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Jingle Bell – 5K – 21:15


Brrrrr…and grrrrr….that about sums up my feelings about this race.

Drew came down to race with us. There were lots of familiar faces out there running today. My ORRT was there to represent and we also got to chat with Paige for a bit.

It was Sunny, 50 degrees, but with the 20+mph winds I felt frozen the whole race. This course started at the local community college and then around the inside of a local baseball stadium and then around the outside. Running into the wind I felt like I was running in place. Anytime we were out of the wind I was hacking up a lung. Not a fun race for me at all.

None of us PRed today, but I still managed 1st in my Age Group and was 4th Female Overall.

JBR 2010 105



6:51 Pace

Overall: 70/1269

F: 4/726

F 30-34: 1/98

At least this race was a quality workout of racing in not the best conditions. Our next races will be 4 Milers so this may be the last 5K of the year unless something comes up.

10 thoughts on “Jingle Bell – 5K – 21:15

  1. Nice work out there!! That wind was brutal!

  2. That’s not bad at all. Wind really takes a toll out of you. Was it a road race? What kind of road racing shoes do you wear?

  3. Nice job— even though you weren’t happy with it at least you were out there running against the wind! ❤

  4. still speedy in my opinion 😀 great race! Congrats on the AG place!

  5. Just curiou8s about what you do with all your metals?

    • We have an award shrine going in our workout room. It’s definitely motivation to be able to look around the room and remember the races.

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