enjoying every second of life and running




Monday (7/18):

P90 – Yoga X – 1:15

Bike 12.6 Miles (Easy, P2 L5, 45:00, 16.8 mph)

Tuesday (7/19):

8 Miles General Aerobic + Speed (Treadmill, 1:04:06, 8:06 Pace, 4 x 100M Strides)

Rob and I spent most of the weekend laying low. After two work trips that were only a day apart I needed a weekend with less obligation. I ignored chores, layed out in the baking hot sun, and caught up on magazines. Rob did make plans to visit a local winery that we’ve talked about for years, but never made the time to visit. Our friends were going so it was the perfect time to catch up, but still relax.

Monday it was time to get back to work and catch up on items in progress while I have been traveling. It is also the beginning of the training for the Chicago Marathon! 😀 Last week I got in 41 miles to get phased into training miles. I can say that there are little moments in my running where I get little glimpses of my old running self. I hope it all comes back, and then some.