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The Remedy


Wednesday (5/25):


Thursday (5/26):

6 Easy (Treadmill, -3 – +1% Incline, 51:27, 8:35 Pace)

Friday (5/27):


Saturday (5/28):

8 Easy (Treadmill, -3 – +4% Incline, 1:04:30, 8:04 Pace)

Sunday (5/29):

6.2 Easy (‘Hood, 53:03, 8:34 Pace)

Monday (5/30):

12 Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:48:08, 9:01 Pace)

Tuesday (5/31):


Wednesday (6/1):

3 Easy (Treadmill, -.5% – 0% Incline, 23:49, 7:57 Pace)

Thursday (6/2):

6 Easy (‘Hood, 52:18, 8:43 Pace)

Friday (6/3):


Saturday (6/4):

0.72 Easy (Warm Up for Race, 7:04, 9:49 Pace)

3.1 Race (Washington Cherry Festival, 22:04, 7:04 Pace, 3rd Female Overall)

Sunday (6/5):

13.1 Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:58:04, 9:01 Pace)

Monday (6/6):

2.04 Easy (‘Hood, 19:05, 9:22 Pace)

P90X – Core Synergistics – 57 Mins

Tuesday (6/7):

4 Easy (Treadmill, -3% – +4% Incline, 34:17, 8:34 Pace)

So if you even sporadically read my blog over the last six months you know that my stomach has been an issue that I’ve been dealing with regarding half and full marathons. It’s something so terrible that it’s become undeniable how bad it is since it’s appears to have been worse this spring.

Well phase one at an attempt for resolution began with me giving up lactose (cow’s milk). It wasn’t a far leap to make this change. In fact, I actually enjoy almond milk more in my coffee. It adds a nutty layer of flavor that is very good. The down side is I can’t get soy/almond milk at work for my coffee (at least none that I can find), so I just have to plan better and bring my own or buy more Starbucks (oh darn). I can say I noticed a huge difference right away. The tummy grumbles that plague me daily subsided a bit. I’m definitely sticking to this.

Still I wasn’t a 100% and my training runs were even starting to feel bad like my race day experiences. It’s time to try being gluten-free. This one is a bit more tricky. I have some foods already that I love that just happen to be gluten-free, but others I have to find a new brand altogether. This includes changing tortillas, pastas and breads. I will be updating my nutrition page as I find products that I love.

Still I have yet to find that right food to eat before big races and during the race that will keep my tummy happy. My next experiment of race food and fuels is with Hammer Nutrition.

I’m trying out Hammer products because our neighbor and Ironman is a fan and let us try some of Hammer’s Perpetuum and it tasted delicious and didn’t seem to hurt my stomach. I love that their website has so much information and that their products are made to be interchangeable by the type of race you are doing. I also love that they offer complete systems with pre and post workout fuel. Their products are gluten and lactose free. I’m excited to see how all of the products taste, if my tummy agrees with them and how they seem to work for me during races. More posts to come about this and other products as I continue to search for the remedy to my tummy issues.