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2010 Canal Connection – 10K – 43:21

4….3….2…1….not a count down, but my finish time.

Rob, Drew and I traveled an hour away to do a 10K this morning. It has been forever since I’ve ran a 10K race; so long ago, that my 10K PR was a mat in a hilly 15K race.

It was sunny, 40 degrees with a light breeze. For this 10K they bus us to a nearby town and we run along a canal back. The trail is mostly light rock.

I have felt completely stale running-wise and not yet race ready, but if I want to get better, I need to get out there. As we lined up Rob and I started further back than normal, about 7 people deep. The beginning of the race course is downhill and there was no way I would want to get caught up in the surge.

I have no idea what pace I could sustain so I tried to just run with an effort of 8 on a scale of 1-10 and see what that got me. After the downhill beginning it was time to get settled in on the trail. I was able to pass handfuls of people that went out too fast in the first three miles and then it seemed like I was settled in to what felt like the effort I could hold to the end. As we turned for the finish a guy announced to me that I was 7th female, results are now posted and I was 8th female. I was able to pass one more guy right before we crossed the line.

I got a new PR and 2nd in my Age Group!!

Rob also got a PR and 3rd in his Age Group with a 40:57!!


6:59 Pace

Overall: 65/660

F: 8/?

F 30-34: 2/47

Me with my award.

Rob and me with our awards.

Rob and Drew.

Up close of my award.

Afterward we came home and watched the NYC Marathon. Shalane did amazing!! 😀 It was too bad about Haile, I hope he reconsiders announcing his intention to retire based on his knee and his dropping out of this race.


Fall Back

Today our clocks went an hour back. This is when as a runner, I feel enclosed by less daylight. With our work hours we will be up when it’s dark and home by dark. The most sun I will see running will be on the weekends. My runs this week that were outdoors were very windy and cold. I don’t think I could ever get fully adjusted to cold running.

For my treadmill runs I’m starting to play with the incline.

Here is how last week went:

S: 7.4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:03:15, 8:33 Pace), 8 Miles Easy Bike (P1, L4, 30:00, 16mph)

M: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 33:47, 8:27 Pace), 6X100M Strides

T: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 33:37, 8:25 Pace), Pushups

W: 4 Miles Easy (Gym Treadmill, 2% Incline, 33:44, 8:26 Pace), Upperbody Strengthening

Th: Rest

F: 8.5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:10:47, 8:20 Pace)

Sa: 4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 33:13, 8:19 Pace)

Total: 31.9 Miles

Drew stayed with us and we traveled about an hour away to run a 10K this morning. Race report up next!