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The Last Long Run

Saturday was 1 Easy Mile on the gym treadmill followed by Leg and Ab Strengthening with weights and then 7 Miles Easy in the neighborhood. That evening we went out-of-town to celebrate Mary and Steve’s wedding that was in August. They got married in Ireland and had a reception for the family and friends that could not attend the ceremony in person. They played of a video of their wedding and it was so picturesque, it looked right out of a bridal magazine.

Steve and Mary’s cake cutting.

Rob and Me.

Mary and Me.

We left the celebration early to get home at a decent time so we could be ready for our last long run of this training cycle. I had 18 Miles with 8 @ MGP. I had a great run, but the winds made it difficult to hit my paces on a couple of the miles. Still I feel ready to have a good race.

Rob and I celebrated our last long run with a brunch buffet at a local restaurant. We then spent the afternoon with Drew, catching up and talking running. Drew is training for his first half and is doing very well with his training plan. We went out got some coffee, hit golf balls and had a bloody mary…a very good post run afternoon. 🙂

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Everything Zen

Today Rob started physical therapy on this IT Band issue that has been bugging him for weeks. I’m so proud of him for making the time to get into physical therapy to get it resolved. They are doing Graston’s Therapy and even from the first session today we can see that he definitely needs this treatment to get past the injury. He will go two more times before the marathon and then re-assess to see if he needs to continue post-marathon. The nice thing about the treatments is he can continue to workout.

We have recently joined our local gym to add to our strengthening and cross training. After Rob’s therapy session we attended our first Yoga class. Neither of us have taken Yoga before so the whole thing was such a new process. Fortunately we were the first in the room and got to introduce ourselves to the instructor and share with her that she had some newbies on her hands. She was very kind and gave great direction the whole way so it wasn’t awkward to follow along. The class had about five other people in it so it wasn’t intimidating either to be new. At first I found it hard to relax and to get used to the slower pace. As the poses became challenging I then felt satisfied to enjoy the moment and really see what my body could and couldn’t do. The ending portion (probably has a technical term) was so relaxing I could have easily fallen asleep. We left with our bodies feeling tweaked and yet, our minds totally relaxed.

This day just kept getting better because the fitness was just getting started. Next was 30 mins warn up w/ 7 Steady State Run and cool down.


The Best of What’s Around

Saturday was such a whirlwind that I’m just now getting around to writing about it. As soon as we finished with the USAF Half Marathon we were in the car and on the road from Dayton, OH to get to Chicago, IL by the evening to see Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews Band at Wrigley!

Unfortunately we hit traffic and were running late to get to the show. We figured we would be okay since we had bought VIP tickets. In the past with VIP tickets through the fan club (Warehouse) get really good seats. With general admission on the field we expected a sectioned off area up front to be reserved for the VIP. Also, the beer and food is all free as it is built into the price of the ticket. Turns out they did have a VIP section….in the back. Oh and the free beer and food, was at Cubby Bear across the street and was cut off at 8pm, so that was a bust as well. To even get up front we would have had to have been there when the gates opened at 4pm which we would have never made with the trip. So we spent WAY too much on tickets that got us no decent view, beer or food. We would have been better off with regular tickets.

Jason was amazing! I only wish we could have seen his whole set. We will definitely be looking to find a chance to see him again.

Since there was no way to predict that this VIP would be different from others in the past we went and got our own beers and made “The Best of What’s Around”. 😉 After Jason’s performance we took advantage of the opportunity to get pictures of Wrigley Field up close.

Being in Chicago is always the best!!

DMB was fabulous as usual! It doesn’t matter how many shows we see, they are always a entertaining.


2010 USAF Half Marathon – 1:35:26

Our race morning started around 4am. I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter, orange and coffee. This race requires everyone to get to the Wright Patterson Museum and by 5:30 am we were waiting in line for almost an hour to get parked. The marathon and 10K take off first. We warmed up for 1.3 Miles and then chatted with Jo and Larry. Then finally at 8:30am it was our turn. The temps were very mild and perfect for racing.

I felt the good the whole race. I feel like I didn’t push my limits like I should. The time passed by quickly. I enjoyed the race and didn’t get into a race-mode. Still a PR!

Rob was hurting from his leg and I came up on him in the finish chute. He finished 1:35:21 

My Splits:

1 – 7:08
2 – 7:13
3 – 7:13
4 – 7:07
5 – 7:12
6 – 7:14
7 – 7:23 – Ate Sportsbeans
8 – 7:11
9 – 7:31 – Hills
10 – 7:21 – Hills
11 – 7:13
12 – 7:02
13 – 7:03
.1 – 6:58 pace



7:18 Pace

Overall: 126/4302 (2.9%)

F: 21/2248 (0.9%)

F 30-34: 7/328 (2.1%)

Finisher’s Medal

There was no hanging out post race. We immediately got back to the hotel and got on the road for a concert in Chicago….more on that in the next post. 🙂