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It’s Officially That Time Again

I’m VERY excited to officially be starting my training for the Boston Marathon. This plan will be a lot different, here are some highlights.

  • I will be training with a Jack Daniels’ (hehehe, love his name) approach. This means I will have 2 Quality workouts in my training each week. These Q Runs will be VERY hard as the plan goes on, the rest of my running will be easy, recovery pace.
  • I will need to be more flexible with my training. Daniels’ plans are pretty serious, I have to be very honest with my abilities and any hints of injuries. If any of the Q training doesn’t come together the way I need, I may have to shorten the expectation or default in some Pfitz. I understand that transitioning from Pfitz to Daniels isn’t a light switch and I may have to do some blending.
  • I do plan to add in hills more often than I ever have. Hills are hard to come by in my area, so this means taking some conscience effort to drive to some good hills to get them into workouts.
  • Cross training will include, but is not limited to: Weights, Yoga, Jump Rope, Cycling
  • Weekly weight recordings, just for my personal reference.

I do plan to post more with this being my first Boston Marathon and also I hope to capture how this new training plan works (or doesn’t work) for me.

I’m interested in hearing your insights along the way. Also, if you are doing Boston in 2011 or have trained with Daniels’ please share your experiences.

So to kick it off, here is today’s workout. The fist 6 weeks will be base building, which means running easy miles. Today was 7.4 Miles Easy in the neighboorhood and 8 Miles Easy on the exercise bike.