phone is tricky.

While there was no record breaking times at least I got to race the following:

Park to Park 5 Mile

Dog Days 5K

RNR Half Marathon Chicago

Bix 7


It Was a “Who’s Who” of Running


Thursday (7/26):


Friday (7/27):


Saturday (7/28):

.9 Miles Warm Up (Bix 7, 9:48, 10:54 Pace)

7 Mile Race (Bix 7, 57:07, 8:10 Pace)

Weekly Total:

Run: 44 Miles

Sunday (7/29):

17 Miles Long (Const Trail, 2:33:09, 9:01 Pace)

Monday (7/30):

Brick – 7.1 Miles Bike Easy (Trainer, 30:00, 14.2 mph), 5 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 48:06, 9:38 Pace)

Tuesday (7/31):

 14 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, 1:56:31, 8:20 Pace)

Sunday after Bix7 Rob and I did our long run together. Neither of us had goal pace miles to do so it would just be a chill long run to get time on our feet.

The constitution trail. I will try to get a better picture next time.

The good morning weather brought everyone out. Ran into half of the local running community while we were out, which was awesome! It was the “who’s who” of running, you never knew who you would see in the next mile.

Around mile 5, quick photo in Uptown Normal.

We got to run about 4 miles of our run with our friend and my former Often Running Racing Teammate, Merlin. He was out for 14-16ish miles, but our talking got him home with 17 instead. Overall it was one of those great runs that just so relaxing and enjoyable.

Oh and check out this month’s issue of Runner’s World if you haven’t. It has an article about blogging about running and features one of my favorite blogs: eat, drink, and run. So definitely check out the article and visit her site, good stuff!

Monday I had a recovery run, but to help mix it up I added cycling on the trainer ahead of my run for a mini-brick. I may do a post about beating boredom of recovery runs. Since recovery runs are purposely slow-paced they can sometimes just be a bit more dull compared to longer or faster runs.

I wore my Hammer tri shirt and shorts and quickly changed shoes and headed out the door into super hot weather. Since it was a recovery run, I could keep the pace easy in the heat. On the last mile I had a newbie lesson and found out what ‘monkey butt’ is. The seam where the bike seat padding chaffed and outline into my skin. 😦 Not a good time. So now I have to figure out what will work in the future: body glide, different shorts, etc. What a painful little lesson. 😦


2012 Bix 7 – 57:07

Race take away: Being out racing feels good again!!

Saturday morning we woke up at 4:30 am and I witnessed a sight I have never seen, Drew beaming awake! He was not only up, but really peppy! We all slept well and were on the road by 5:30 am. We found parking along the riverfront with no problem and got in a .9 mile warm up beforehand.

Apparently I got our registrations messed up and Rob was in a slower corral. We didn’t even think to check at the expo to see if they had a corral correction option, which it turns out they did. Rob was fine with it and said that he wasn’t planning to out fast so being in a slower corral would help with that.

Rob, Drew and I split up to our corrals and prepared for the start. It was a mild 74 degrees. Compared to the record 90-100 degree temps anything in the 70s at 8:00 am feels almost chilly. I met a really nice girl in my corral and we passed the time talking about Garmin watches and our running experiences. This would be her 9th Bix and she was from the area. I explained how hills were not my thing and I was working on getting back into shape so I wasn’t shooting for a time, but more for a strong race with nothing hurting or feeling wrong. I didn’t catch her name, but in the off-chance she reads this, I hope you had a great race and post to say hi! 🙂

I felt comfortable throughout the race. No pains, no stomach issues, and the feeling of enjoying racing came back. I tried to keep my pace conservative so I wouldn’t fizzle out. I knew I shouldn’t try running for a PR because I’m not yet back to that fitness level. I couldn’t have asked for a better race experience!

Rob caught me around mile 4 and said hi as he flew by. He was frustrated at actually how slow the corral he was in really was. Apparently people started the race walking and it made it challenging to even run the first few miles. He had finally broke free and was plugging away at the miles. Next year we will make sure the corral placement is correct. Even with the corral issue Rob PRed with a 51:57! This is an improvement from his time here last year of 53:17.

I came in at 57:07 feeling good! Drew also PRed!



8:10 Pace

F 35-39: 22/791

Overall: 1,617/10,405

2011 – Bix 7 – 54:27