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2011 Go! St. Louis – Half Marathon – 1:41:10

One word for this race: WARM!!!

Races lately haven’t been going my way and today was no exception. We woke up to it being 74 degrees at 6am, not even close to ideal for racing. We met up with Drew and got to the start area with no problem. We ran into Brian, who recognized us from the blog at the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon last week. It’s amazing how in a sea of people you can run into someone you know. After a warm up we fought the crowds to get to the start line. A woman I met at the IWU track meet was there and we said hi and we chatted for a bit after the race. She is super fast and so nice.

I was so happy that I had finally a good week of no stomach issues. I felt great and I was excited to run so I went out in hopes of a PR when I should have adjusted my expectations to meet the hot conditions and just stuck to marathon pace the whole way. Within 5 Miles of running in the baking sun, I wilted and my pace backed off turning it into just a training run in terrible heat. I was burning up hot so badly that by Mile 8  I was getting three cups of water at the water stops. I was well hydrated for this race, but the heat was way too killer and sapped my energy.

I’m not excited about my time, but I wasn’t upset like the last race. Our last race was perfect conditions and I physically couldn’t perform. This race was awful conditions and I couldn’t perform, so I’m forced to accept it as another run. Between winds, stomach issues, and heat, I can tell you that I’m ready to have a good race. It’s been so long that I’ve raced well that I’m forgetting what that feels like. At this point it feels like I just  run around and take what comes that day. I guess it’s forcing me to enjoy fitness for fitness sake and just appreciate what I can do. At the core of it all I love running and no matter how crappy the race is for me I will keep going, even if it’s a slower pace than I want. I will never stop doing what I love.

Something cool that was at the end of the race was a Michelob Ultra tent with touch screens where you could login to your facebook account, take a picture right there and upload it, too cool! Here is our goofy pic as we tried to figure out this thing.

Drew had a melty race as well, but now he has his second half marathon down.

Here is a picture of the medal.

My time was 1:41:10. Rob came in at 1:35:33!



7:44 Pace

F 30-34: 11/1,201

F: 49/7,086

Overall: 340/11,534

Afterward it was on to some Pappy’s Smokehouse!! 😀

After some rest and shopping I hit the hotel gym for a light recovery workout on the bike. I suck at self-portraits. 🙂 It felt good to just pedal lightly and shake out the day’s race.