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IWU Titan Open – 3000M – 12:32


Saturday (1/29):

3000M Race (IWU Indoor Track, 12:32, 6:44 Pace)

13.1 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:55:43, 8:50 Pace)

Today was a new experience for me, I ran my first track race. A local university was having an open meet and I ran the 3000M. The scheduling was a bit confusing, it originally showed 3000M as one of the first events and on another roster towards the end of the day. So we came early and watched as things got underway at 10:00 am.

Turns out my race wouldn’t happen until 4:30 pm so we chatted with some friends who were also running and then headed out for lunch before coming back to watch our friends compete.

Rob and me.

Melisa and me.

We were back from lunch around 1:00 pm. It was entertaining just spectating for the afternoon. We had friends competing in the 200M (womens), 1 Mile (mens) and 3000M (mens).

First thing I noticed was this is the longest I’ve ever waited to race. I went through moments of pure excitement to get going to being over it and ready to leave. Rob was an amazing husband and the best coach. He kept me positive all day.

My event was after the 200M and something I didn’t anticipate was that with the 200M being so popular all lanes would be used with many heats occurring one after the other. This didn’t leave any space to warm up like I saw others doing during the other distances. I tried to warm up on the inside of the track where the field events were taking place because I saw other trying to do the same thing, but it really wasn’t a great warm up trotting around G2 bottles and people everywhere. I didn’t want to risk heading outside for fear that the waves would finish quickly and I could be late to my race.

After my measly warm up it was my turn. There were two waves, unfortunate for me my seed time put in the first wave. I would have preferred to be at the front of the second wave, but it wasn’t meant to be. 27 women were racing, 14 in my wave. I line up as #12. I line up with the other college girls on either side of me. It was a cramped lineup, the guy who lines us up and says our cut in rule is just that we must have a stride and half before taking over. Okay, good to know, but I’m sure it won’t be me doing the passing. A girl next to me asks “will they call out laps to us?” and I say “I have no idea”, I’m too new for questions. 🙂 Another girl says yes, then gun and we are off.

This is where it quickly becomes a blur. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s sensory overload doing something completely foreign or if this happens to everyone in a track race. It was a split second decisions on filing in line and before I know it I’m around the first two bends and we are going. Luckily I hear Rob calling my splits. Shouting to slow down, I didn’t mean to come out fast and I try to slow down. 15 laps to do and they fly by quickly at first. Then by lap 5 I wish it were our last lap. Rob shouting splits and I hear our friends cheering to ‘get up on that girl’, ‘don’t let her get away’. I shake my head no, I’m not racing them, I’m surviving this experience. I feel zero calculation in my methods, I’m holding on for this painful brain melt to be over with. 8 laps done, geez this takes too long. Rob states the laps and I can’t pick up the pace. I saw another girl running with her shoe untied, laces flying around. A girl dropped out by me. I am ready for this to be over. Finally the final lap and just put in what I had. I was second to last in my wave. I walked by Rob and our friends as they tried to congratulate me and make the “Shhhh” sign. 🙂 I had no brain cells to have a conversation just yet. A little pacing back and forth, water and coughing up a lung and then I was finally able to accept their kind words and tell them that was a miserable experience. 🙂 We stuck around and watched our friends compete in the mens 3000M and then we called it a day.




12/23 (4 dropped out)

So my final assessment of this race is that it was worthwhile. I feel like a better, stronger runner for doing something new. I got to experience how long 12 minutes and 30 seconds can feel like and that I can tolerate the pain that my brain shouts at me. The best part is having Rob being proud of me! 😀

We got some dinner and then I did a half marathon on the treadmill at home slowly. My legs feel really tired now. I think I will sleep good tonight!!