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Cross Country

Rob and I will be leaving this week to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon on Sunday. We will be driving to Vegas and bringing Coco with us. 🙂 It will be quite an adventure! I will be tweeting, posting on FB, and writing on the blog the whole way. We have never been to Colorado so I’m excited to see it, even if for just a brief moment. 🙂 Hopefully we will come across some sites along the way like the largest ball of twine.

I had my last official Graston’s Therapy session yesterday. I have some tentative visits schedules post-race, but they are only if I need them. I’m cleared to run as I was, now I need to focus on getting back into shape so I can prepare for Boston. This race will likely not be my fastest, but I’m excited to race pain-free!


2011 Festival of Lights – 4M – 27:41

This morning we ran Peoria’s Festival of Lights 4 Mile race. We did not have great weather this morning. It was 45 degrees, but we had rain the entire time. This course is an uninterrupted point to point 4 mile course on the paved trail. It has a slight down grade the whole way making it a great race to PR. Although for me, it would be another attempt of getting back into shape from recovering from my hamstring injury. Luckily the miles clicked by quickly. My pace fluctuated quite a bit as I’m trying to find my legs again.

I was able to get 3rd female overall and 1st in my Age Group! Rob finished in 25:17 and got 3rd in his Age Group! Plus I won a door prize, a $20 gift  certificate to the local running store, score!

Us with our medals.



F: 3/?

F 35-39: 1/?

Past Course Times:

2010 – 26:16

2009 – 27:39


Turkey Trot – 4M – 29:15

Sunday we met up with Drew to run the Turkey Trot 4 Miler in Peoria, IL. Carrie surprised us and came out to cheer us on.

We had good weather it was in the 40s and light winds. This race is a fall time favorite of ours, even with the crazy hill climbing that begins .5 mile in. I know my hamstring recovery didn’t call for racing, let alone a super hilly course, but I couldn’t say no. My pain has reduced to a 3 on a scale of 1-10 so I just went out to see if I could hold together. I’m definitely not in race shape since I’ve been dealing with this. While it was a butt kick race, my heart was so happy to be out.

I was a minute off my time from last year on this course, but I will take it since I finished without making my injury worse. I ended up with 2nd in my Age Group and Rob got 3rd in his!

Us with our awards.



7:19 Pace

Overall: 41/169

F 35-39: 2/?

Past Course Times:

2010 – 28:19

2009 – 29:54

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I’ve been out of the blog and social world because we’ve been doing a lot of celebrating. First it was Rob’s happy hour for his promotion, then our wedding anniversary, and then Rob’s birthday. Now I’m getting ready for hosting Thanksgiving.

So I need to give you a status on my Graston’s Therapy and share some blurry pictures from our week….here it goes.

Tuesday I had my Graston’s session and it went well. It was my second time there and they upped the tool intensity. I was also given permission to try running slowly to check my progress, score! That night we went out for our wedding anniversary to the restaurant where we had our wedding reception, Station 220. The restaurant has changed ownership since our wedding reception, but the food is still amazing. What makes it even better is the produce now mostly comes from a local farm.

The cheese plate from the local farm.

Salmon with bok choy, yum!

The next morning I got in 2 miles easy before soreness set in so I ended there before I did any damage.

Thursday was 3 miles easy and the first 2 miles were completely pain free!

Friday 3.25 miles in the AM, soreness set in at mile 3. I had my third Graston’s session afterward and the scar tissue seems to be less, but she still found the sore spot in my piriformis. It was the most significant treatment yet, I was so swollen and sore afterward that I had to stand at work for a couple hours and then went home to lie down on my stomach.

Saturday I woke up to no bruising and the swelling was gone. I was able to do 4 miles easy with pain only being a 3 on a scale of 1-10. That’s a lot of progress from where I started at an 8-9!

After my run we went up to Chicago to celebrate Rob’s birthday. Our first stop was Glenn’s Diner. It was our first time there and it was AMAZING!! They have sixteen types of fresh fish, flown in every day. I didn’t have a gluten free option. Shrimp Po’ Boy with the potato pancake. It was outstanding, but my tummy did get upset and reminded me that gluten is not my friend.

Then we went to the Field Museum, I had never been and Rob hadn’t been since he was a kid. I enjoyed the day with Rob, but I have to say the Field Museum is a bit disappointing. There is way too much reading and not enough interaction. I would expect some augmented reality application to use with a smart phone to hold up and have information come up about the display or something. I expected more dinasours too.

The gem display was worthwhile! I had to refrain from steaming up the glass cases swooning at all of the sparkly displays.

Sunday I ran over 5 miles…in a hilly race no less! Not really on the doctor’s orders, but more on that in my next post.


Jingle All The Way

Today was the local Jingle Bell 5K run for arthritis. I’m in no condition to race, but I can’t say I’m heartbroken since we are under a wind advisory with 45 mph gusts. There is no way the strong wind pushing with or against me running would help my injury. So instead I took the role of helping with the Often Running store set up at the event.

Before everyone arrived, getting things organized.

I started working at 9am and we were busy from race registration at 10 am until race start at 1pm. Time passed quickly and I got to sell some great shoes and accessories, plus catch up with people and meet some new customers. In spite of the weather we had a great turn out for the race, including our Often Running Racing Team. Everyone knew to play it conservative out there. Better to be safe in such crazy windy conditions.

I forced Mitch to take a picture with me. Doesn’t he look thrilled? 😉 We are sporting the adidas ORRT sweatshirt, which is one of my faves.

Congrats to all those that raced in the crazy conditions! I’m sure it was a great strength workout as well as increased mental toughness.

I went home to get in my recovery workout of walking, stretching and P90X Ab Ripper.