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Pulled Out of a Hat


Monday (5/21):

7.21 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1:01:50, 8:35 Pace)

Tuesday (5/22):

1.29 Miles Easy (Warm Up for Team Steam, 12:19, 9:33 Pace)

4.14 Miles Intervals (Team Steam – Envelope Track Workout, 29:08, 7:03 Pace)

Tuesday’s Team Steam workout was a new one, it was called an “Envelope Track Workout”. Basically that meant pull various track distances out of a hat and run them until we met or exceeded 4 miles of workout. We also kept our recoveries as short as possible, which was about 30-40 seconds for me. What made this strange was not really knowing what was next. How do I run my 400M pace without knowing if the next go around was 120o, 800, or 400? I made sure to keep my effort above my goal pace for this race, but I didn’t go all out either until we got our last 400M and felt like I could run what has been my pace for them lately (1:31 – 5:58 Pace).

I can’t say this was my favorite workout. I would rather know what I’m in for upfront, even if it’s 12 x 400s, 10 x 800s or whatever.

I did get to wear my Marathon Maniacs jersey. One thing I can’t explain is the design that includes a cat and a guy on the back. So I went out and looked up the history, makes more sense now!


Run for the 4th – 4M – 30:07

Race Take Away: Too fast, too hot

Last Saturday Rob and I ran a 4 Mile race in the small town Chenoa, IL. I work with the race director so it was nice to get out to support her (and her husband’s) event and check out a race we hadn’t done before.

Rob and I went out for a 2.5 Mile warm up and found out quickly that this was going to be a super hot race. It was humid and the temps were 85-88 degrees already for this 10am race.

We checked out the course and my legs were feeling good. Before we knew it we were off. I knew I had went out too fast because I wasn’t far behind the lead pack of guys, still I was struggling to slow down. I tried to back off the pace, but got to mile 1 in 6:39. Not a good call in the heat and without doing speed work. I would not be in any position to keep that up. I get to mile 2 in 14 and am still lead female, but fading badly. The baking hot sun is melting me and I know that I will get passed soon. Before mile 3 another female we race with often passes me as we talk about the heat. Normally I wouldn’t even get water on a 4 mile race, but by the time we got to the second water stop I couldn’t help but get water. The lead female even fully stopped at the water stop, but I couldn’t close the gap. All I could do was just get there as fast as my melted legs would take me resulting in 2nd female, 1st age group (30-39). Rob also had a melty race, but got 3rd overall, 1st in his age group (30-39).

Afterward your runner bib got you either 2 draft beers or a pork chop sandwich. So Rob and I used our bibs to split the sandwich and each have a beer. It was nice to hang out with the other runners and swap race stories.

We will definitely look to run in this race again!


30:07 (on my watch)

7:32 Pace

F: 2/?

F 30-39: 1/?

Me with the pig mascot. The pig did not run the race, but still it had to be so hot in the costume just walking around.

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Keeping Pace


Friday (5/11):


Saturday (5/12):

1.03 Mile Easy (‘Hood, 9:43, 9:27 Pace) — My watch was acting crazy, I had to restart it.

8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:04:56, 8:07 Pace)

Sunday (5/13):

2.12 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 18:37, 8:47 Pace)

Weekly Mileage Total: 27.04 Miles

Monday (5/14):

9 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:21:01, 9:01 Pace)

Tuesday (5/15):

1.22 Miles Easy (Warm Up – Team Steam, 11:12, 9:11 Pace)

3.06 Miles 6 x 800M Hill Repeats (Team Steam, 22:06, 7:14 Pace)

0.38 Miles Easy (Cool Down – Team Steam, 3:49, 10:03 Pace)

Wednesday (5/16):

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 33:26, 8:22 Pace)

Thursday (5/17):

1.15 Miles Easy (Warm Up – Team Steam, 10:38, 9:15 Pace)

3.9 Miles 4 x 1 Mile Hill Repeats (Team Steam, 32:36, 8:22 Pace)

Friday (5/18):

3.58 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 32:00, 8:57 Pace)

Saturday (5/19):

2.41 Miles Easy (Warm Up for Race, 20:51, 8:41 Pace)

4 Miles Race (Pork Chop Festival 4 Miler, 30:07, 7:32 Pace, 2nd Female Overall, 1st Age Group)

Sunday (5/20):

12 Miles Long (‘Hood, 1:52:06, 9:21 Pace)

Weekly Mileage Total: 44.7 Miles

This week has been work of trying to keep pace, in all aspects. For running, my legs have either been stale, the heat has been very hot (80+ degrees) or both. All I can do is try to move forward and keep at it even when my pace suffers.

The hill workouts with Team Steam have been really challenging and good for me. Still my hips are tight so I’ve been streaching, including lying on the ground and putting my legs up. Coco was a big help too. 🙂

We did a race on Saturday and from my workout list above you can see it wasn’t my best, but I will get a race report posted how it went next.

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Getting Wings

This week has been CRAZY busy! I know I say that often, but it really is true. Wednesday we took off of work for the afternoon to take care of some very important flying business. We sold our 1945 Piper J-3 Cub to a wonderful family that has a farm and is so happy to have it. Us the day they signed the papers.

Rob flew our J-3 down to a friend’s farm for pick up by the new owners. They are thrilled to have it and we are happy that it will bring them so much joy.

We get asked why we sold it, heck why did we even sell the first plane we built? And the answer is to make room for new adventures. We love the challenge of new things and we love how much flying has added to our lives. We have kicked around what would be our next plane purchase or plane build and we have settled on building an RV-10. It’s a four seat of the RV-7 we built, plus we can add extras like air conditioning! And with this build we will take our time and not try to squeeze building it in less than 4 years like the last one, that took almost every night and weekend to pull off.

A beautiful example of an RV-10, built and owned by Rob Hickman.

We probably won’t buy the first kit until we have completed our basement finishing project, but I will post as soon as we get started. We will have a website dedicated to the build, just like we had with the RV-7.

To watch our RV-10 build and the build history of our RV-7 check out:

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Let’s Get Moving!


Wednesday (5/9):

8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:11:33, 8:57 Pace)

Thursday (5/10):

0.71 Mile Warm Up (Team Steam, 6:31, 9:11 Pace)

3 Miles Hills – 3 x 1 Mile Hill Repeats w/1 Min Recovery (Team Steam, 22:01, 7:21 Pace)

0.66 Mile Cool Down (Team Steam, 5:49, 8:49 Pace)

We have been having amazing mild and beautiful weather. Wednesday was windy, but I had 8 easy so the wind really wasn’t a factor since I wasn’t trying to hit a particular pace. Thursday our Team Steam workout was a but kicking hill workout that was 1 mile repeats that had a perfect balance of .5 mile climb and .5 mile cruising back down. I am loving these workouts. The scenery and turns keep it interesting.

We also got our team shirts! Love them! Sorry for blurry phone pics.