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Water Baby


Monday (7/9):

5 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 45:09, 9:02 Pace)

Tuesday (7/10):

8 Miles General Aerobic (Treadmill, 1:02:23, 7:48 Pace)

Wednesday (7/11):

6 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 53:19, 8:54 Pace)

Thursday (7/12):


Friday (7/13):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 31:30, 7:53 Pace)

Saturday (7/14):

AM – 12 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, 1:34:07, 7:51 Pace)

PM – 2.03 Mile Warm Up (Lake Bloomington, 18:29, 9:07 Pace), 3.1 Mile Race (Dog Days 5K, 22:57, 7:25 Pace, 2nd AG)

Weekly Total:

Run: 40.1 Miles

Bike: 10 Miles

Strengthening: 20 Mins

Sunday (7/15):

Swim – Learning (500 yd, 20 x 25 yd, 13:13, 2:38/100s)

Bike 10 Miles Easy (Trainer, 45:14, 13.26 mph)

This week has been busy, but at least now the busy part includes getting to run! I have really been enjoying getting to run and feel more normal again. My speed isn’t there, but just getting to feel the sense of pushing myself again is amazing.

Today officially marks 12 weeks of training to Chicago Marathon!! My plan officially starts with a cross training day. This weekend Rob and I got suits to try out swimming laps at our gym pool. We also got Hammer swim caps and Speedo goggles. I took a blurry picture of me in them before we packed everything up to head to the pool.

We were trying to get private swim lessons from our gym to help with basic form, but we never heard anything back. A couple of our friends have offered to help us out, but Rob and I decided to get the embarrassment of being super new out of the way in private. If we didn’t drown then we may take our friends up on getting some pointers.

Thanks to Total Immersion Freestyle Swimming youtube videos we had a lot of information before jumping in.

We also wore our Garmin 910XTs to try out the indoor swim feature. I had no idea how that would work, but it was super easy. Just change the mode of the watch to ‘swim’ then ‘pool swim’ and select the distance of the pool, which was 25 yd.

Note: If you have the Garmin 910XT, make sure your firmware is up to date. They had a major update that fixed bugs and smoothed out the accuracy of the satellite signal.

We then worked on the intro drills one quarter to half-way down the pool and then would actually try swimming using the TI form. It was slow going, but that was best for us being new. In a matter of 13 minutes we had finished 500 yd and called it a day before trying to do too much at once. I really enjoyed being in the water and am excited to go back more often. It was so enjoyable it didn’t feel like working out, probably because we also because we took it easy.

I know that I will never be a super fast swimmer, but it’s fun to try it out and have the ability to mix up my workouts with something different.


2012 Dog Days – 5K – 22:57

Race takeaway: I can remember how to run a set pace, yay!

Dog Days 5K was on Saturday. This race is notoriously hot because it’s July and the race starts at 6pm. With the how ridiculously hot it has been lately we expected that it would be brutal. Luckily a small thunderstorm came through and the little bit of rain cool temps off to 70 degrees. So much better!

I had run 12 miles easy earlier this day and I had no delusions that I was 5K race ready. Still I need to shock my system and run faster. I didn’t want to run the first mile too fast and gas out to a super slow pace. Instead I made it a goal to run the 5K more like a half marathon pace to wake my legs up and hopefully not die after the first mile or two.

Rob and I did a two mile warm up with our friend Ryan and then it was time to race. The course was different from  previous years because of a bridge repair happening around one side of the lake. Ryan had come out and marked the course a couple of days earlier and got it spot on for the race.

Knowing that we aren’t speedy, Rob and I settled into the start a few rows back. Everyone took off fast and I kept an eye on my watch to not go with them. I was in 6:30 and needed to slow down to be around 7:20 and see how I felt. I’m glad that I did because by the turn around I got to see how unfit I felt. I was able to keep my pace consistent, but I definitely had no gas pedal to kick it up a notch. Hopefully that will come with time and training.


I came across at 22:57, one of the slowest 5Ks in a long time, but so happy to be out racing even when I’m not ready for it. Rob was in at 20:58, two minutes slower than his usual, but also happy to get back into it.

I got 2nd in my Age Group and Rob got 3rd in his.

The age group medal.



Ryan was overall winner and I loved the overall award this year, a ceramic “Dog Days” dog bowl. I love unique awards like that.



7:25 Pace

F 35-39: 2/?

2011 Dog Days – 21:56

2010 Dog Days – 19:39 (course short, they said add 10 secs, 19:49)

2009 Dog Days – 24:10

2008 Dog Days – 25:56

2007 Dog Days – 30:32