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It All Comes Back

This week of running I finally feel like I’m getting back to my old self. The increase in mileage and racing makes me fall in love with running all over again. I’m excited to get further into the training for this marathon and challenge myself.

Here is how week 4 of training went.

Su: 2 Miles Easy (Warm Up For Race, 19:51, 9:56 Pace), 4 Mile Race (28:19, 7:05 Pace, 1st AG), 0.3 Miles Easy (Cool Down, 3:07, 10:24 Pace)

M: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 33:47, 8:27 Pace), 8.4 Miles Easy (Bike, 30:00, 16.8 mph, P1, L4)

T: 6.75 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 56:16, 8:21 Pace)

W: 11.25 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:33:44, 8:20 Pace)

Th: 8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:07:27, 8:26 Pace) **Over 2,000 miles for the year!**

F: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 41:24, 8:17 Pace), 8.5 Miles Hills (Bike, 30:00, 17mph, P4, L4)

Sa: .8 Miles Easy (Warm Up, 7:31, 9:24 Pace), 4 Mile Race (26:16, 6:34, 1st AG, 3rd FO), 8.3 Miles Easy (Bike, 30:00, 16.6 mph, P1, L4)

Total Miles: 46.1


2010 Festival Of Lights – 4 Mile – 26:16

Another very chilly race, but with the 2010 racing season about over at least it’s another chance to get out there. This course is a gradual downhill for the first three miles making it a lot of fun to race. I would have preferred to not have run into a chilly headwind, but hey that’s what we got.

I held 2nd female position until around 2.5 Miles. A really nice lady eventually passed me and I couldn’t hold onto her. I just did my best to not let her get too far away. There is always hope that maybe she over estimated her efforts and I could pass her closer to the finish, but no luck she had it, making me 3rd Female Overall and 1st in my Age Group with a 26:16. Which is a new PR, thank you downhill running, I’ll take it today!

Rob got a 25:06 that was a PR for him and 4th in his Age Group!

Me finishing.

I quickly threw on some layers and cheered in the other runners before heading in to thaw out. After awards we realized we forgot the camera so I got a picture with my medal at home.



6:34 Pace

F 30-34: 1/36

F: 3/?

Overall: 42/457

Past Course Performances:

2009 – 27:39

2008 – 35:05

2007 – 35:45

We were up very early for this race, so I’m going to get a nap and will be back with an end of the week training report later today. 🙂

Update: We made one of the local papers, a lovely pic of us freezing our butts off.


Everytime A Bell Rings

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying some time with friends and family this weekend. To kick off the holidays Rob and I like to do charity work. My favorite is bell ringing for the Salvation Army. I just like being able to smile and wish everyone a great holiday. Even if someone doesn’t donate it’s a chance to spread good cheer and hopefully get others thinking about ways to give to the community. This shift was exceptionally cold and windy. Hence our sign wouldn’t stay up and the super windy looking hairdo in this picture.

The good thing about bad weather is people tend to take pity on us for putting up with the elements and donate more. 🙂 This time we took a shift at SAMs Club. An observation I had is that people have to get their wallets out for their SAMs Club Card, so they seem to be ready to give a little money while they have their wallet out. The winds were so bad that one lady’s dollar flew away before she could get it into the kettle. I chased it down and luckily got it before running into traffic. 🙂

On a running note I hit a new mileage milestone in my yearly stats. As of yesterday I’ve run over 2,000 miles this year! I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing if I can get close to 3,000 miles for 2011. 😀


Peoria Turkey Trot – 4 Mile – 28:19

Today was a hilly 4 Miler out of town. We met up with Drew and got ready to kick butt – Team Throw Down! 🙂

This was Drew’s first time doing this race and he was in for a treat. It is quite hilly, as my Garmin map from last year shows. It was 55 degrees with a light winds and some drizzle. I had a really nice 2 Mile Warm Up and felt ready to go. I only got in a couple of strides and it was time to go. Off we went, after the first half mile we start the climb. I don’t even bother looking at my watch. I don’t want to psych myself up with the lack of speed and instead just try to focus on good form. After the first hill there is a level off, down hill and then one more steep hill before the big decent. Many guys stop to walk the last hill for the moment they were out of gas. The downhill is quite steep and is a challenge to lean into it. I felt the flash backs of my fall back in May and that was on a flat surface easy run, so I was worried about tripping on myself. Luckily I make it down the hill and now it’s time to race down a few people. Rob has been fighting some sinus, cold thing for the last few days and wasn’t sure how this race would go for him. I was so excited to see as we left the hills that he was so far ahead of me he was barely a spec, I was proud that he was doing so great!

I manage to pass some dudes and one lady. The course finishes up on a cross-country path that was lightly muddy, my new shoes were baptised properly. In the last push I get past another guy, but can’t get up to the next female and have to settle with being on her heels just before the finish.

Rob came in at 26:12 and was 2nd in his Age Group!
I was 28:19, not a PR, but a course improvement of my 29:54 of last year. Plus I got 1st in my Age Group!
1st and 2nd finishers got a voucher for a free turkey, so Rob and I have to get out the turkey recipes!

Drew did amazing as well! We didn’t get far into our cool down until we came upon Drew. He was looking great, passed a bunch of people at the end and got a new PR!

Our traditional tree stump pictures. Rob and me.

Drew and Rob.

Our awards.

7:05 Pace

F: 5/?
F30-34: 1/19
Overall: 24/158