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Thumbs Down!

So I got my IL Marathon 1st Female 30-34 Age Group award in the mail today……

Ta Da!!!

FFFFFRRRAAAGGGGIIIIILLLEEE! Must be Italian, lol! 🙂 Just kidding, this is Drew’s leg lamp. Yeah I’m a little jealous.

So my first ever BIG race win…..this is a milestone……an award I will always remember… first marathon win….30 days of waiting…finally here….I carefully unwrap the small envelope and this is what I get.

In case my face is hard to interpret for those who don’t know me, that is disappointment.

A luggage tag…..yes….a luggage tag….THAT….does NOT even have a place to put personal information on it to even use it as a luggage tag (metal with no place to write anything on the back). Well then for 30 days of wait, it should surely have my name on it or something, right? NOPE!

And another emotion that appears to looks similar, but with a twist of anger, is this expression….making what Rob called when taking the picture as “irritated”.

Yeah I don’t want to hear about the F-ing economy is why this award is so lame. This year the Go! St. Louis Marathon had VERY nice awards that were plaque type with the background of the Arch and runners on it, plus the awards were 5 deep in each age group, for the full and half! I didn’t win one (7th in AG), but I drooled on them waiting to see the results. 🙂

This award is crapola. Thumbs down IL Marathon, thumbs down!!

Yes, I will still probably run your race in the future, but way to put zero thought into your awards.

Today is a rest day for me. Maybe I’ll use the time to find something in the house to tag with this lovely symbol of my accomplishment.