enjoying every second of life and running




Sunday (3/20):

13.1 Miles Race (Delavan Frostbite Classic Half Marathon, 30+ mph winds, 1:40:23, 7:41 Pace, 2nd Female Overall)

Monday (3/21):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 36:53, 9:14 Pace)

Tuesday (3/22):

8 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 1:01:03, 7:38 Pace)

Wednesday (3/23):

6 Miles Easy (Const Trail, RTW Group Run, 1:03:39, 10:37 Pace)

Thursday (3/24):


Friday (3/25):

3.5 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 29:37, 8:28 Pace)

1 Mile Easy (Gym Treadmill, Warm Up for weights, 8:15 Pace)

35 Mins Weight Lifting

8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:07:30, 8:27 Pace)

Saturday (3/26):

15 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 2:04:50, 8:20 Pace)

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 44:50, 8:58 Pace)

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 26:44, 8:55 Pace)

Another special Boston goodie arrived!

LOVE IT!!!! 😀

Oh and another picture, cause I’m a cheeseball and love this charm!

Okay, so running this week was pretty much the usual, just lots of enjoyment and running of miles. One of the highlights of the week was group leading with the RTWers on Wednesday and for some of them it was their longest distance so far, 6 miles! I was so happy for them and they are doing so great! Also, I got up early Friday to run a few miles before yoga, I head over to class to find out it was cancelled for spring break – boo! So I ran a mile at the gym and then hit the weights. I missed the yoga-sesh, but weights was a good substitute.

Rob hooked up the Wii in the workout room which means I got to overdose on Kardashians via Netflix while running, joy! I would never sit still to watch it so running miles and filling up on some girly tv garbage was perfect. 🙂


Delavan Frostbite Classic – HM – 1:40:23

One word: WINDY!!!!!

But more on that in a moment. Rob and I will be doing a lot more races that are new to us this year. This race was the first of the new courses. This half marathon was located at a small high school out-of-town. Due to the time of the year this race has seen all types of weather conditions over it’s 35 years and windy is usually a part of that. The forecasts around here lately have been off. It hasn’t been getting as warm as predicted so I accidentally overdressed for this race: capris, short sleeve, arm warmers. I felt chilly because of the winds, but misjudged how warm it would get.

We got to the high school and it was a really well-organized. Only $25 and registration included a nice sweatshirt for the first 100 registered. I had pre-registerd, but Rob signed up race day and missed the sweatshirt so I will share.

Within 20 minutes we were on a bus taking us out to the start line. They only had two busses for the 100ish sized field and they only did one trip. After seeing where they were taking us, it was really only 1.5 miles away and would be a good way to warm up. Instead, we had 5 minutes and we were going to be off. Rob and I did the smallest warm up ever of .25 mile and then lined up for this adventure.

The course is rolling hills out in the country barren fields. It is two laps of about 12 miles total and then head back into town to the high school.

We head out and the hills are no factor, but the 30+ mph winds were! We spent 1.5 mile in direct head wind, 3 miles in cross wind, 1.5 with the wind, then circle around for another lap, blech!

My pace was awful in the winds and I just tried to give it a half marathon effort although I felt like I was going nowhere. It was like being pushed around the entire way and felt more like a rumble than a race. A female passed me at mile 4 and she was .25 mile ahead of me in no time. The sun comes out and starts to make me feel super hot.

By mile 6 I couldn’t handle being over dressed. We had chips and bibs. Sometimes they want the stub on the bib as a back up to the chip system so I tear off the stub, and slip off my shirt and arm sleeve while running, and managed to not fall while untangling myself. I instantly felt 10 degrees cooler. A water stop guy takes my shirt and says he will get it back to the finish. I say “Bless you, thank you” and feel bad he has to touch my sweaty clothes.

The second lap I lie to myself and say things in my head like “I love this!”, “This is great!”, “I get to work on my runner’s tan!” I laugh to myself as I see the signs pointing us in the right direction “Frostebite –>”, hehehe, not quite for 50ish degrees and sunny. I resist the urge to say to one of the water stops “Did this wind mess up my hair?”, sounds funnier in my head and I just thank them instead.

The first female walks through one of the water stops and I hope that this may be my chance to bridge the gap. Maybe she is getting tired and will fall off. Nope, instead she takes off like a shot and stays well in front of me.

I wish I could say I was making up the pace when we were with the wind, but that only lasted the first lap, second lap and I was just tuckered. We get to .5 mile from the finish and finally are in town and out of the wind and I just tried to hoof it in with what I had left.

Drew had come out to see us finish and cheer us in!

I was 2nd Female Overall! Rob came in at 1:34:12 and was 15th Overall and 1st in his Age Group!



7:40 Pace

F: 2/42

Overall: 23/118

Wind blown and done.

Also, worth noting my stomach didn’t bother me one bit! It was so nice to not have that as a factor.

Us with our awards and I put on my sweet new sweatshirt.

Up close of my award.

This race was well-organized, the mile splits seemed very accurate and each mile was marked, inexpensive and fun (aside from the wind). We would definitely come back to do this race again.




Monday (3/14):

3.14 Easy (Treamill, Central Park Course, -3% – +5% Incline, 30:00, 9:34 Pace)

Tuesday (3/15):

4 Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +3% Incline, 34:46, 8:42 Pace)

Wednesday (3/16):

4.5 Hills (Jersey Ave ‘Hood, RTW, 46:08, 10:16 Pace)

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3% – +2% Incline, 22:31, 7:31 Pace)

Thursday (3/17):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, -3 – +5% Incline, 48:39, 8:07 Pace)

Friday (3/18):

50 Mins Yoga and Abs

14 Miles Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:57:38, 8:25 Pace)

Saturday (3/18):

9 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:20:20, 8:56 Pace)

2 Miles Tempo (Gym Treadmill, 14:52, 7:26 Pace)

20 Mins Strength Training

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 38:22, 9:36 Pace)

OMG this shirt is the coolest!! The picture isn’t the best.

I couldn’t resist ordering some more Boston gear. 🙂 I wanted to make sure that I get the items I want before they run out. So these were all my “must haves”. 😉

I got a beanie and a running hat. The beanie is super soft. I have another adidas one that is very nice, but holy moley this one is soft-soft. If you are doing boston and live somewhere that cold weather is an unfortunate part of your location, get this hat! 🙂

And this ventilated running hat.

And this will likely become my new favorite sweatshirt. The kitchen drapes make the pictures look reddish, but it’s grey with green threading. Love it!!

I went with the Ride the Wave-ers out for a hill workout on Wednesday and they held together really well! It’s so great seeing them getting stronger each week.

Now we are off to hang out with Jo and Larry. Tomorrow is a half marathon and it may be a windy day, but regardless it will be good training. Followed by some more time with friends. Can’t wait!


I will wear white.


Sunday (3/13):

2.33 Miles Easy (Warm up for race, 21:37, 9:17 Pace)

5K Race (St. Pat’s, 20:29, 6:36 Pace, 2nd FO, 1st AG)

3.85 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Chicago Lakefront, -2% – +3.5% Incline, 33:59, 8:50 Pace)

I had my fingers crossed that my BQ time would be enough to get me into the first string of the new start wave system, but no such luck. Last year’s system was a Wave 1 and 2 start with the cut off at 3:34. This year BAA announced that they will use bib colors of Red, White and Blue with the following segmentations:

Red: 101 – 8,999

White: 9,000 – 17,999

Blue: 18,000+

My bib number is 9,439 putting me in the white bib category. So this first timer will be in white. 😉

It would have been cool to have had a qualifying time that would have put me in the red category. Oh well, regardless I’m excited to get to race! 😀


2011 St. Pat’s – 5K – 20:29

Sunday we had a 5K race in town. This race has a flat course and is a local favorite. It was supposed to be 40 degrees and sunny. It was more like 34ish with no sun, which in the spring can feel like a huge difference. Thankfully the winds were calm and so it didn’t feel cold as last week’s 5K. I did feel underdressed when we realized that the sun wouldn’t be joining us. I was in green calf sleeves (it is a St. Pat’s race so I had to bust them out), shorts, short sleeved shirt and arm sleeves, hat and gloves. Capris or long pants would have felt nice, oh well.

Rob and I did a 2.33 mile warm up and got to wave and chat to many people along the way. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces getting out to kick off the race season.

I’m still recovering from my sinus infection. The cold air was not feeling good on my throat and lungs. I had to stop and cough up phlegm now and then.

This race is well organized and we were off pretty quickly. There was a fast female well in front of me with no chance of catching her. I had no idea how my body would feel with a full head of mucus and coughing. I had to gasp for air more than usual. Still my legs were feeling good. I held 2nd female overall for the whole race. I was feeling slow, but the first split was called at 6:13, second at 12:56. I was in the neighborhood of my PR pace and was feeling well other than this stupid infection. I pushed my way in to a 20:29.

Not too shabby for doing marathon training that included a 20 miler the day before and with a sinus infection. I will take it! I haven’t been working on speedwork for the short stuff so I am very happy with how I felt racing.



6:36 Pace

Overall: 33/638

F: 2/343

F 30-34: 1/65

Same course, my past year’s results:

2010 Time – 21:31

2009 Time – 26:33

2008 Time – 26:39

Rob came in at 19:17 and was 5th in his age group!

Afterward we got to cheer in all of our friends and then hang out hearing how everyone was feeling and their training. I also got to see many familiar faces from Ride the Wave including people from my crew! It was such a fun race day!

My 1st age group award was $10 to a local pub. I need to dig up my winnings from last year and see if the gift certificate expired. If not, I’m up 20 bucks and need to take my hubby out for dinner. 🙂