enjoying every second of life and running




Thursday (2/18):


Friday (2/19):

7 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 59:42, 8:32 Pace)

Yoga 45 Minutes

9 Miles w/6 x 800M @ 5KRP (Treadmill, 1.5% Incline, 1:10:21, 7:49 Pace)

Saturday (2/19):

10 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:22:52, 8:18 Pace)

8.2 Miles Hills (Bike, 30:00, P4, L5, 16.4mph)

5 Miles Hills (Treadmill, 6% Incline, 44:16, 8:52 Pace)

Sunday (2/20):

16 Miles Long (Treadmill, 1-3% Incline, 2:08:05, 8:01 Pace)

Last week was super busy! Good thing it was step back week in my training plan already so I did get some time back so I could celebrate Valentine’s Day, work overtime and spend time with friends. I ended up with 57 Miles for the week.

Part of my Valentine’s Day presents from Rob were running related. I had never even seen this book before! It’s a collection of images from this race through the years that chronicles it’s history. I love it!

Rob also got me the documentary “Running America“. I love running movies. However I do have to say that this movie was a bit lacking. We’ve seen “Running Sahara” and this movie includes one of the men from it. The first half of the movie focuses on America’s economic and political turmoil of 2008. While a very historic time in our country, I was expecting more just on the American spirit without a political message. It was not a very feel good movie starting out. The movie did get more uplifting around the half way point and our town was featured in the movie. 🙂 My favorite quote in the movie is “In hard times optimism takes courage”.

Friday, after a morning run outside and yoga I went with my girlfriends Abby and Amanda to see No Strings Attached. It was a cute movie, but the best part was goofing off in an empty movie theater (once the one creepy guy left after the majority of the love scenes were done, ick). We were cracking up about every little thing. Abby made up a new nickname for me too. She was talking about my training and said “Christine, you are like a machine…you are a Chrischine”. Hahaha! Love the nickname Abby! 😀

Saturday morning I got in miles around the hood and the afternoon some easy miles on the bike and a hill workout on the treadmill. That evening we had a date night and went out of town to watch Drew play bass guitar in a performance called “I love you because”.

Sunday I got my miles on the treadmill and since it was an easy run I did simulated small rolling hills.