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It All Comes Back

This week of running I finally feel like I’m getting back to my old self. The increase in mileage and racing makes me fall in love with running all over again. I’m excited to get further into the training for this marathon and challenge myself.

Here is how week 4 of training went.

Su: 2 Miles Easy (Warm Up For Race, 19:51, 9:56 Pace), 4 Mile Race (28:19, 7:05 Pace, 1st AG), 0.3 Miles Easy (Cool Down, 3:07, 10:24 Pace)

M: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 33:47, 8:27 Pace), 8.4 Miles Easy (Bike, 30:00, 16.8 mph, P1, L4)

T: 6.75 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 56:16, 8:21 Pace)

W: 11.25 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:33:44, 8:20 Pace)

Th: 8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:07:27, 8:26 Pace) **Over 2,000 miles for the year!**

F: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 41:24, 8:17 Pace), 8.5 Miles Hills (Bike, 30:00, 17mph, P4, L4)

Sa: .8 Miles Easy (Warm Up, 7:31, 9:24 Pace), 4 Mile Race (26:16, 6:34, 1st AG, 3rd FO), 8.3 Miles Easy (Bike, 30:00, 16.6 mph, P1, L4)

Total Miles: 46.1


2010 Festival Of Lights – 4 Mile – 26:16

Another very chilly race, but with the 2010 racing season about over at least it’s another chance to get out there. This course is a gradual downhill for the first three miles making it a lot of fun to race. I would have preferred to not have run into a chilly headwind, but hey that’s what we got.

I held 2nd female position until around 2.5 Miles. A really nice lady eventually passed me and I couldn’t hold onto her. I just did my best to not let her get too far away. There is always hope that maybe she over estimated her efforts and I could pass her closer to the finish, but no luck she had it, making me 3rd Female Overall and 1st in my Age Group with a 26:16. Which is a new PR, thank you downhill running, I’ll take it today!

Rob got a 25:06 that was a PR for him and 4th in his Age Group!

Me finishing.

I quickly threw on some layers and cheered in the other runners before heading in to thaw out. After awards we realized we forgot the camera so I got a picture with my medal at home.



6:34 Pace

F 30-34: 1/36

F: 3/?

Overall: 42/457

Past Course Performances:

2009 – 27:39

2008 – 35:05

2007 – 35:45

We were up very early for this race, so I’m going to get a nap and will be back with an end of the week training report later today. 🙂

Update: We made one of the local papers, a lovely pic of us freezing our butts off.