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Virtual Insanity


Saturday (3/12):

20 Miles Long (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +5.5%, 2:43:58, 8:12 Pace)

Bike 8.3 Miles Easy (P1, L4, 30:00, 16.6mph)

Saturday I woke up still not well, but improving. I kept my training indoors since my throat is stinging raw. The awesome consolation is getting to run the Boston Course right on the treadmill. I started the course at Framingham and just ran until I got in 20 miles. I still feel weak from being sick all week, but I’m still getting in some training!

Our workout room is going through a makeover. We recently sold our old treadmill and our Bowflex. There is no way either of us was going to be able to enjoy our regular treadmill after getting the Nordic Track, so maybe someday we will get another so we have two. The Bowflex wasn’t getting used enough. When we do strengthening it’s usually at the gym, so we decided to get the space back. Up next I need to get some more of our running pictures and awards hung on the walls and I need to repaint the room to freshen it up. I’ll post pics when we make some progress. 😀