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Getting Wings

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This week has been CRAZY busy! I know I say that often, but it really is true. Wednesday we took off of work for the afternoon to take care of some very important flying business. We sold our 1945 Piper J-3 Cub to a wonderful family that has a farm and is so happy to have it. Us the day they signed the papers.

Rob flew our J-3 down to a friend’s farm for pick up by the new owners. They are thrilled to have it and we are happy that it will bring them so much joy.

We get asked why we sold it, heck why did we even sell the first plane we built? And the answer is to make room for new adventures. We love the challenge of new things and we love how much flying has added to our lives. We have kicked around what would be our next plane purchase or plane build and we have settled on building an RV-10. It’s a four seat of the RV-7 we built, plus we can add extras like air conditioning! And with this build we will take our time and not try to squeeze building it in less than 4 years like the last one, that took almost every night and weekend to pull off.

A beautiful example of an RV-10, built and owned by Rob Hickman.

We probably won’t buy the first kit until we have completed our basement finishing project, but I will post as soon as we get started. We will have a website dedicated to the build, just like we had with the RV-7.

To watch our RV-10 build and the build history of our RV-7 check out:

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