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Monday (5/23):

Bike 8.6 Miles Interval (30:00, 17.2 mph, P2, L5)

Tuesday (5/24):

5.2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:36, 9:21 Pace)

As you can imagine keeping an airplane is not a cheap expense on the ‘ol pocketbook. It’s a serious choice to build a plane and try to manage the expenses of maintaining it, let alone fly it. Gas prices for AV Gas are crazy high, $6.50/gal, up from $4/gal when we were complete with the build in 2008. Insurance, hangar space, it all adds up. It’s something we have looked at as a long term part of our lives, even if we don’t get the time (or the fact that it’s costly) to fly as often as we would like. It’s those moments were we get up even for a small flight that remind us that it’s very much a part of who we are. The plane is something we created together and I hope that we can keep maintaining it for many years to come, even if it means only short flights for the next couple of years. The smile it brings on those clear, crisp days happen regardless of the location we are going. So it was just one of those times where we re-evaluated our situation, is this something we want to continue to invest in at this time, and luckily we are planning to keep the plane in our lives. With that, we got to cleaning the plane for an upcoming polish. Next will be finishing the paint job. The projects never end and that’s a good thing!

Also, Monday was Coco’s birthday! She’s a 6 year old and growing up too fast! We gave her special treats, a toy and lots of kisses. She came out to the hanger with us to supervise. 🙂

Today after work I went for an easy run around the neighborhood and ran into my neighbor as she was on her recovery run as well. So we spent a few miles together and caught up on how our latest race adventures. Too bad for her that meant listening to all of my tummy issues with running, but that’s something a fellow runner can understand. Hopefully next time, I will have a better report from my next set of races. 🙂




Sunday (5/15):
26.2 Race (Chicagoland Spring Marathon, 3:42:52, 8:30 Pace, terrible stomach – two bathroom stops)

Monday (5/16):

Tuesday (5/17):
57 Mins P90X – X Stretch

Wednesday (5/18):
4.74 Miles Easy (Live Well Be Well, SF Lake, 44:32, 9:24 Pace)

Thursday (5/19):

Friday (5/20):
6.2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 51:37, 8:20 Pace)
50 Mins Yoga

Saturday (5/21):
12.5 Mile Bike Easy (45:00, 16.67 mph)

Sunday (5/22):
5.21 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:42, 9:21 Pace)

This week was more restful and so needed. Wednesday afternoon was our work wellness run around the pond. I got to run with our friend Jessica and we caught up since we rarely hang out. That night Rob, Amanda, Chris, Abby and Grant went and saw Bridesmaids, it is freaking hilarious!! It was one of those movies where you half cover your eyes because they take it too far and then laugh so hard your stomach hurts, it was great! Thursday Rob and I went out of town to do some shopping. Friday was crazy busy including a 6 mile run in the neighborhood, went to Yoga with Rob, then to the salon for me and finally we went for a quick flight for a transponder check for the airplane.

Saturday was all about plants and getting house work done. That morning we took Coco to the local Farmer’s Market and she enjoyed all of the attention that people gave her. We got some veggies and coffee and then I got to work on landscaping and potting my own vegetables! This is a first for me, trying to keep actual vegetables alive so we will see how this goes. I’m starting very small. I have cherry and roma tomatoes, sweet basil and cilantro.

Sunday was more house cleaning and doing some work from home. Rob and I went for a casual run around the neighborhood at the end of the day. It was such a nice weekend altogether!


Chicagoland Spring Marathon – 3:42:52

I set a new person record….in bathroom stops during a marathon. More on that in a minute.

Saturday we made our way North with Drew for the Chicagoland Spring Marathon. First we picked up our bibs and shirts at Dick Pond Athletics.

Then it was on to dinner. With my stomach I wanted to try something that other bloggers eat prior to a marathon and that’s cheese pizza. The guys wanted pasta so Maggiano’s was the best and easiest choice. I had the Margarita Flatbread and it was delish.

After dinner we went back to chill at the hotel and I had new nail polish to try out. It’s very relaxing to do my nails before a race. I got OPI’s Katy Perry Series “The one that got away”, which matches the pink in my running clothes really nice! Then I applied the black shatter top coat to get the crackled effect. It is very unique and would probably be a good way to cover up nails as they chip to make them look fresh again easily.

I slept well and we woke up with more than enough time to get ready. Me before the race.

We arrived and found the designated parking with no problem. The only issue? The terrible weather. Wind gusts were easily up to 30 mph, it was drizzling cold rain and just barely going to hit 50 degrees. The mist actually was nice, especially since the other option was the downpour that had happened two straight days prior, but the winds were bone chilling and made it hard to walk around to get our chips and bathroom break. This would be a challenge out running, but it was the cards we were dealt.

I was feeling frozen so I actually switched out from my arm sleeves and wore the race shirt under my singlet, which worked out very well.

This was an inaugural race with only 553 running the half and 235 running the full. We line up full and half marathoners at the same time with no coral or pace separations. There are pacers on the course for some times and people line up and there is no pushing at the front like some races. We all are freezing and bodies do full shaking as we wait to get started. The start was in the parking lot of a corporate building and feels much like a 5K race at that point. Then we were off, onto a highway stretch that was perhaps over a mile long and then left to an overpass that took us into Busse Woods. I was comfortably 2nd female from mile 3 on to 10. I was feeling great until right around that point and I knew that I would need to make a potty stop. It’s becoming a part of my racing that mile 10 my stomach makes and undeniable required stop. Luckily a stop was right there at that moment and I quickly took care of business. In fact, I didn’t feel phased by this stop. I was very quick and heck I could still PR since my last PR was with a stop.

Off I go carrying on my strategic plan of being conservative to get a PR, but now I’m in fourth or fifth female overall depending on the person cheering who is counting.

The course was beautiful, paved park trail. Wooded and peaceful, but open areas were difficult because the winds were relentless. They were knock you over level of winds for .5 or mile increments through the course. The course looped back on itself in a couple points and I got to see Rob twice. 🙂 At mile 12.5 a guy going the opposite direction saw my shirt and said “Often Running!” I don’t know who it was so I shouted back “Yeah Buddy!” Other than fighting winds I was feeling good. If you run this course you have to be with being okay all alone for long stints. It was very peaceful, but I had to mind my pace often because I had a natural tendency to go into long run training mode without that race feeling around.

By mile 17 or 18 my stomach was feeling really sour. So horrible that I couldn’t keep eating my Carboom. I felt like lying down and curling up I was in so much pain. I don’t think the heavy winds pushing on my stomach were much help either. My pace fell off and then by mile 22 I was in serious trouble. I had a very intense stomach pain that hit me so hard and I needed a bathroom immediately before I had a scene. There was absolutely no time or options I had to get to a potty. I saw a location in the park about .25 mile away and had to run to it through the wet grass. I made it barely in time and was in there for a long time. 😦 I burst into tears from the discomfort and the loss of my race feeling. After my long visit I came out and ran back to the course from where I had left it. I could have cut across to get back onto the course from where I was, but that wouldn’t be right so I started back on the course from where I exited. I think ‘does this count as an ultra since I’m well over a full distance now?’, just a bit of humor to keep myself from bursting into tears while running.

The last four miles were excruciating for me. I felt weak, dehydrated and unable to take fuel. Mile 25 was a straight head wind gust back and felt unbearable on my stomach. The only thought that kept me running, although be it at a slow pace, was that I love running in spite of how terrible this experience had become.

I felt so out of my skull when I crossed the line. Rob and Drew got me hooked up with fuel.

Rob had PRed in the marathon with 3:30:01 and took 2nd in his Age Group!

Drew PRed in the half marathon with a 2:04:50!

Both of them had just marathoned 2 weeks ago, I’m so proud of them!

I felt completely terrible so we left before realizing that I had taken 2nd in my Age Group. I’m seeing if I can get the award medal sent to me. It would have been fun to have it to wear out to lunch, oh well. A consolation prize to my experience.

I think I’m inventing a new duathlon run, potty, run, potty, run. It’s really disheartening since I don’t feel like I’m really getting to race, I’m just surviving an experience of racing on a broken body. 😦

So what will I do different? I’m going to try fig newtons as my next half/full race fuel and see if that settles my stomach. It makes it hard to decifer since my training runs go fine, but the races not so much.

Here is a picture of the Chicagoland Spring Marathon finisher medal and the award medal.



8:30 Pace (blech)

F 30-34: 2/10

F: 16/80

Overall: 66/235


A Work of Art


Monday (5/9):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, -3% – +1% Incline, 44:37, 8:56 Pace)

P90X – Core Synergistics – 57 Mins

Tuesday (5/10):

3 Miles w/1 @ 6:50 (‘Hood, 25:19, 8:50 Pace)

P90X – Plyometrics – 58 Mins

Wednesday (5/11):


Thursday (5/12):

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, -3% – +4% Incline, 44:29, 8:54 Pace)

Friday (5/13):

6.2 Miles Easy with 6 Strides (‘Hood, 52:30, 8:29 Pace)

P90X – Ab Ripper – 15 Mins

Saturday (5/14):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 26:29, 8:50 Pace)

Another busy week! I was dog tired by Wednesday and took a rest day. Thursday we met up with work friends and I was able to get 5 miles easy when we got home later that night.

Friday we had a beautiful day and I got in my run outside and followed up with Ab Ripper X. Then I had to go into work for a couple hours. That night we drove to Champaign to see Abby’s sister Amy’s art debut at an art gallery. Amy is an amazing artist! She had two exhibits and I won’t be able to do justice by describing them. Let’s just say the girl is super talented!

Rob and Me

Amanda, me and Abby (Amy’s art is in the background of these pictures. Seriously talented.)

Amanda, baby Charlotte, and Chris

Rob and Me

Afterward we headed to Cakes on Walnut for specialty cupcakes. Apparently they are changing names and are updating the menu so these are new flavors as of today.

Lemony Blush for me.

Fudge rush for Rob.

The icing was amazing and the cake was flavorful of mint and lemon, but a bit dry. I’m sure as they work through their company changes the taste will be back to top notch.

Later we all went to 7 Saints restaurant. The restaurant is gorgeous and the food is an upscale comfort food type menu.

Today (Saturday) Drew is here and we are ready to race tomorrow. I did 3 Easy on the treadmill to keep the legs fresh. Now it’s time to chillax. 🙂

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Yo Mama


Saturday (5/7):

2.19 Mile Easy (Warm Up for Race, Lake Bloomington, 20:25, 9:20 Pace)

12K Race (Lake Bloomington, 54:01, 7:15 Pace, 5th Female Overall, 2nd Age Group)

1.75 Miles Easy (Cool Down, Lake Bloomington, 16:12, 9:16 Pace)

Sunday (5/8):

15 Miles Long (‘Hood, 2:00:52, 8:04 Pace)

Today is Mother’s Day so Rob and I got in our long runs before we went for a flight to each of our families.

We got Rob an app for the iPad that has flight maps, in-flight GPS of our location, and all sorts of pilot-y stuff. 🙂

Almost back home.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women out there!! Whether you have 20 kids or just a pug and cat (like myself). All women mother the world by being a positive role model and nurturing others. I hope you all had a great day!!