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Up and Away


This morning Rob and I went out for a 7 Miles Recovery and donned hats and gloves for the first time of the fall season. Afterward we met up with Drew for a yummy Sunday Brunch at a local restaurant.

Then Rob and I took a quick flight just around the area. I haven’t been up since his second batch of painting.

Flying over some lakes that some of the local races are held at.

The paint job, almost done!

Then this evening we took Coco for a quick walk and later I did an hour on the Exercise Bike.

This recovery week ended up with the following workouts:

M: Rest

T: Bike 8 Miles Easy (30:00, 16MPH Pace, P1, L4)

W: Rest

R: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 33:26, 8:22 Pace)

F: 5.2 Miles Easy (T Park, 45:06, 8:41 Pace), Upper Body and Ab Strengthening

Sa: Bike 10.3 Miles Easy (45:00, 13.73MPH Pace, P2, L3)

Su: 7.16 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 59:43, 8:21 Pace), Bike 16.1 Miles Interval (1:00:00, 16.1MPH Pace, P5, L3)

Total Miles: 16.36

10 thoughts on “Up and Away

  1. The plane looks great! Love the color choice.

  2. yay flying, walking and running! we need to meet up again!!!

  3. Wow those photos are beautiful.

    Your recovery week looks really nice and relaxing. I just found your blog and we have nearly the same PRS! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more on your blog.

  4. The plane is looking good!! Sounds like a lovely day:) Coco is so cute!

  5. Seriously!? Is that what you call a “Sunday Stroll?” Awesome!

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