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Best Rest



Monday (2/28):


Tuesday (3/1):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 24:19, 8:07 Pace)

Monday was a planned rest day from running, but not even close to a restful day. We had tickets to the House of Blues Chicago to see MIGGS, Parachute, and Plain White T’s. I bought the tickets awhile ago and didn’t notice that the date was a Monday, whoops! Unfortunately work couldn’t wait so we weren’t able to take a day off. We did leave work early, but Rob attended a conference call the whole 2 hour drive. When we got into Chicago my heart burst just like every time we visit. I feel so at home in Chicago. I never want to leave.

Since we didn’t get out of work early enough we didn’t get time for dinner and it was already time for the show to start. We hung in the back for this show, no need to fight the crowd.

The show was great!! MIGGS did an amazing job! I even got my picture taken after their set with the lead singer, Don Miggs.

Parachute and Plain White T’s also put on an amazing show. Parachute played songs from their new album that just released, it was really good! This was the last stop on their tour and they all really rocked it. It was the best type of rest. A little weekday fun to mix up our regular routine.

2 thoughts on “Best Rest

  1. Oh my goodness jealous! I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. I have heard only great things about the Plain White T’s live!

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