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1/3 Done

It was my birthday this week and now being 34 I realize that if I live to 99 years old then I’m now 1/3 done with 2 to go. I’ve been contemplating this on my runs lately. I’m not freaked out by it. Instead I’ve been thankful when I think all that’s occurred in my first third of life. Then my thoughts turn to what I want the next third to be like. I have to say the first third of life was a lot more list driven, so many things to get accomplished (school, career, wedding, house, travel, etc.). This next third I want to focus more on savoring. I want to enjoy each day instead of getting tunnel vision and only looking forward to one specific event. I still have lists of adventures I want to experience, but I know they will happen.

In this next third of running I’m excited to spend time getting as strong as I can and enjoy the remaining “younger” years of running. Then as I get older I look forward to adding more running to our travel adventures. Running adds such another layer to experiencing a new location. Much like food and music can frame a culture, running opens up the senses and gives me a chance to see how people who live there every day feel in their environment. I love that!

On my birthday I reluctantly got up at 4am to run so I could have the evening free for a nice dinner with Rob. Once I was finally out the door I found out how unusually cool it is getting. It was 55 degrees and I was happy to have put on long sleeves. I put in 7K Easy and enjoyed my tunes. The sky was a deep blue and all the stars were out. The moon was full and shining like a spotlight on me. It was such a beautiful morning!

Rob got me a necklace from Tiffanys (in the picture below) and tickets to my first Cubs game! I can’t wait!!!

The training this week has been going well and I will post more about it soon. 🙂



I have a running annoucement….I’m adding to my training arsenal by receiving training plans from Coach Greg McMillan and one of his elite team members Andrew Lemoncello. I signed up for a year-long worth of training and unlimited email/phone consultation. My plan begins tomorrow! This will be different from other plans I have done as it is time based training (goal times instead of miles). I will keep you posted with how it all goes.

This week of running has been a bit random. I like when my days go a little more according to plan, but unfortunately my body was tuckered and I accidentally slept all Thursday night which ended up making it a rest day.

Friday was supposed to be 10 Miles with 6 @ LT and I just couldn’t hang. LT is something that has been hard for me to sustain on the roads in a non-race setting. I did my 2 Mile Warm up and accidentally included that time in my 3 Miles of attempted LT. 5 Miles – 2 Up, 3 @ attempted LT (‘Hood, 39:01, 7:49 Pace) I then did my cool down with our friend Lance when I ran into him in the ‘hood. 2.17 Cool Down (‘Hood, 19:32, 9:01 Pace). I definitely need to get to where I can get 3 Miles at LT before building additional mileage.

That evening I did another run on the treadmill because a thunderstorm came through. 8 Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:02:38, 7:08 Pace)

 Saturday Ritter came over and ran easy with me 3.25 Easy (‘Hood, 29:47, 9:10 Pace), then later that afternoon I did some upper body weights and core work. Then for my evening run I did 4 Easy (‘Hood, 35:29, 8:53 Pace) follow by pick ups, 6 x 50s and form drills – 2 Sets of High Knees, Quick Feet, Lateral Running, Butt Kicks.

Sunday was race day, which included: 1.99 Warm Up (Danvers, 19:15, 9:41 Pace), 5K Race (Danvers, 19:50, 6:24 Pace), .99 Cool Down (10:21)

Later this evening I did 3.36 Easy (‘Hood, 31:48, 9:28 Pace).

Total Miles: 49.9


2010 Danvers Days – 5K – 19:50

This morning we ran a 5K not far out-of-town. We met up with our friends Ritter, Jo and Chris. We got in a good 2 Mile warm up and tried to figure out the course. The course makes quite a few turns through the small town. It’s a very well-organized race with thankfully plenty of signs to point the way.

After a good warm up we only had time for one quick pick up to get the legs ready and we were off. The strategy for this race was to not blast out the first mile and try to hold back some energy so I could clean up my last mile. I have to say this strategy makes me nervous because anytime I get my body used to a pace it seems to not want to get up beyond that. Another girl blew by me right from the start and I let her go. I figured if she miscalculates then I will get up to her and if not my goal is PR not to out sprint her in the first mile (like I mistakenly did with another girl last 5K race).

Mile 1 – 6:16

I have to say this race was actually my most enjoyable 5K to date because of how strong I felt.

Mile 2 – 6:40

I got to Mile 2 knowing that I definitely had more in me, in fact this slow down was not a fade, but just me realizing that I was taking it too easy, so I picked it up. Since I didn’t feel burnt it was no problem.

Mile 3 – 6:34

.1 – 5:24 Pace

I never caught the first female and so I got second. There were no other girls around me during the race. I did get to blow by a few dudes sucking wind in the last miles, which felt great.

19:50 a new PR!!

2nd Female Overall and 1st in my Age Group!

Rob finished with an 18:58! Which is amazing because he has had IT band issues all week and was on the fence about running this race. He got 2nd in his Age Group!

We all ended up with awards! Ritter and Jo ended up with PRs and 1st in their Age Groups!

Us with our awards.

And for the “you had to be there” story, there were these large monkey statues in someone’s yard and they had some sort of business. Anyways, when you see monkey statues you must go pose with them. 🙂 Ritter, Me and Jo – 1st Age Group Chicas



6:24 Pace

F: 2/?

F 30-34: 1/?

Overall: 13/158

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Live Well

Last week’s workouts were the following.

6 Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 50:43, 8:28 Pace)


AM – 6.6 LT (‘Hood, 48:04, 7:21 Pace)
PM – 5.88 Easy (‘Hood, 50:22, 8:41 Pace), Leg Strengthening

1 Easy Warm Up (Jersey Ave, 9:00)
1.1 Hills (Scheduled 16 sprints, after 3 I had not good guys around
and had to leave. 😦 I need to find a new hill, this location is not
1 – 49
2 – 52
3 – 53

AM – 8 Easy (‘Hood, 1:06:31, 8:19 Pace)
PM – 8 Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:08:07, 8:31 Pace)

AM – 2 Warm Up (Lake Evergreen, 17:25, 8:43 Pace), 5K Race (Lake Evergreen, 20:03, 6:28 Pace, 2nd OF, 1st AG), 2 Cool Down (20:04, 10:02 Pace)
PM – 5 Easy (‘Hood, 43:39, 8:44 Pace)

20 Long (‘Hood, 2:52:48, 8:38 Pace)

Total Miles: 68.5

Monday I took a rest day. Tuesday I did 10 LT (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:14:14, 7:26 Pace).

Today was the montly wellness event at my work. It’s an opportunity to run around the pond at one of our campus buildings. I haven’t been able to make this event all spring/summer so it was nice to finally get out. I ran 8 Easy (SF Pond, 1:06:49, 8:21 Pace).



When Rob and I went to pick up our friends Steve and Mary from the airport we stopped for coffee…..and disguises.

Oh yea, that’s how we roll. We stopped for coffee and found a wind up machine with random stick on mustaches. Rob got “general” which I said looked more “cop”. Mine was called “magician”. I was laughing so hard my mustache kept popping off. We rolled up and Steve wasn’t sure if it was us at first. Everyone in the pick-up area stared at us, but we didn’t care. We told them that we require disguises to come to the airport. 🙂

After we got home I did my second workout of the day and did 5 Miles Easy in the ‘Hood sans mustache. 🙂