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Fifty Shades of Graston’s


Monday (6/25):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 34:50, 6:58 Pace)

Tuesday (6/26):


Wednesday (6/27):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 38:39, 7:44 Pace)

Thursday (6/28): Graston’s Treatment


I had a Tuesday session of Graston’s scheduled, but had an eye doctor appointment that resulted in dialated eyes and no way to get to my session in time. I would have to wait until Thursday for an assessment. I’ve been feeling 100% back, but I needed those devilish implements to really tell the tale. The prodding would bring any remaining injury scar tissue singing.

My physical therapist jokes that the tools look like they are right out of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. She felt bad about having to cause pain, but it’s kind of the point of Graston’s. If you are reading the books, please NO spoilers!! I’m still on the second book and let’s not ruin it for anyone else either. If you haven’t read the series, it’s very intense and not for everyone. I questioned my ability to finish the first book, but I’m glad that I stuck with it. There is a part of the writing style (the inner goddess stuff) that I find unnecessary, but overall an intense and captivating series.

I got the green light from this session to go back to my training, while carefully increasing my mileage. I can return for the next 30 days for a tune up if anything comes up along the way. I’m so excited to get back to it!!! 😀


Sunday Bloody Sunday


Saturday (6/23):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 32:15, 8:04 Pace)

Sunday (6/24):

7.3 Miles Bike Easy (Northtown, 33:47, 12.96 Pace)

10 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1:14:08, 7:25 Pace)

This weekend I got to test out how my legs are doing with my Graston’s treatments so I kicked the tires so to speak. Saturday I was hoping to be out for longer, but a nearby neighborhood garage sale meant there were cars and people everywhere. So instead I went home after 4 miles to get started on house projects. I was super tired though and passed out early so I didn’t get as far as I would have hoped.

Sunday I got up and got right back to house projects. After lunch Rob and I decided to take our bikes out for a spin on the roads. We rarely get around to riding our bikes and it’s been basically on the trainers so this would be our first official outing outside of our neighborhood together.

Me in my new Hammer triathlon top and shorts. I love the Hawaiian style design and the purple sections in the back.

We rode on the country roads and kept things slow so we could get adjusted with how our bikes feel. As we left the neighborhood Rob says “you remember how to clip out right?”. I’m like “yes, duh, I totally do”…..I did remember how, I just put things in the wrong order. When we got to a turn around point and went to stop I slowed and I didn’t unclip my foot first and then stand up, instead I stood up and as I tried to unclip my foot my bike slowed all the way down and I slowly started tipping to my left, in what felt like slow motion, as I tried three more times to unclip my right foot. Then bam! I was on the ground clipped in, like a newbie, with my left palm scraped. Luckily there weren’t any cars around durning this time to run me over. I could care less if a car saw me looking like a loser, as long as I’m still in one piece, that’s all that matters. Rob was able to free me from a shoe so I could wiggle out from under my bike and then wipe my bloody hand on the top of my sock.

My right hip feels sore, but nothing serious. Rob asked me what was my method for getting out of my bike, since I had assured him that I knew what to do and he gently reminded me to unclip first, then stand up. No tears were shed and I wasn’t shaken too badly so we headed back and I successfully dismounted in front of our house without going splat.

Then I ran 10 miles on the treadmill completely free of any hip pain or tightness, it was glorious!! It felt amazing!!! I couldn’t stop smiling! I haven’t ran 7:25 pace comfortably in a long time and it felt so good to feel back to normal again. I did stretching afterward and I hope that things continue to stay on track.

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This Has Gotta Change

I was doing long overdue blog updates: updating race plans, the about and the races/awards sections when I noticed on my dashboard some metrics that show what topics I’ve been posting about most.

So I definitely need some changes on this blog. I would like to have injury, recovery, and physical therapy to not be in my top 10. Although sometimes recovery is just coming off of a big race without actually being related to an injury and is just the maintenance mode.  In the future I will categorize the Recovery for those related to Injury vs. Race Recovery, to be more specific.

Still, while we are on the topic (and it’s what I’m dealing with right now) I wanted to give an update as how my Graston’s treatments are going, especially because it’s going great!

I’ve completed five of seven Graston’s treatments. After my assessment they set up sessions for 2-3 weeks that are 48-72 hours apart (72 hours is the standard length to allow healing, but can be shortened to 48 hours by the PT if healing is sufficient). After each session I have to let the area heal and I don’t work out during that time. I could only do yoga and upper body weights until I got the green light to try some running, once the area was healing. Here is what my workouts/recovery looked like for this time around.

NOTE: This is MY experience with MY injury and is not comparable to anyone else’s injury/recovery and is only for informational purposes only.

Wednesday (6/6): Doctor Assessment


Thursday (6/7): Graston’s Treatment

Upper Body Weights

Friday (6/8):

Upper Body Weights

Saturday (6/9): 


Sunday (6/10):

Yoga – 45 Mins

Monday (6/11):

P90X – Ab Ripper

Tuesday (6/12): Graston’s Treatment


Wednesday (6/13): 

Yoga – 45 Mins

Thursday (6/14): Graston’s Treatment


Friday (6/15):

2.09 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 18:28, 8:51 Pace)

Yoga – 25 Mins

Saturday (6/16):

2.05 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 18:22, 8:58 Pace)

Sunday (6/17):


Monday (6/18):

2 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 16:29, 8:15 Pace)

P90X – Ab Ripper

Tuesday (6/19): Grastons Treatment

1 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 8:23) – before Graston’s

Wednesday (6/20):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 29:35, 7:24 Pace)

Thursday (6/21):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 31:46, 7:57 Pace)

Friday (6/22): Graston’s Treatment

1 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 7:15) – before Graston’s

And after Friday’s treatment I was cleared to do more running! I can’t wait! Especially because I got my new kicks!!

adidas adios, I love the pink with a hint of purple!

adidas Boston 3

This weekend the basement project continues, plus I’m painting a couple of our bedrooms and working on cleaning and staining our fence. Can’t wait to get to running and everything else!


2012 Steamboat Classic

Last Saturday was the 2012 Steamboat Classic, which has the toughest 15K in Illinois that I was not able to run due to my injury. I had been doing Team Steam training for this race specifically twice a week, driving over after work for practice. I was so ready to improve on my PR with this course and hopefully improve my placing in this race (16th and 18th in previous years). I was hopeful the extra training on the course would help with the punishing hill climb this race is known for. Instead I think coming off of Boston and then IL Marathon less than two weeks later took its toll on me. I didn’t recover from my races and then added new hill training on top of it.

Since I’m half way through my recovery process I would be on the sidelines cheering Rob, Drew and everyone else on. Saturday morning it was a bit overcast and breezy, but quite humid. It would be a thick warm morning to race.

We found Drew and took some time to take pictures by the river before they headed out for their warm up.

I did have thoughts of, I could do this race. It would be painful, but I could do it. Luckily I left my chip at home so that thought couldn’t be entertained further. And I did know better, I’m still sore standing and sitting, there is no way running would be a good idea.

I found a spot to spectate from and anxiously awaited the start. I enjoyed seeing so many of our friends out at this local race. Often Running was in full effect with what looked like most of everyone on the team, looking great and ready to race. It was awesome to get to cheer them on. Plus I saw people from our Team Steam group, Lake Run Club and others. It was so great to wish everyone well and have so many people ask how I was doing with my recovery.

Before I knew it they were off. The 15K and 4 Mile start together so it’s a sea of people for the first two miles before the courses split apart.

As a spectator it was in no time (just 17 minutes) and the elites were back from the 4 Mile. I loved cheering everyone on. My hands were sore from clapping the whole time and I try to vary my statements to keep it interesting. I’m standing at the 400M to go sign so this is when people need to focus on pushing through pain and get there so I try to say more funny/encouraging stuff, something like:

Great smiles! If you can smile, you can run faster!!

This is what you came for, focus on that finish!

We know it hurts, and you do it anyway, keep going!!

Let’s get this one done, you’re stronger for doing this!

Everything you got, you can rest the rest of today!

So if you ran this race and some annoying woman was yelling at you before the downhill, that was me. 🙂

I loved watching the race, people of every pace pushing themselves, tired, frustrated, happy, hurting, all of it shows on their faces and they all keep going.

Some pictures of Rob starting the first loop of the big hill (this course does two loops in Peoria’s Glenn Oak Park, so you get to do the big hill twice).

And coming down the hill.

Rob finished in 1:08:48.

And Drew finishing.

This year they did a technical shirt than a cotton t-shirt, I thought that was a nice change. The medal changed again this year. I miss the old steamboat wheel from 2010 and earlier, 2011 was a painted image on a medal. This year was a medal that you insert your chip into. We have never seen a medal like this so it was unique, but for this race I kinda missed the old iconic medal of 2010.

Congrats to Rob, Drew, ORRT, Team Steam, Lake Run Club, and everyone that raced!! I was proud to see everyone out there working hard and I can’t wait to get back into racing too!


Staying Sane While Injured

I figured this topic at one time or another is something all of us runners, or athletes in general for that matter, face. How to stay sane while not being able to do the activities you are normally used to. I thought I would share based on this injury and recovery how I’m managing through the extra time, less exercise, and feelings that go along with it all.

First off, it sucks. Plain and simple. That said, I actually took the news from my doctor about shutting down all activity better than I expected. Probably because this isn’t my first time with this injury or treatment. I know I will likely get back to a normal routine in 2-3 weeks. In the scale of potential injuries it’s not like I’m dealing with something major. The doctor is optimistic that I will be able to heal and will be able to get my fitness back to train for the Chicago Marathon.

The difference with the assessment this time around was upon examination they noticed my psoas was inflamed which resulted in taking a strong anti-inflamatory, which means no alcohol while on medication. With no running for a while, no alcohol helps keep calories down, but I do miss a glass of wine. I’ve been a bit grouchy about this from time to time.

I’m three graston treatments in with four scheduled depending now how responsive my hamstring, piriformis area responds. Things are improving with each session so that keeps me sane as well. I would definitely have more of a hopeless feeling if I wasn’t getting that sense of progress.

When it comes to all of this free time and lack of exercise options, I’ve spent time at the gym and home doing upper body strengthening, which I needed anyways. It’s funny how just a little workout helps. It makes it seem like I’m getting ready for my next training cycle and it’s right around the corner. After a couple of days I introduced some gentle yoga with DVDs at home. Coco got into it as well. She took any chance for a spot on my mat when I was in a pose that allowed her to bring her bone and settle in.

After a couple of days of gentle yoga I’ve kicked it up a notch and have moved to my more advanced yoga DVD sessions, keeping in mind to modify or avoid anything that affects my injury. I have a good collection of yoga DVDs going and have taken a few types of classes, so I may need to do a post just around yoga soon.

After a week and half of recovery I’ve ventured out for a couple of times for some light running. I did 2 miles each time slowly. My range of motion is improving, but I’m definitely still injured so I’m not pushing the pace or distance. Really these runs were just to test the waters and report back to my physical therapist.

As far a filling all of the free time, I’ve been able to stay busy thanks to our house projects. We are working on power washing our fence and staining it. And then there is finishing the basement. While Rob has to do all of the major tasks, it’s been a good distraction to help him and shop for finishes.

To keep my spirits up I’ve also signed us up for future races, which are listed in the race plans section of the blog. Knowing the degree of my injury and projected recovery, I feel comfortable getting things on the books for the future. It’s nice to look forward to our next race adventures.

Another part keeping my sanity while I recover is to not read a lot of running materials or blogs. It may sound funny, but that just makes me more antsy to run. I have to take time off from hearing about races, ways to improve, so I go off the running grid for awhile. I have to stay focused on what I can do (yoga, house projects, etc.) and less on what I’m missing out on. It’s an approach that works for me.

The real test of keeping it all in perspective? Watching the race that I was training for and had to give up. More on that in my next post…..

You ever been injured and it affected your routine? How did you cope through the down time?

Any tips to share about how you keep/kept focus on the bigger picture?