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Take Me Out To The Ball Game


After the BAA 5K Rob and I got coffee and I started to get caught up on blogging. We then got ready and made our way to Fenway for the Red Sox vs The Rays.

One thing we weren’t aware of is you can apparently bring your own water into the ballpark. We will definitely be doing that next time! I am in major hydration mode because tomorrow’s marathon forecast is 87 degrees. It is going to be wicked hot (insert Bostonian accent here) and it’s not marathon weather at all. So much that the BAA has announced that those who pick up their packet may choose to defer the race if they don’t start the race. They will have to re-pay for 2013, but they will automatically get in at registration time. They issued a strong email warning about anyone who is not in optimal health that they should NOT race. I hope everyone considers their personal situation and makes good choices and if that choice is to race, to just take it as relaxed as possible. It is a dangerous thing and we will all need to be mindful of how we feel, fuel, hydrate and back off the pace. I plan to run now very relaxed and just get this one into the books.

Okay back to the game…

Well for starters we found lobster rolls at the game and it was really good!

The game was great! It’s hard to believe that it was 72 degrees out and that tomorrow could be another 15 on top of that, yikes!

The game was everything we could want: relaxing, eventful, doing the wave, singing “Sweet Caroline”, all good stuff. I even held up my jacket and got on camera for a nanosecond. 🙂 Red Sox won 6-4!! Yeah buddy!!

After the game we headed to Whole Foods for some light eats and then back to our room so I could organize my race gear, stuff to take to Hopkinton, and the bag Rob will bring when he meets me at the family meet up area. Now it’s time for some shut-eye! Goodnight and good luck to everyone at 2012 Boston Marathon!!

3 thoughts on “Take Me Out To The Ball Game

  1. Very cute pics, as always! I hope you enjoy yourself tomorrrow despite the heat. 🙂

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