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IVS Half Marathon – 1:45:10

Sunday Rob and I drove over to Peoria to meet up with Drew and run the IVS Half Marathon. We had perfect temperatures, very mild, but sunny. It was a perfect day for a race.

The course was another matter, this was one of the most challenging courses we have EVER ran. We were warned about two major hills. They even changed the course to remove one of the big hills. However, people failed to mention that aside from two major hills, the rest was hilly throughout. It was a two lap course, mostly through a cemetery with beautiful views from a top the hills.

We had a moment of silence for 9/11 and an emotional singing of our national anthem. Then we were off. Through the first lap of the course I knew my legs would be smoked in no time. This was going to be one mega-hill workout. I traded positions with a few women throughout the course.

My stomach was not a 100%, but I was able to tolerate it which was lucky because there were no porta johns on the course, just the ones at the beginning of the race that weren’t by the course.

Regardless of pace I just made sure to keep my effort in that working/racing mode. My mind shifted to moments of thinking of 9/11 and those families forever changed by the tragedy. My thoughts were with them.

It was great that the course looped back on itself multiple times. I got to see Rob running strong and shout at him multiple times. And I even saw Drew after the first lap and got to give him five.

It was such a great workout. I hope to make it back to this area for some hill training in the future.

Rob came in at 1:36 and was 3rd in his Age Group. I was 7th female with a 1:45:10 and 2nd in my Age Group. Drew finished in 2:07, running very strong. He was so close to his PR, even on that hilly course which means a new PR is just around the corner!

Us with our awards.

One of my favorite medals, dog tags!

The hooded sweatshirt.

My award.



8:07 Pace (hilly)

Overall: 44/205

Female: 7/?

F 35-39: 2/?


Out and Back

Ugh…I wrote this post out once already and it looks like only the pics saved and not the post. I hate when the technology gods eat my post.

So here it goes, attempt #2.
It was a busy Labor Day weekend for us. The weekend included a long run of 21 miles with Rob. We did an out and back from our house, meaning we ran through town on our trail until we hit 10.5 miles and then turned around for home. Time flew by as we chatted about running, cycling, travel, airplane and house projects.

Before we got to our chores we did squeeze in some fun shopping which included this sweet Louis Vuitton. I felt like pretty woman as they served us champaign and personalized my purchase. Definitely a fun little Saturday!

Sunday we got our new pedals installed.

A blurry picture of the cleat.

Speed Plays are very easy to clip in and out of it seems. I dunno, I have no other comparison. I had one foot on the curb in front of our house and practiced getting the feel. Then Rob and I went for a mini-ride and practiced slowing down and clipping in and out. So far, no falling clipped in. We will keep practicing with small routes.

Monday we spent the day polishing the plane. I updated he Flights Page with a few pics too. We will have news in the airplane dept to share soon! Hope you all had a relaxing Lanor Day!


Training Wheels

So there was a change of plans for my bike order. Turns out the model I was originally getting is unavailable until February. There is no way I can wait that long. I want to get familiar with cycling this fall. Plus I’m excited to ride on a trainer.

So my new bike is a TREK Speed Concept 7.

We got our pedals, but we won’t have them put on for a few days. I need to get used to the bike first so I’m on some loaner pedals that don’t go with the bike at all. Plus I don’t have any cycling clothes. So much to learn and to buy. Running is definitely an easier sport to get into.

I’m overwhelmed by all there is to know, but happy to have another adventure. It was a nice, wobbly ride today. Hopefully I get the hang of this. 🙂