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Take it to the Max


VO2 Max that is. Rob and I got our VO2 Max testing completed at ISU. What I learned from the test is that my lactate threshold range (typically 10K time) is around 6:40-6:50, which seems in ling with my racing and training. They also showed my VO2 Max at 70.5 and Rob was 71.5. Laura (the manager of the test) seemed very pleased with that and said we both have very good engines. Now I just need to get more efficient! 🙂

Here are some pictures/video of our testing. Rob went first since I made him. 🙂

Warming up.

These aren’t the best pictures since they were from my iPhone.

Laura asking Rob to note his perceived level of exertion.

Warm up first.

I know I look mad, but I’m not. I’m just struggling to bite down on the mouth piece.


After the testing it was time to chill. Rob and I had a nice lunch at Coffeehouse (a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant) and then I met up with Ritter for some serious shopping. While we were out we found out about a jewelry artist having a showing with alcohol that evening so we definitely had to head back for that.

We headed home and I made Rob and Ritter some shrimp pasta for dinner. Then Rob tolerated us while we shopped at the jewelry event and then we hit up a local wine bar for some drinks and chocolate.

After drinks it was time for some Starbucks and what else? Running of course! It was 10pm and I had 6 Miles easy to do so Ritter and I donned headlamps and ran the hood like burglars. 🙂

The next morning we all headed out to hit golf balls. Later in the day Rob and I went out for our run and it was seriously humid. I had 10 Lactate Threshold to bust out, but by mile 4 I knew I wasn’t going to last in the heat so I took the last 6 inside on the treadmill.

That evening Rob and I had dinner with Ryan and Melisa. As usual, lots of running and random stories that have me cracking up. 🙂 Then we stopped by Jo’s for her bday party and I attempted to play bags, which I stink at. 🙂

It was a very busy two days, but lots of fun! Sunday’s adventures are next…

6 thoughts on “Take it to the Max

  1. we have a VO2 max testing center at work… i did it a while ago but i think its time i try again! sounds like a great weekend! i love all the pics… especially the late night run date with riter! 🙂 you girls are cute

  2. Wow, 71 is EXTREMELY high. You still have a lot of untapped potential missy!
    (Mine was only 60 when I had it tested back in April, and they told me that was in the 90th percentile for women.)

    Enjoy playing around with all that data. It makes it a lot more interesting to play with training plans when you’re not working with some fuzzy Vo2 estimate.

    • They were saying it was extremely high. I got the report and it was 70.5 so I updated my post.

      I’m excited to have this data applied to my training. 🙂

  3. What an awesome run 🙂 That was seriously my favorite run to date! I had a fantastic weekend thanks to you and Rob!!!

    You are going to be even faster than you are now! You let me know when I need to become your agent instead of your cheering crew 🙂 haha

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