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Food Challenge

Last night we hung out with Drew and Carrie. We had dinner out of town at a seafood restaurant. Rob and I were adventurous and had oysters for the first time on the half shell. My dad would probably proclaim that he forced me to try them as a kid at some point, but I’m going to call this my first official oyster as I can clearly remember it. They were YUMMY!! Rob and I were ready to throw down on plates and plates like Man vs. Food they were so good! Rob and I both have been trying to challenge our food issues that we’ve had in the past. So far both of us have gotten over bananas and oysters. I’ve gotten over, and now love, sweet potatoes (my fav way is sliced up and oven baked). Rob now eats mushrooms (even requests them!) and mustard (grey poupon won him over). I’m pretty proud of us for reconsidering foods that we used to not like for one reason or another. What’s funny is so far we have loved everything we have re-challenged to eat again.

While we were there Drew and Rob got some lager on special and the bottle was huge! What I want to know is how did they get my picture for this bottle?? LOL!

We were hoping to catch some jazz at this place, but turns out they stopped doing live music. Our next stop was going to be a martini bar on the riverfront, but that bar isn’t going anywhere so instead we returned to the festival where we ran the 5K and kicked it like a bunch of 8th graders and went to the carnival. 🙂

I jumped at the chance to swing a large hammer and ring the bell. Turns out I’m not very good at this. Oh well, I still won a large inflatable sword.

Perfect for slaying Carrie! 🙂 We ended up giving the sword to a kid, it went well with this inflatable machine gun, not kidding. 🙂

Then Carrie wanted to ride this thing. Definitely not for me! Rob was willing to go, rationalizing that we built our own airplane, that some how this equates to equally risky. Nah, I think the plane is WAY safer than some random upside down multiple swinging carney ride. Drew and I watched safely from the ground. 🙂

Rob and Carrie (on the far left).

Then we went on a ride more my speed, the ferris wheel. Carrie and Drew.

Rob and me.

Today was spent doing some house work, Rob worked on painting the plane, laying out for the hour it wasn’t raining, work, and then some running. Tonight I did 12 Miles Med-Long W/ 1 Mile @ 7:15 (Treadmill, 1-2% Incline, 1:33:57, 7:50 Pace) and then 1 Set, 25 Reps, Sit Ups, BOSU; 2 Sets, 90 Secs, Wall Sits; 2 Sets, 20 Reps, Squats.