enjoying every second of life and running


1/3 Done

It was my birthday this week and now being 34 I realize that if I live to 99 years old then I’m now 1/3 done with 2 to go. I’ve been contemplating this on my runs lately. I’m not freaked out by it. Instead I’ve been thankful when I think all that’s occurred in my first third of life. Then my thoughts turn to what I want the next third to be like. I have to say the first third of life was a lot more list driven, so many things to get accomplished (school, career, wedding, house, travel, etc.). This next third I want to focus more on savoring. I want to enjoy each day instead of getting tunnel vision and only looking forward to one specific event. I still have lists of adventures I want to experience, but I know they will happen.

In this next third of running I’m excited to spend time getting as strong as I can and enjoy the remaining “younger” years of running. Then as I get older I look forward to adding more running to our travel adventures. Running adds such another layer to experiencing a new location. Much like food and music can frame a culture, running opens up the senses and gives me a chance to see how people who live there every day feel in their environment. I love that!

On my birthday I reluctantly got up at 4am to run so I could have the evening free for a nice dinner with Rob. Once I was finally out the door I found out how unusually cool it is getting. It was 55 degrees and I was happy to have put on long sleeves. I put in 7K Easy and enjoyed my tunes. The sky was a deep blue and all the stars were out. The moon was full and shining like a spotlight on me. It was such a beautiful morning!

Rob got me a necklace from Tiffanys (in the picture below) and tickets to my first Cubs game! I can’t wait!!!

The training this week has been going well and I will post more about it soon. 🙂